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[00:45:03] <irc> <> Hello there, it seems like something is missing to the requirements list:
If I understand correctly, I need a 1GB USB stick to burn the ISO image, but **how much space do I need on the destination?**? (more precisely, can I install Yunohost on a 32GB SD Card?)
[15:51:25] <irc> <> You can
[15:54:42] <irc> <nicofrand[m]> eric_G: Hi! I ugpraded my shaarli to use master (after the testing branch merge) but now I get a 502 error when accessing my Shaarli from the root. Any other URL works. For ex domain.tld/daily works, but domain.tld returns a 502. How can I help debugging it?
[15:55:33] <irc> <nicofrand[m]> "2020/12/04 16:54:47 [error] 4137#4137: *552068 upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream" in the logs
[15:56:58] <irc> <nicofrand[m]> Ah, it seems to be a Yunohost session issue. From a private window this works
[15:59:17] <irc> <nicofrand[m]> Sorry for the noise
[16:03:27] <wazdra> Hi ! I don’t manage to install collabora on my box, I get an error concerning « lool » dependency, I don’t know what that means
[16:03:31] <wazdra> Here is the log :
[16:14:13] <irc> <eric_G[m]> wazdra: are you trying to install in ARM board?
[16:16:38] <wazdra> Yes... I just realized it wasn’t available :(
[16:20:05] *irc <eric_G[m]> uploaded an image: Capture d’écran.png (42KiB) < d’écran.png >
[16:20:22] <irc> <eric_G[m]> the supported architecture ARM badge and the information bellow are contradictory... :{
[16:39:38] <wazdra> It seems arm support is not available upstream… But it should/could change due to apple silicon
[18:21:33] <irc> <obistro> Bonsoir a tous
[18:22:02] <irc> <obistro> Est-ce normal que mon serveur Yunohost soit encore en php 7.3 alors que toutes les mises a jour ont été installées?
[18:24:27] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> obistro: Bonsoir ! Oui. Tu t'attendais à quelle version installée ?
[18:25:10] <irc> <obistro> tituspijean[m] soit une version 7.4 soit 8.0
[18:25:19] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Sur YunoHost v4 par défaut c'est la 7.3. Plusieurs versions de PHP peuvent être installées en même temps. Ce sont les apps qui en gèrent l'installation selon leurs besoins
[18:25:53] <irc> <obistro> tituspijean[m] ok merci. Parce que wordpress recommande au moins 7.4
[18:26:23] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Et *latter is not better*, tu as plein d'apps qui ne seraient pas compatibles avec la 8.0 par exemple.
[18:34:55] <irc> <obistro> et la 7.4?
[18:43:16] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> J'avoue que je ne sais pas. Tu peux ouvrir un issue sur le github de wordpress_ynh pour signaler le changement de pré-requis.
[18:49:41] <irc> <obistro> tituspijean[m] c'est fait :)
[20:55:22] <irc> <Aleks[m]> Djeezus christ
[20:55:22] <irc> <Aleks[m]> Really gonna create a dashboard
[20:55:23] <irc> <Aleks[m]> "Number of days since somebody asked for newer version of php"
[20:55:23] <irc> <Aleks[m]> "Number of days since somebody asked why we aint using docker"
[20:57:27] <irc> <Aleks[m]> "Number of days since somebody asked how to configure its reverse proxy"