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[10:32:27] <irc> <wazdra[irc]> Aleks[m] : il y a un moyen efficace de revenir sur stable depuis testing (pour le package vpnclient) ?
[10:32:47] <irc> <wazdra[irc]> (En fait la question n'est pas vraiment pour Aleks en particulier ^^' )
[12:02:15] <irc> <> Maranda: I am getting a problem with safety labels being triggered in Gajim when using an account on Yuunohost. The account works with and without encryption OK but with warnings. I looked here but would like some advice/help sorting this out. thanks
[12:08:22] <irc> <> - post a screen with the warning
- did you try to set security labels config options?
- If you leave the selector on "unclassified" in gajim security labels shouldn't be triggered
[12:18:45] <irc> <> In Gajim you just get a box appear where you enter the message giving the label options the default is unclassified but the box remains. I am sending from a Pinephone and I can't take screenshots but the message is sent OK but with warning . Can the security label be disabled in Metronome are they needed.
[12:28:10] <irc> <> Is there a list of available applications that can be installed from the web interface?
[12:44:19] <anubis> arter : all official apps ?
[12:46:03] <irc> <> To clarify I have two xmpp accounts on Yuno, one on Gajim on my PC and the other on a Pinephone using Chatty. The error on the phone says"The device xxx owned by xxx does not have a bundle and will be skipped. The owner should fix this or remove the device from the list."
[12:55:25] <irc> <> I am beginning to think it may be a Chatty issue which uses libpurple
[13:13:37] <irc> <> ic: that's not related to security label in anyway
[13:13:56] <irc> <> ic: that's not related to security labels in anyway
[13:14:29] <irc> <> That's instead related to OMEMO
[13:42:40] <irc> <pasencoreynhuser> Salut la team :) Tentative d'installation sur un vieil ordinateur portable Toshiba 32bit via une clé usb.
[13:43:23] <irc> <> Omemo is working, Gajim say it is server issue, never mind I have other accounts I can use. Having looked I can't see what the security label does anyway
[13:43:52] <irc> <pasencoreynhuser> le menu d'installation s'affiche, je sélectionne "graphic install" et ça freeze indéfiniment...
[13:44:50] <anubis> -> essaye l'install pas graphique alors :p
[13:45:33] <irc> <pasencoreynhuser> ça freeze avec toutes les possibilités, je suis allé trainer dans l'aide et les commandes rescues n'aident pas plus...
[13:46:30] <irc> <pasencoreynhuser> corrigez moi si je me trompe, mais vu que le menu s'affiche, c'est que la clé usb est correctement flashée, right ?
[13:49:06] <irc> <> > <> [xmpp] anubis: arter : all official apps ?

Thank you. I found Synapse, I was looking for that.
[13:52:28] <irc> <pasencoreynhuser> Uploaded file:
[13:52:55] <irc> <pasencoreynhuser> les infos sur la machine sur laquelle j'essaie d'installer
[13:54:37] <anubis> y'a une option pour vérifier la clef non ? ça peut valoir le coup
[13:55:13] <irc> <pasencoreynhuser> je vais checker ça, merci
[14:09:37] <irc> <wazdra[irc]> Il y a quelque chose que je ne comprends pas trop sur le fonctionnement de l'IPv6... J'ai un bloc d'IPv6 fourni par mon VPN. Actuellement, mon serveur occupe une seule adresse de ce bloc. Est-ce qu'il y a une chance, lorsque je redémarre par exemple, que cette adresse change pour une autre dans le même bloc ?
[15:04:22] <irc> <llaq> Quel est ton fournisseur wazdra[irc] ?
[15:17:53] <irc> <wazdra[irc]> llaq: mon FAI est free
[15:18:19] <irc> <llaq> De vpn pas d'Internet
[15:18:42] <irc> <wazdra[irc]> llaq : FDN (pardon, je me suis emmêlé les pinceaux sur IRC ^^)
[15:24:37] <irc> <llaq> IP fixe à mon avis alors wazdra[irc]
[16:45:30] <djx> Does anyone have a reference for logging in to Wordpress with yunohost? Trying my username and password tells me ldap isn't working.
[16:48:57] <djx> Simple LDAP Login: Simple LDAP Login could not authenticate your credentials. The security settings do not permit trying the WordPress user database as a fallback.
[17:28:46] <irc> <> Maranda: Just to add I get the same security label error using Profanity from the phone and Gajim on my PC working ok with Omemo . One of my accounts is hosted with run by Daniel Gultsch and another with neither of these hosts have XEP-0258 security label enabled. I don't think it should be enabled by default on Yunohost. Can you please give me some guidance on how to disable it. Thanks
[17:49:24] <irc> <> ic: that warning you got is not related in *anyway* to security labels
[17:49:43] <irc> <> That's a warning related to omemo again
[17:50:20] <irc> <> If you want I can repeat that again
[17:53:53] <irc> <> One of the clients you used probably just messed up the OMEMO PEP keystore
[17:55:19] <irc> <> Try to delete the related nodes through Gajim on the affected account
[17:56:53] <irc> <> All OMEMO nodes should use the following NS: eu.siacs.conversations.axolotl.*
[20:55:55] <irc> <ynhuser> Could I host a discord bot here?
[20:56:09] <irc> <ynhuser> Or a minecraft server
[21:38:59] <irc> <> Maranda: Thanks for your patience, I have deleted nodes also keys tried two phones a tablet and a PC . In all instances encryption works. If I send between yuno account and any other account no problems with no errors, it is only between my two yuno accounts (on same sub domain) that the error occurs. Looking on I can't find any compliant server with XEP-0258 enabled.
[22:27:48] <irc> <> ic: again, what you're experiencing is not related to security labels in anyway
[22:29:52] <irc> <> ic: you won't find any, because the compliance checker doesn't check for that, there're just two clients supporting Security Labels one is Gajim and the other is Swift IM
[22:30:14] <irc> <> and two servers afair one is Metronome and the other is M-Link
[22:33:58] <irc> <> if you want, you can disable the module, but asking for defaults to be changed because you have issues solely on your end which aren't even related to either the module or the xep is just dull.