Saturday, January 30, 2021
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[01:31:34] <irc> <> is there a way to host a tor domain using yunohost?
[06:22:00] <irc> <> I tried installing FramaForm in English twice but in both cases it installed French version.
[08:45:50] <irc>
[09:37:59] <irc> <> hello
[09:38:17] <irc> <> Is pgadmin working in Yunohost ?
[16:01:00] <melmc> I just recently discovered that YunoHost offers as a service allowing me to send plain text messages via XMPP. However, it appears to me that it does not offer OMEMO or any other implementation of encryption. Am I correct about this?
[18:17:45] <pitchum> melmc OMEMO has to be supported by your clients apps, not the server
[18:18:12] <pitchum> both sender and recepient must have OMEMO-capable apps
[18:18:49] <pitchum> and both users must be "friends" (having accepted each other in their contact list)
[19:47:35] <melmc> I can send unencrypted messages between another account and the Yunohost account with both accounts using Conversation. However, again using Conversation, I cannot send encrypted messages between the 2 accounts. However, I have been able to exchange encrypted messages on Conversation between that other account and a third account. My experience has been similar with Gajim with the OMEMO plugin activated. The following article does indicate that there are some server side requirements for OMEMO. Can anyone here confirm that they have successfully communicated with OMEMO encryption using their Yunohost account?
[21:08:52] <nico> Hi, I found an issue with yunohost portal not allowing me to SSO from firefox... (It says "Please log in from the portal"). It works from opera, but I just installed wallabag and it seems I need to SSO with yunohost to use it from firefox... any help?
[21:21:14] <melmc> Oops. Forgot to post the link to the article indicating OMEMO requires server support. Here it is: