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[07:39:05] <irc>
[10:05:15] *irc <leny[m]> sent a long message: < >
[10:06:07] <irc> <leny[m]> Je peux m'en sortir en renommant le groupe qui n'est pas "visible" mais je me demande s'il n'y a pas une manière plus propre.
[10:06:07] <irc> <leny[m]> Merci d'avance pour vos lumières
[10:07:18] *irc <leny[m]> sent a long message: < >
[13:34:15] <LPS> > irc wrote:
> <> Recently my brother who had been using it successfully from his home switched ISPs and now it doesn't work. Is it possible my ISP is to blame? Do they block 5222 and 5269?

I'll ask, seems weird though that's all I can think of. I'm contacting the today to ask. Those are the only ports I need right?
[13:56:20] <irc> <mli110274> Hi guys
[13:56:34] <irc> <mli110274> I have problems to backup my yunohost.
[13:56:42] <irc> <mli110274> Uploaded file:
[13:57:13] <irc> <mli110274> Do have an idea why?
[14:02:48] <irc> <Aleks[m]> uh wokay
[14:03:08] <irc> <Aleks[m]> what happens if you manually run 'du -sb /home/martin' on your server ?
[14:46:14] <irc> <mli110274> i will try
[14:53:18] <irc> <mli110274> i guess the problem are the mounted nas cifs shares in fstab. I have removed the shares and reboot and try again
[14:58:56] <irc> <mli110274> now it is working, do have an idea how to mount shares at the yunohost, without getting that problem
[15:26:18] *irc <leny[m]> sent a long message: < >
[15:30:34] <irc> <Aleks[m]> <mli110274 "now it is working, do have an id"> well first you could tell us what was the error you had when running the command ...
[15:31:03] *irc <Aleks[m]> sent a long message: < >
[15:31:04] <irc> <Aleks[m]> je regarde
[15:32:08] <irc> <Aleks[m]> @leny :
[15:32:11] <irc> <Aleks[m]> si tu sais bricoler un peu
[15:33:00] <irc> <leny[m]> ah ok parfait merci 🆗
[15:33:05] <irc> <leny[m]> * ah ok parfait merci 👌
[15:33:20] <irc> <Aleks[m]> arf faut bricoler la base LDAP avec phpldapadmin... mais théoriquement dois y'avoir moyen de faire une ligne de commande LDAP qui rajoute ça ...
[15:34:20] <irc> <leny[m]> ok je vais fouiller alors, merci pour les pistes
[16:20:11] <irc> <tragon> Hi, I'm trying to get a SSL certificate from letsencrypt for my yunohost instance. It seems that the instance itself gets verified, but in a second step the verfication of the subdomain xmpp-upload fails. Here's the log on yunopaste
[16:22:53] <irc> <Aleks[m]> hmpf
[16:23:05] <irc> <Aleks[m]> are you in a specific context e.g. reverse proxy
[16:27:57] <irc> <tragon> hmm, no. I'm at home connected to a cable modem. I also configured port forwarding correctly as far as I can tell...
[16:32:48] <irc> <Aleks[m]> ah, might have an idea
[16:33:11] <irc> <Aleks[m]> first, can you try to run 'yunohost tools regen-conf dnsmasq'
[16:33:15] <irc> <Aleks[m]> and see if that fixes the issue ?
[16:33:35] <irc> <tragon> great, will do... hang on.
[16:34:31] <irc> <Aleks[m]> or maybe even 'yunohost tools regen-conf dnsmasq --force'
[16:39:23] <irc> <tragon> so, I tried both commands and the executed successfully but sadly I get the same result when I try to get that SSL certificate from letsencrypt. =( =(
[17:05:06] <irc> <Aleks[m]> tragon: so let's try something else
[17:05:29] <irc> <Aleks[m]> when you run `ping xmpp-upload.yourdomain.tld -c 3 `, what IP is it pinging ?
[17:05:43] <irc> <Aleks[m]> Is it pinging your global IP ? or your local IP ? or does it fail to find the IP ?
[17:06:54] <irc> <tragon> it is in fact pinging my global IP.
[17:14:40] <irc> <doktorszike> hey everybody, I'm new to self hosting and would like to try the YunoHost project, but I am having problem with my internet service provider and don't want to bother with port forwarding and all that comes with this. Is it possible to use a bastion server with a reverse proxy for yunohost? The idea would be to use wireguard to make a constant connection between the home server and the VPS server. The VPS would have the public IP and it would
[17:14:41] <irc> <doktorszike> redirect all trafic through the VPN connection to my home server. That way my home IP would remain hidden and all activity would also remain hidden to the internet service provider. Is it possible to do this with YunoHost? Is there a guide, documentation to help me?
[17:23:41] <anubis> doktorszike : yes with wireguard you can host your data at home and mount the datashare in the VPS
[17:25:10] <irc> <doktorszike> hey anubis, thanks for the answer. Is there any guide specifically to yunohost that I could follow?
[17:29:36] <anubis> I don't think so, but on the Yunohost forum you will found how to install/configure wireguard; then mounting a datashare (NFS or Samba) is a general Linux question which could be also answered on your favorite distro forum / channel ; or here if you are really lost.
[17:31:35] <irc> <netspezi> hello
[17:43:16] <irc> <mli110274> hi
[17:43:57] <irc> <mli110274> i know how to mount nas storage with fstab, but if i have mounted the nas storage, backup will fail
[17:57:14] <d855> Hey, may be the system user running the backup can't write in the nas storage ?....
[18:12:18] <irc> <Aleks[m]> doktorszike: there's a ~experimental wireguard app which may help for this
[18:12:50] <irc> <Aleks[m]> i don't remember if the app is more for wireguard server or client (but i heard that wireguards installs are pretty much client and server, not much difference between the twos)
[18:13:13] <irc> <Aleks[m]>
[18:13:48] <irc> <Aleks[m]> otherwise yes : it's "common" to have yunohost servers behind a VPN
[18:19:40] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Btw do not install it yet, we have significant improvments on the way, but we need to iron the small issues out ;)
[18:20:05] <irc> <Aleks[m]> ah /o\
[18:20:24] <irc> <Aleks[m]> i was looking at the screenshot like "damn, i want to install it on my serverz"
[18:20:36] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> (cf. your comments Aleks, which I agree, but dunno what to do)
[18:20:47] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> *agree with
[19:15:13] <irc> <natchack> salut a tous
[19:17:47] <irc> <natchack> j'aurai besoin d'aide pour une erreur suite a la derniere MAJ system
[19:17:52] <irc> <natchack>
[19:19:56] <irc> <Aleks[m]> natchack: tu as une tabulation (au lieux d'espaces normaux) dans /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent
[19:20:32] <irc> <natchack> oki merci
[19:22:24] <irc> <natchack> ca marche nickel
[19:23:32] <irc> <natchack> bonne soirée
[19:50:19] <irc> <AerisOne[m]> Hello, je voulais savoir si c'était possible de me changer mon pseudo forum de `Celemo` en `Aeris` ou `AerisOne` ?
[19:50:19] <irc> <AerisOne[m]> (Ça fait maintenant plus ou moins 2 ans que j'ai ce nouveau pseudo)
[20:19:53] <irc> <AerisOne[m]> Merki beaucoup tituspijean ^^
[20:20:21] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ;)
[21:35:00] <irc> <kidon[m]> Bonsoir, question noob
[21:35:00] <irc> <kidon[m]> J'ai modifié le conf.ini de Kresus. 2 questions
[21:35:16] <irc> <kidon[m]> - Comment le rendre persistent entre les mises à jour ?
[21:35:37] <irc> <kidon[m]> - Comment redémarrer l'app après modification du fichier ?
[21:45:35] <irc> <kidon[m]> Ou sinon, où trouver ce genre de dox
[21:45:38] <irc> <kidon[m]> * Ou sinon, où trouver ce genre de doc
[22:17:58] <irc> <kidon[m]> `systemctl restart kresus`, j'ai trouvé