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[08:11:00] <irc> <JS4> Hi all. I'm trying to install Roundcube with Yunohost and it fails.
[08:11:22] <irc> <JS4> My logs are in this paste:
[08:14:32] <irc> <JS4> Actually, I think it was just an error with CardDAV. It seems to install correctly without CardDAV. Thanks.
[08:16:06] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> JS4: thanks for the report! There are indeed some warnings about deprecated commands. We'll look into it ;)
[09:50:59] <irc> <> salut les gens,
[09:51:10] <irc> <> bon ben toujours pas regler ce soucis
[09:51:11] <irc> <> Le DNS inverse n'est pas correctement configuré en IPv4" je suis chez free j ai mis le reverse vers mon domaine"Reverse DNS personnalisé => (Actif)
[09:51:25] <irc> <> Le DNS inverse n'est pas correctement configuré en IPv4" je suis chez free j ai mis le reverse vers mon domaine"Reverse DNS personnalisé
82.64.xx.xx => (Actif)
[11:00:01] <irc> <benc__> Bonjour, j'ai fait une install sur une lime2, avec l'image yunohost, c'est une vieillle version (strech) la migration ssh a regenéré la conf ssh t j'ai perdu l'accés ssh, j'ai encore l'accés webadmin, une idée pour récupérer l'accés ssh?
[12:28:32] <Neustradamus> Thibaut: c'est normal, ça ne fonctionne plus, il faut attendre quelques années avant un retour, voir ici :
[12:31:16] <irc> <> donc aucune solution pour serveur mail a la maison
[12:46:32] <irc> <> il y aurai pas moyen de rajouter le reverse dns de free dans la zone dns pour que ca fonctionne
[13:45:21] <irc> <> apres j ai encore un serveur dedie pas chez moi je pourrai m en servir comme relais mais je sais pas comment
[14:58:36] <irc> <voarsh> Hiya - I know docker isn't officially supported - but I wanted to know if anyone knew how to edit NGINX configs running YunoHost on docker?
[14:59:38] <irc> <anmol[m]> Yes you can
[15:00:16] <irc> <anmol[m]> You can use
[15:00:42] <irc> <anmol[m]> voarsh: or install docker manually
[15:04:04] <irc> <voarsh> I already have it installed.
[15:04:20] <irc> <voarsh> I can't seem to find the volume to edit the NGINX config.
[15:05:06] <irc> <voarsh> Oh, is that docker management FOR YunoHost?
[15:05:27] <irc> <voarsh> I was talking about running YunoHost on Docker (
[15:05:30] <irc> <anmol[m]> What do you mean by volume to edit the Nginx?
[15:06:05] <irc> <voarsh> I need to edit NGINX configuration for YunoHost, so it doesn't default to 443.
[15:06:07] <irc> <anmol[m]> Why would you run a Yunohost on Docker
[15:06:33] <irc> <voarsh> Because I have my own OS?
[15:06:42] <irc> <voarsh> I want to run other things....
[15:07:10] <irc> <voarsh> I'm assuming you do not know about that docker image or how to access the volume?
[15:09:09] <irc> <anmol[m]> Why would you make a simple thing complex. Docker and Yuno are different.
[15:09:54] <irc> <Aleks[m]> i know many people are docker fanboys and want to use it everywhere, but ultimatly docker is meant to host a single application, while yunohost is an entire ecosystem with many services and you're likely to host several applications inside a yunohost
[15:10:31] <irc> <Aleks[m]> also yunohost needs access to some "low-level" stuff like /etc/resolv.conf for which you need black magic in a docker context
[15:10:53] <irc> <Aleks[m]> so overall it just doesnt feel appropriate to run yunohost in a docker
[15:11:00] <irc> <> Am I missing anything obvious? The XMPP service works perfectly with my Yunohost install (oldPc) but for some reason I cannot connect with calls from within my home network (wifi) but have no issues when outside of my home (mobile data). A friend who is using my XMPP service from another location has no problems with either Wifi or Mobile data. Is there another port that is required for me or something internal that could be causing this?
[15:11:00] <irc> <Aleks[m]> a LXC may be more appropriate for this
[15:11:38] <irc> <Aleks[m]> LPS : is the diagnosis complaining about something related to xmpp ?
[15:12:27] <irc> <> no, only that I can never functionally use it with my mobile device or receive calls from within my home
[15:12:38] <irc> <> IM works without a problem
[15:13:04] <irc> <voarsh> You could be right. :)
[15:13:11] <irc> <voarsh> Because I have my own OS?
[15:13:16] <irc> <> when attempting to make calls, it continues to display "connecting" or "discovering devices" but never does.
[15:13:31] <irc> <voarsh> I'll run it in a VM instead.
[15:14:56] <irc> <> it works seamlessly outside of my wifi network
[15:15:00] <irc> <anmol[m]> LXC is still better option then VM. You have special case.
[15:15:55] <irc> <anmol[m]> You may use any virtualisation to install Debian on your OWN OS.
[15:17:19] <irc> <voarsh> LXC like PROXMOX?
[15:18:10] <irc> <> I'm not sure if this is related but when I searched XMPP connection issues I found a thread about "real presence" issues not sure if that gives any clues
[15:19:43] <irc> <anmol[m]> PROXMOX can create dedicated container with Debian installed. PROXMO is used that itself. So you would be good to go with PROXMOX.
[15:20:47] <irc> <voarsh> I've tried setting up PROXMOX and the WiFi setup was a nightmare. It only really worked OK with Ethernet. Have you setup RPOXMOX with WiFi?
[15:21:38] <irc> <anmol[m]> > Have you setup RPOXMOX with WiFi?
[15:21:38] <irc> <anmol[m]> No
[15:21:46] <irc> <anmol[m]> * >
[15:21:47] <irc> <anmol[m]> Have you setup RPOXMOX with WiFi?
[15:21:47] <irc> <anmol[m]> No
[15:22:40] <irc> <voarsh> :(
[15:22:57] <irc> <voarsh> Many others seems to be in the same boat with you.
[15:24:43] <irc> <> > <> [irc] Aleks[m]: LPS : is the diagnosis complaining about something related to xmpp ?

According to this old Doc of XMPP ports there are more than I expected
[15:25:56] <irc> <voarsh> When I use NGROK to tunnel my PUBLIC IP to local address, http works fine (for another application) but NGROK first loads http then https, and YunoHost gives me: The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port
[15:26:26] <irc> <> > <> According to this old Doc of XMPP ports there are more than I expected

when testing with I have 5222, and 5269 open all others are closed but I'm not sure if the others (5223,5298,8010) are necessary in the case of Yunohost and audio/video calls.
[15:26:39] <irc> <anmol[m]> <voarsh "Many others seems to be in the s"> Good luck...I would swim off form this wifi boat 🐖
[15:29:41] <irc> <anmol[m]> <voarsh "When I use NGROK to tunnel my PU"> Use http for yunohost then or further do reverse proxy for the request
[15:31:09] <irc> <voarsh> > Use http for yunohost then or further do reverse proxy for the request
[15:31:34] <irc> <voarsh> How do you change YunoHost to just use http instead of HTTPS?
[15:32:35] <irc> <anmol[m]> nginx config are in /etc/nginx/conf.d/.
[15:33:38] <irc> <anmol[m]> you can remove the https for the particular apps or the interface by modifying the conf files.
[15:33:54] <irc> <anmol[m]> > <> Many others seems to be in the same boat with you.
[15:33:54] <irc> <anmol[m]> * Good luck...I would swim off from this wifi boat 🐖
[15:34:00] <irc> <faroth> Bonjour, j'ai un souci avec ma migration vers buster ... les mises à jour ont tournés, après une première migration incomplète l'outil de migration se plaint que je ne suis plus en stretch mais veut migrer tout de même ... :(
[15:34:33] <irc> <voarsh> Yep. Thanks. I'll look to modify nginx on my VM version of YunoHost.
[15:36:54] <irc> <Aleks[m]> faroth: qu'est-ce qui se passe si tu fais un `apt install dist-upgrade`
[15:38:14] <irc> <> Bonjour,
[15:39:06] <irc> <faroth> RAS : tout passe ok, pas d'erreurs pour un apt dist-upgrade, 0 à mettre à jour
[15:40:24] <irc> <faroth> (Le système tourne, tout marche ceci dit ;-) )
[15:41:06] <irc> <Aleks[m]> <yunobridge "<> "> si, il y a un info.json *dans l'archive* (potentiellement en + du fichier info.json a l'extérieur)
[15:41:25] <irc> <Aleks[m]> <yunobridge "<> "> si tu parles de ce qu'on discutait sur le forum, c'est seulement dans la 4.1 que c'est possible / géré
[15:43:42] <irc> <> Aleks : ouaip y'a le info.json dans l'archive. Dans ce cas là ça fonctionne bien sans autre info.json ? (je demande parce qu'il ne le reconnaît pas (fichier peut-être invalide), et je préfère débugger un fichier que deux ^^)
[15:44:00] <irc> <Aleks[m]> oui
[15:44:41] <irc> <> ok, super
[15:45:29] <irc> <> C'est pas vraiment lié à ce qu'on discutait sur le forum. En gros, j'essaye de restaurer une archive depuis plusieurs heures, pas moyen de le faire il ne reconnaît pas le json.
Et comme transformer ça en archive à chaque fois que je fais une modif sur le json c'est long, j'essaye de le faire sans créer d'archive.
[15:45:46] <irc> <> Yunohost supporte bien l'import d'une sauvegarde non compressée, non ?
[15:46:50] <irc> <faroth> Quand je lance en ligne de commande j'obtiens : 0015_migrate_to_buster did not complete , aborting : Error : The current Debian distribution is not Stretch !
[15:47:40] <irc> <faroth> Et avec la GUI j'obtenais auparavant : Run these migrations: '0015_migrate_to_buster', before migration 0018_xtable_to_nftable.
[15:49:24] <irc> <Aleks[m]> lapineige : c'est le bordel : non il supporte pas encore le .tar tout seul - par contre y'a des vieilles options genre --no-compress qui font référence à "créer un dossier plat avec tous les fichiers dedans" (donc directement un fichier, pas un .tar)
[15:50:05] <irc> <Aleks[m]> mais c'est une option pas du tout connue qui a mon avis est très peu utilisée et je crois que je l'ai supprimé pendant le taf sur le .tar.gz -> .tar car j'étais parti en berserk
[15:50:55] <irc> <Aleks[m]> faroth: dans ce cas si tu confirmes que `cat /etc/os-release` t'affiche bien que t'es en Buster, et que `yunohost --version` te dis bien que tu es en 4.x, tu peux faire :
[15:51:09] <irc> <Aleks[m]> `yunohost tools migrations migrate 0015_migrate_to_buster --skip`
[15:51:31] <irc> <Aleks[m]> puis ensuite relancer les autres migrations avec `yunohost tools migrations migrate`
[15:52:31] <irc> <faroth> - os-name ok (Raspbian Buster)
[15:52:52] <irc> <faroth> Version Yunohost 4.0.x
[15:53:40] <irc> <> Aleks : oui je connais cette option, j'ai jamais utilisé. Donc pas moyen d'importer directement sans avoir une archive .tar.gz. Merci de l'info
[15:54:01] <irc> <faroth> ok, 0015 skipped, je lance la suite
[15:59:09] <irc> <> > donc aucune solution pour serveur mail a la maison

[15:59:51] <irc> <Aleks[m]> thibaut-del : comme dis dans les messages du diagnostique, il y a aussi la possibilité de prendre un VPN chez la FFDN...
[16:00:23] <irc> <> J' ai un vpn perso sur un autre dédié c marche
[16:00:31] <irc> <faroth> ça a l'air tout bon, merci :)
[16:00:50] <irc> <Aleks[m]> a pat ça oui : les FAI commerciaux te refilent un demi-accès-internet car pour eux accès internet = accès à Facebook
[16:02:52] <irc> <> Ou même faire un relais avec OVH?
[16:33:25] <irc> <jlaurencin> bonjour, comment selectionner le disque sur lequel seront stocker les données?
[16:43:15] <irc> <voarsh> Hi. I'm running Debian - just installed. i edited yunohost_admin.conf in NGINX to change 443 to 80 - is that correct?
[16:45:51] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> jlaurencin: YunoHost ne gère pas ça nativement, ça s'accomode de ce qu'on lui donne. Je te conseille d'installer une Debian 10 normale, faire les montages qu'il faut (les données lourdes sont généralement stockées dans `/home`, mais les apps utilisent aussi `/opt` et `/var/www`) et ensuite d'installer YNH. ( Aleks , tu confirmes sur la méthode?)
[16:46:25] <irc> <Aleks[m]> oui
[16:46:43] <irc> <Aleks[m]> (même `/var` en entier car dans `/var/lib/mysql` y'a aussi les DB sql)
[16:46:56] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: Hi, I think so. But you'd have to do it for all domains you configure in YNH. Bear in mind, you are treading in unknown and potentially buggy territory)
[16:47:54] <irc> <Aleks[m]> m'enfin ça dépends ce qu'on cherche en faisant ça : par exemple sur un système de bureau, on peut raisonnablement se dire qu'on peut réinstaller son système et re-plugger son `/home` et hop ça remarche a peu près tout pareil, par contre sur yunohost (ou un serveur en général) c'est plus compliqué et à mon avis la vraie question c'est les backups
[16:49:13] <irc> <Aleks[m]> (qui en l'occurence sont stockées dans le /home, mais du coup séparer `/var` a moins d'intéret)
[16:51:21] <irc> <jlaurencin> Ok, j'ai un NAS kobol helios64, le système s'installe soit sur une carte sd soit sur eMMC, et il y a un raid de 5 disques, je voudrai laisser le système soit sur carte SD soit sur eMMC (quel est le mieux?) mais que les données soient sur le raid. Comment dois-je faire?
[16:52:28] <irc> <Aleks[m]> quel est ton objectif derrière le fait de faire du raid
[16:53:24] <irc> <jlaurencin> C'est un raid5 pour gagner un peu en performance et un peu en sécurité
[16:56:53] <irc> <Aleks[m]> et pourquoi ne pas mettre tout le système sur le raid ?
[16:57:24] <irc> <jlaurencin> je ne sais pas si le nas helios64 le permet
[16:57:34] <irc> <voarsh> Thanks tituspijean[m] - do you know how to restart NGINX in YunoHost? service nginx restart doesn't work. Same with apache2/httpd
[16:58:48] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: We only use Nginx. If it fails... you may have made a typo?
[16:58:48] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> `nginx -t`
[16:58:48] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> and the command you need is `systemctl reload nginx`, but if it failed you will need to `start` it
[17:00:02] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> (`service nginx reload/restart` works too, sure)
[17:20:45] <irc> <voarsh> Thnx
[17:30:16] <irc> <jlaurencin> Bonjour ou rebonjour, je dispose d'un Nas Kobol Helios64. j'aimerais installer armbian + yunohost soit sur carte sd soit sur eMMC (je ne sais pas quel est le mieux). ensuite je voudrais que toutes les données soient hébergées sur les 5 disques dur disponibles (je pense les monter en raid 5 pour n'avoir qu'un seul volume et avoir un peu plus de
[17:30:17] <irc> <jlaurencin> sécurité. Que me conseillez-vous ? Comment dois-je procéder ?
[17:38:19] <irc> <> Je reviens avec mon problème de restauration de backup, j'ai ce message d'erreur: `DEBUG unable to retrieve 'info.json' inside the archive`.
Pourtant il y est bien, c'est le copier-coller du fichier (renommé info.json), qui est bien valide car il arrive à me charger l'archive.
[17:38:29] <irc> <> Une idée de comment diagnostiquer le problème ?
[17:46:15] <irc> <> J'ai aussi cette erreur `Could not load infos for archive 'MonArchive.tar.gz'… The info.json cannot be retrieved (or is not a valid json).`
[17:46:45] <irc> <> Et si je mets une coquille volontaire dans le fichier (pour voir si l'erreur change, pareil… on dirait qu'il y a une erreur dans le fichier, mais je n'arrive pas à savoir quoi
[17:51:11] <irc> <> Même erreur si j'enlève le fichier
[17:59:22] <irc> <jlaurencin> Personne pour me répondre?
[18:01:51] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> jlaurencin: Je t'ai répondu plus tôt, et Aleks a complété. Installe une Debian normalement, mets en place ton RAID et tes montages, et installe YNH.
[18:02:23] <irc> <jlaurencin> Excuse-moi je n'avais pas compris
[18:03:26] <irc> <jlaurencin> donc si mon raid est en place ynh l'utilisera de lui même pour les données
[18:04:29] <irc> <jlaurencin> ou bien je dois le spécifier quelque part?
[18:04:39] <irc> <jlaurencin> je débute dans les Nas
[18:05:20] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Le système ne s'intéresse qu'aux dossiers, pas aux disques qu'il y a derrière. Pour installer YNH après avoir configuré tout ça, utilise la méthode manuelle (
[18:08:05] <irc> <jlaurencin> merci
[18:15:45] <irc> <jlaurencin> Quand je click sur le lien je tombe sur une page qui m'indique la commande "curl | bash" je ne vois pas où je peux préciser l'emplacement des dossiers
[18:17:41] *irc <tituspijean[m]> sent a long message: < >
[18:18:05] <irc> <voarsh> For http I get redirected you too many times. Which nginx configuration (just for YunoHost admin) do I need to edit to disable https/443?
[18:22:20] <irc> <jlaurencin> Quand je fais cela, si par exemple j'installe l'application Nextcloud, elle s'installe dans le répertoire /var/www/ qui est situé sur ma carte sd et les données iront dans /var/www/nextcloud/data
[18:23:39] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: `nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/yunohost_admin.conf`. You may need to put some of the instructions for ssl into the http block, otherwise nothing will be served
[18:24:32] <irc> <jlaurencin> je voudrai spécifié à ynh l'emplacement où installer les application et les datas
[18:24:48] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> jlaurencin: Non, les data de Nextcloud vont dans `/home/`.
[18:25:45] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> jlaurencin: Non, tu ne peux pas. Mais tu peux *par avance* définir `/home` comme étant monté sur `/dev/sda1`, `/var` sur `/dev/sdb1` ou que sais-je ;)
[18:26:22] <irc> <voarsh> Hmm. "yunohost" doesn't display any command help. Not found. I want to regenerate NGINX configs.
[18:26:30] <irc> <jlaurencin> ok, je comprend ce que tu veux dire
[18:27:00] <irc> <jlaurencin> tituspijean[m] merci pour ton aide et désolé d'avoir été si lourd
[18:28:40] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: You made no backups? 😱 `yunohost tools regen-conf nginx` but I am not sure it handles restoring the admin, since one's not supposed to touch it 🤞
[18:29:02] <irc> <voarsh> root@yuno:/etc/nginx/conf.d# yunohost tools regen-conf nginx
[18:29:02] <irc> <voarsh> bash: yunohost: command not found
[18:31:36] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> jlaurencin: J'espère juste que j'ai été clair.
[18:31:54] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: Yup... I think you broke it.
[18:32:13] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: Here's my `/etc/nginx/conf.d/yunohost_admin.conf`
[18:32:19] <irc> <voarsh> Literally I've installed it twice now...
[18:32:22] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> anyone here have success with the Pleroma installer?
[18:32:26] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> keeps failing for me
[18:32:39] <irc> <voarsh> This is why I prefer docker yunohost :D
[18:32:45] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> OK thanks
[18:32:50] *irc <tituspijean[m]> sent a long message: < >
[18:33:00] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I tried installing docker on digital ocean
[18:33:09] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: His answer is unrelated
[18:33:11] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> what do you do after you pull the pleroma image?
[18:33:14] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I couldn't figure out what to do next
[18:33:26] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I installed docker, pulled the pleroma image, then.. ? profit?
[18:35:10] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: Stahp. YNH is built to avoid containers.
[18:35:11] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Can you provide logs of your failed installation?
[18:35:37] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user>
[18:38:49] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: thanks. I am looking into it.
[18:39:32] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> OK thanks!
[18:47:33] <irc> <> bon ben j ai contourner mon probleme en changeant le parametre smtp dans la page admin de rainloop en attendant de trouver mieux
[18:50:58] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> thibaut-del: regarde peut-être du côté de postfix pour paramétrer la même chose au niveau du serveur, en palliatif
[18:52:41] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> yalh76, ynh-Pleroma-user here has the same error as you got a year ago: `--rpc-eval : RPC failed with reason :nodedown` but at the user creation step. I tried to understand the fix in your issue (, but to no avail
[18:53:48] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: and btw I am sorry to say that I have just managed to install Pleroma with no error, so the mystery thickens.
[18:54:38] <irc> <anmol[m]> increase the sleep time
[18:55:59] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> there's already a `sleep 60` after a `line_match` for the service start. 😱 ynh-Pleroma-user: what's your hardware
[18:56:05] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> * there's already a `sleep 60` after a `line_match` for the service start. 😱 ynh-Pleroma-user: what's your hardware?
[19:01:44] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I'm using a VM
[19:01:57] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> CPU:
[19:01:59] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> 1 vCore
[19:02:00] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> RAM:
[19:02:00] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> 512 MB
[19:02:01] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> Storage:
[19:02:02] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> 10 GB SSD
[19:10:14] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: let's try waiting longer then (3 minutes, so be patient):
[19:10:14] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> `yunohost app install -f`
[19:25:28] <irc> <rodrigue7973> voarsh: what yuno in docker ?
[19:28:46] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> so how do I run that install from github instead of the app in yunohost
[19:31:40] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> You can assume I don't know what I'm doing
[19:34:30] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: run the command I quoted in the command line interface
[19:34:59] <irc> <voarsh> tituspijean[m]: good advice - only port 80 is served for admin
[19:35:50] <irc> <voarsh> I am running YunoHost over the internet, using a tunnel, and something about it is messing up port 443. Which is why i need to serve on port 80 until that's fixed.
[19:37:45] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> oh cool
[19:37:52] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I can just tell yuno to install from github directly?
[19:37:55] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> for anything?>
[19:38:40] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: not quite, for yunohost apps only. 😅
[19:39:05] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> Ok
[19:39:14] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> where is the yunohost terminal?
[19:39:54] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> nevermind
[19:40:06] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I need to ssh into it then run that command?
[19:41:01] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: yes indeed
[19:41:39] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> so when I installed yunohost it described changing the ssh
[19:41:45] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> how do I find my new ssh login?
[19:43:02] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> What did you change ?
[19:43:34] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> "admin" should still work
[19:43:54] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> With your webadmin password
[19:44:54] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> ah ok
[19:45:01] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> do I run that command as sudo?
[19:46:41] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Yes.
[19:47:16] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> gives me an error "no mail. connection closed"
[19:47:30] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> when I tried to ssh the admin username I created
[19:47:36] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: Ngrok seems to be a great little service for prototyping... but really it is not meant to proxy a whole system...
[19:48:06] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: no. Use "admin" as username
[19:48:51] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Standard users are not allowed to use ssh by default.
[19:49:18] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: What's your setup? Why do you need this proxy?
[19:49:51] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> trying to install from Pleroma from github
[19:50:40] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> ssh: connect to host [server ID] port 22: Connection refused
[19:50:58] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> used "ssh admin@[server ID]"
[19:52:19] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: you said you were on a VM ? Do you have a screen attached to it?
[19:52:54] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Oh dammit I forgot that you can put the url in the webadmin too...
[19:56:04] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Uh nvmind, it does not work with a branch.
[19:56:48] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I'm running an instance on vultr
[19:56:59] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I used ssh in my linux terminal to install yunohost
[19:57:10] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> now I can't seem to ssh back into it
[19:57:49] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> So what did you change after the postinstallation?
[20:00:26] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> nothing, but there's a prompt during installation that yunohost handles the ssh and asks if you want yunohost to change the ssh
[20:00:40] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> obviously I should have paid more attention to that
[20:03:55] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: oh this one? It should be OK.
[20:03:55] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> But getting a Connection refused is not normal. Have you tried like 3 or 5 times before? I think you got banned by Fail2ban.
[20:04:42] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Does vultr offer a screen emulator ?
[20:06:32] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> it has a web terminal
[20:06:43] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> but I've been using ssh because you can't copy/paste in their web terminal
[20:07:03] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> I've been trying to figure out how to install Pleroma for more than a week. I think I'll just use Mastodon for now
[20:07:05] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: yeah great. Use that meanwhile.
[20:07:30] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> First let's unban you (if it's the issue)
[20:08:21] <irc> <tituspijean[m]>
[20:10:33] *irc <tituspijean[m]> sent a long message: < >
[20:11:03] *irc <tituspijean[m]> sent a long message: < >
[20:11:21] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> this is working
[20:12:24] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> the web terminal is working
[20:13:34] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> !!! /etc/pleroma/config.exs not found! Please ensure it exists and that PLEROMA_CONFIG_PATH is unset or points to an existing file
[20:13:54] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> failed
[20:15:28] <irc> <voarsh> This is annoying. I am loading: and get redirected you too many times.
[20:15:45] <irc> <voarsh> I removed 443/https. Why am I getting a redirect loop?
[20:16:54] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: Since you are using a specific subdomain, do you use the paid plan of ngrok?
[20:17:50] <irc> <voarsh> I built the old open source one.
[20:18:38] <irc> <voarsh> If I do a "random" http tunnel and load the random tunnel name. E.G. it loads. But if I specify a subdomain and put that subdomain on CloudFlare and link it to the the public IP box I get that error.
[20:19:13] <irc> <voarsh> Forwarding ->
[20:19:13] <irc> <voarsh> This works.
[20:19:35] <irc> <voarsh> Forwarding ->
[20:19:35] <irc> <voarsh> This doesn't.
[20:20:24] <irc> <voarsh> yuno and the random tunnel link are wildcarded to point to the public IP. :/
[20:20:58] <irc> <voarsh> I'm assuming the random tunnel isn't trying to do https? but yuno is?
[20:22:28] <irc> <voarsh> Is the /yunohost/sso different from the yunohost_admin.config?
[20:22:40] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: I have no frigging idea. You are creating a Frankenstein to me.
[20:22:41] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Have you seen the documentation regarding TLS tunnels?
[20:23:41] <irc> <voarsh> The open source version is unsupported. :D
[20:23:41] <irc> <voarsh> I'm not using the live ngrok
[20:23:43] <irc> <voarsh> That documentation doesn't apply.
[20:24:29] <irc> <voarsh> The live NGROK works perfectly. :D
[20:26:32] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Let me digress a little bit. What do you want to achieve with this setup?
[20:27:04] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: Have you unmanned yourself?
[20:27:33] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> *unbanned
[20:28:22] <irc> <voarsh> Using the self hosted version would be cheaper. But I'll just use a throwaway account and their non-permanent address. I already pay $15 a month for their "business" and it's too limiting. :/
[20:30:04] <irc> <ynh-Pleroma-user> What do I want to achieve with the pleroma setup? I want to create an instance for myself and other users that I can scale if it gorws
[20:31:34] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> ynh-Pleroma-user: no I am talking to voarsh :)
[20:32:14] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: No, that's your solution. Why do you need to use ngrok?
[20:33:07] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> (Genuinely curious, I want to help you find an alternative)
[20:33:22] <irc> <voarsh> I want to make my local lan (yunohost) accessible outside my home network.
[20:34:01] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: do you need others to access it? Or only you?
[20:38:14] <irc> <voarsh> It's a nice option to have. yes, I suppose, really I could just keep it on local lan.
[20:40:48] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh I personally use ZeroTier to access my server from anywhere, but that's like a VPN, and setting its own DNS.
[20:42:53] <irc> <voarsh> Tried it. I didn't get much luck with it.
[20:43:14] <irc> <voarsh> There's a new NGROK (that pledges to be $5 a month) that I am excited for.
[20:43:27] <irc> <voarsh> And a self-hosted version (that I like more) :D
[20:43:34] <irc> <voarsh>
[20:44:00] <irc> <voarsh> But... I've tried it, it doesn't work with most programs I use. It's not finished with beta, and the wildcard/custom domains, etc.
[20:44:33] <irc> <voarsh> boringproxy seems to be promising, specifically for YunoHost. Developer is responsive to my https problem. Maybe I just use that.
[20:46:32] <irc> <voarsh> To be fair, I am looking for an all-rounder, because I fork out over £35 on hosting. I have loads of hardware at home.... looking to tighten the belt :D
[20:46:43] <irc> <voarsh> * £35 a month.
[20:47:08] <irc> <voarsh> 420 a yr, been doing it for 7 yrs.
[20:47:21] <irc> <voarsh> 420* 7... almost 3K
[20:50:48] *irc <tituspijean[m]> sent a long message: < >
[20:51:34] <irc> <Gilou> pagekite thing?
[20:51:49] <irc> <Gilou>
[20:55:23] <irc> <voarsh> 3) Install pihole - is this on the same machine? or on any PC on my network?
[20:55:48] <irc> <SuShY> bonsoir,
[20:56:51] <irc> <voarsh> Yeah, I saw that. I assume it's cloud or "host yourself"? Host yourself looked so LONG to setup. I've already spent days trying to setup VM's, PROXMOX and failed miserably. :D
[20:57:07] <irc> <voarsh> ^^ PageKite I mean
[20:57:34] <irc> <voarsh> It's also not free.
[20:57:52] <irc> <voarsh> And have bandwidth limitations
[21:00:38] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: Pihole can be on any device connected to the zerotier network, as long as it can feed this fake domain
[21:00:45] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> SuShY: bonsoir!
[21:01:02] <irc> <voarsh> I thought Pihole was for adverts?
[21:01:08] <irc> <voarsh> * advert blocking
[21:02:18] <irc> <SuShY> tituspijean[m], merci de ton retour
[21:02:31] <irc> <SuShY> j'ai une question st
[21:02:31] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> voarsh: yes.
[21:02:31] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> I have just realised you can not use it, and only rely on dnsmasq. Sorry about that, it's been a while I have setup my network.
[21:03:16] <irc> <SuShY> tituspijean[m], est-ce possible d'avoir sur mon raspy une instance yunohost mais également une interface tmux pour ma session weechat ?
[21:03:51] <irc> <voarsh> No worries. :)
[21:06:06] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> SuShY: a priori oui
[21:06:06] <irc> <tituspijean[m]>
[21:06:23] <irc> <SuShY> merci tituspijean[m]
[21:35:03] <irc> <kontiki> what is up with my server, it's running at 120% cpu for hours
[21:39:52] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> kontiki: can you check what's up with the `top` command ?
[21:42:23] <irc> <freetux[m]> C’est pas 120% sur plusieurs cœurs ?
[21:43:52] <irc> <kontiki> it looks like discourse is using so much memory that nothing else can allocate memory to run
[21:44:59] <irc> <tituspijean[m]> Well it is indeed a needy software. :/
[21:45:57] <irc> <kontiki> yeah all I had to do was kill the service and it freed up enough memory to uninstall it
[21:57:02] <irc> <duckish> hello