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[05:16:12] <irc> <unamused> so i just installed yunohost on a raspberry pi 4
[05:19:14] <irc> <unamused> here is my journal ctl
[05:19:22] <irc> <unamused> it says mysql isn't starting
[05:20:36] <irc> <unamused> my /var/log/mysql/error.log
[05:20:37] <irc> <unamused>
[05:20:44] <irc> <unamused> anyone have any idea how to fix?
[11:16:54] <irc> <>
[11:17:07] <irc> <> Bonjour. j'ai une question.
[11:17:22] <irc> <> A quoi sert la dernière option?
[11:18:09] <irc> <> Le salon ne sera accessible que ceux qui ont un compte créé sur le serveur de Yunohost?
[11:20:22] <irc> <> Can someone explain me what is the last option doing. I am not sure to undersatnd it.
[11:23:10] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> sebik: je le comprends comme toi.
[11:24:11] <irc> <> donc seul les personnes qui ont un un compte qui a été crée sur le serveur yunohost pourront accéder à ce salon?
[12:06:45] <irc> <Elzen> Oy les gens o/ J'aimerais créer un second compte XMPP (sur le domaine principal), mais faire en sorte que l'adresse mail correspondante soit un simple alias pour l'adresse mail de mon compte principal. Est-ce que c'est techniquement faisable ?
[12:08:09] <irc> <Elzen> (J'ai tenté de créer le compte en mettant une redirection mail vers l'adresse principale, mais si je fais ça, Postfix râle à l'envoi de messages parce qu'il ne veut pas que j'envoie un compte avec une adresse en m'authentifiant avec l'autre)
[13:33:31] <irc> <myshahrul> hi. got this error..
[13:33:32] <irc> <myshahrul>
[14:26:13] <irc> <ynhuser> Hey I installed yuno but I get mysql error. Fatal error: Can't open and lock privilege tables: Table 'mysql.user' doesn't exist
[14:26:22] <irc> <ynhuser> Can somebody help me?
[14:32:16] <irc> <Aleks[m]> can you elaborate on which setup you have, what kind of hardware, how you installed yunohost
[14:34:58] <irc> <ynhuser> I use a Raspberry Pi 3 with yunohost-buster4.1.7.1 image.
[14:38:59] <irc> <Aleks[m]> and at what point do you encounter the mysql error
[14:49:05] <irc> <ynhuser> I just done the domain and admin password configuration. All services are running but mysql won't start
[14:51:38] <irc> <ynhuser> Uploaded file:
[14:52:50] <irc> <myshahrul> Aleks[m]: i have error that i post. how to fix that?
[14:57:32] <irc> <Aleks[m]> myshahrul: by first telling more about the context ...
[14:58:43] <irc> <Aleks[m]> ynhuser: so did the postinstall completed ...? or did it crash *during* the postinstall ?
[14:59:43] <irc> <ynhuser> it completed without crash
[15:01:03] <irc> <myshahrul> Aleks[m]: nothing more to give context. i got that error today
[15:01:36] <irc> <myshahrul>
[15:02:07] <irc> <myshahrul>
[15:02:13] <irc> <myshahrul> is those 2 related?
[15:02:20] <irc> <Aleks[m]> myshahrul: yes, there is more context, what happened between the moment this issue was not there and when it appears ? did you install an app ? anything else ?
[15:02:23] <irc> <Aleks[m]> they might be yes
[15:02:57] <irc> <myshahrul> yeah.. i install searx yesterday
[15:03:05] <irc> <Aleks[m]> ynhuser: so how did you end up realizing that mysql was down, was it when going in the diagnosis screen ? or just randomly browsing the services section ? or installing an app ?
[15:04:32] <irc> <Aleks[m]> myshahrul: alright, i see in the install script that the app adds a supposedly "uwsgi" service but it's probably nonsense because this ain't a "real" service (the real service is uwsgi@searx)
[15:04:43] <irc> <Aleks[m]> so let's run "yunohost service remove uwsgi"
[15:05:55] <irc> <ynhuser> randomly browsing the services section
[15:08:38] <irc> <myshahrul> sec
[15:10:36] <irc> <myshahrul> Success! Service 'uwsgi' removed
[15:11:26] <irc> <Aleks[m]> myshahrul: soooo that's it ... I made a pull request here so that we'll fix this for everybody since that's apparently a recurring issue ...
[15:13:27] <irc> <Aleks[m]> ynhuser: alrighty, can you try to "mv /var/lib/mysql/tc.log /root/tc.log.bkp"
[15:13:35] <irc> <Aleks[m]> then restart the mysql service and see if that fixes the issue ?
[15:13:53] <irc> <myshahrul> good to know. thanks Aleks[m]
[15:34:42] <irc> <ynhuser> Uploaded file:
[15:35:14] <irc> <ynhuser> stil a problem, so it won't run
[16:08:09] <irc> <ynhuser> some ideas for the mysql problem?
[16:14:11] <irc> <Aleks[m]> i guess i need to dig into it and try to reproduce it ... maybe it's due to the new image from yesterday :/
[16:14:43] <irc> <ynhuser> where can I download a older version?
[16:15:29] <irc> <Aleks[m]> i guess you can try
[16:17:38] <irc> <ynhuser> thank you!
[16:17:44] <irc> <ynhuser> i will try that version
[16:29:54] <irc> <ynhuser33> cheers! what are default login credentials from rainloop to acess admin panel of rainloop from within ynh???
[16:30:07] <irc> <ynhuser33> can anyone please tell?
[16:30:25] <irc> <ynhuser33> since inatallation of ynh succeeded
[16:30:50] <irc> <ynhuser33> and i am looking forward to set it up with email accounts to use with rainloop
[16:31:57] <irc> <Aleks[m]>
[16:32:01] <irc> <Aleks[m]> The default password: password chosen during install
[16:32:30] <irc> <Aleks[m]> (supposedly you chose the password during the install of the app ...)
[16:36:58] <irc> <ynhuser33> i could swear i chosed the same for app,as i chosed for ynh admin in general
[16:36:59] <irc> <ynhuser33> but it is not accepting it
[16:49:01] <irc> <Aleks[m]> you mean the same password ...?
[16:57:49] <irc> <sarotar> Hello, I feshly installed yunohost and got an Error with MariaDb, it didnt start
[17:00:01] <irc> <ynhuser> the older version works fine! thanks!
[17:12:41] <irc> <Aleks[m]> hmpf
[17:12:52] <irc> <Aleks[m]> sarotar: i guess you can try ...
[17:48:53] <irc> <owad> I'd like to use yunohost for LAN-only access. I started setting up a DNS-01 challenge, but I'm not clear which .conf file I should edit to specify the path to the certificate. And more broadly, diagnostics are throwing a fit about the server not being internet accessible. Is this a practical configuration for yunohost?
[18:02:39] <irc> <> Announcements - YunoHost Forum: Best Free Movie & TV Show Apps For All Android ( )
[18:16:59] <irc> <gmilad> Bonsoir tous le monde
[18:32:39] <irc> <Elzen> Il y a un moyen de virer la vérification automatique de l'adresse d'expéditeur des mails pour un compte spécifique ?
[22:59:07] <irc> <ynhuser> after installing rndcb on ynh,how can it be configured?where can domains be set,as in rnlp?
[22:59:36] <irc> <ynhuser> can any1 please help,since i would really like to use rlnp?
[23:10:49] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> what are rndcb, rnlp, rlnp?
[23:16:45] <irc> <ynhuser> rndcb=roundcube
[23:16:57] <irc> <ynhuser> rnlp=rainloop
[23:17:24] <irc> <ynhuser> rlnp=mistype of rainloop
[23:21:11] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Oh wow. I had never seen those abbreviations. Any particular reason to obfuscate your writing that much?
[23:23:17] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Anyways, YunoHost does not provide a particular UX for these settings, so you will have to follow Roundcube's own instructions like there, I guess
[23:24:38] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Note that you should alter conf/ (cf.