Monday, September 07, 2020
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[05:50:52] <irc> <Pierre0412> bonjour
[07:09:15] <irc> <hercut[m]> hello
[07:10:00] <irc> <hercut[m]> sent a long message: < >
[07:10:25] <irc> <hercut[m]> Commetn resoudre ca ? J'ai cherché dans la partie DNS et rien trouvé
[07:17:05] <irc> <kidon[m]> Et avec ton fournisseur de nom de domaine ? A priori c'est juste qu'il te faudra repayer pour une durée que tu veux le nom
[07:46:15] <irc> <hercut[m]> <kidon[m] "Et avec ton fournisseur de nom d"> Merci, mais commetn YnH sais ca ? Mon domaine et en renouvellement auto chez moi registar
[07:58:05] <irc> <> Hi all! Regarding this thread on the forum (, and my answer specifically: is that completely overkill? Is there any other way to get to what the user wants?
[07:59:17] <irc> <> I guess that safety-wise, it would be better to create a group specifically for the Multimedia directory, instead of giving all the apps access to each other.
[09:07:16] <irc> <Mensoif>
[09:09:31] <irc> <kidon[m]> hercut: Je ne sais pas. Mais il y a moyen de faire des requetes pour savoir si un nom de domaine est dispo ou dans combien de temps il l'est
[09:09:51] <irc> <kidon[m]> C'est pratique pour ceux qui n'ont pas mis de renouvellement auto (comme moi)
[09:13:36] <irc> <hercut[m]> ok je comprend, merci pour l'info :)
[14:19:38] <irc> <ynhuser|71733> bonjour, j'aimerais comprendre comment faire en sorte que le site internet wordpress soit accessible directement sur le nom de domaine ... car si j'ai l'impression d'activer l'option dans wordpress j'arrive sur la page ngix et pas sur le site wordpress
[14:19:53] <irc> <ynhuser|71733> en tout cas merci pour votre travail c'est grandiose
[14:54:30] <irc> <ynhuser|71733> ok i ve found
[15:04:57] <irc> <> I have a very strange problem with nextcloud : I used a 1st domain, I added a second one and removed the first one. Mail interface in nextcloud is broken: it still offers me to write with my initial domain, and I can't see any mail
[15:05:08] <irc> <> Is there a way to clean the settings?
[15:05:36] <irc> <>
[15:06:29] <irc> <> the mail is working fine (using imap on my native client), it's juste an integration with nextcloud which seems broken :(
[15:42:55] <irc> <ynhuser|65511> Burp!
[15:46:50] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> Is XMPP MUC down? I get time-out while joining
[15:48:31] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> Bram isAAAc Rafi59 ^
[15:49:33] <irc> <Bram> ah, that's possible
[15:50:08] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> Temporary hick-up or permanent closure?
[15:50:40] <irc> <Bram> temporary
[15:51:14] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> Cool!
[15:52:09] <irc> <Bram> there aren't anyone really using xmpp anymore in the core team tbh
[15:52:09] <irc> <Bram> hm
[15:52:12] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> Could you please let me know when it is rectified? I am an xmpp-head. :-)
[15:52:19] <irc> <Bram> gjsxiohyr: so I've managed to joined without any problem
[15:52:24] <irc> <Bram> and I see this in the logs
[15:52:30] <irc> <Bram> Sep 07 15:47:43 s2sin55ed04784de0 info incoming s2s stream> closed: not-authorized (Your server's certificate is not valid for this name)
[15:52:36] <irc> <Bram> idk if it's you
[15:52:42] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> That's me.
[15:52:59] <irc> <Bram> maybe there is a certificate problem on disroot side then?
[15:53:10] <irc> <Bram> that's my understanding of the error message
[15:53:43] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> Hmm. I am able to join MUCs on other servers not sure what is the issue. But let me ping the admin.
[15:53:51] <irc> <Bram> ok
[15:54:02] <irc> <Bram> there might be some cipher modifications or stuff like that
[15:54:06] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> runs towards Muppeth
[15:54:26] <irc> <Bram> and knowing disroot we might not be using like the latest too super secured perfect cipher while disroot might
[15:56:21] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> Ah!
[15:57:43] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> So what is the primary medium for HunoHost devs? IRC or Matrix or XMPP?
[15:58:49] <irc> <Bram> everything is linked using matterbridge
[15:59:05] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> Ah Cool!
[15:59:14] <irc> <Bram> the active members of the dev team uses both irc and matrix right now
[16:02:38] <irc> <gjsxiohyr> gonna join IRC, from Gajim, for time being.
[16:04:29] <irc> <raghavgururajan> was gjsxiohyr
[17:56:01] <Gofannon> I installed a new yunohost server and restored the backup instead of postinstall
[17:56:14] <Gofannon> It failed with the message:
[17:56:15] <Gofannon> Exception OSError: OSError(12, 'Cannot allocate memory') in <bound method OperationLogger.__del__ of <yunohost.log.OperationLogger object at 0x7f995aed7710>> ignored
Error: The following critical error happened during restoration: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory
[17:56:56] <Gofannon> #free -m
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 1976 719 861 10 394 1090
Swap: 510 262 248
[17:57:34] <Gofannon> It failed while restoring nextcloud
[17:58:04] <Gofannon> I have the full log but there are sensitive data in it (usernames)
[18:03:22] <Gofannon> I have more swap on the main server, I will put the same swap amount and try again
[18:57:41] <irc> <Aleks[m]> ugh
[18:58:02] <irc> <Aleks[m]> so there's like 1GB free/available and you got that ?
[18:58:09] <irc> <Aleks[m]> did you ran that "free -h" command right after the failure ?
[18:58:25] <irc> <Aleks[m]> (btw it helps if you can join to avoid the whole yunobridge mess..)
[19:58:00] <irc> <Crou[m]> On my Yunohost server, I am trying to create a MySQL database in order to set up the CardDAV sync in the Rainloop app of Nextcloud (not the Rainoloop stand-alone yuno app).
[19:58:00] <irc> <Crou[m]> But I can't find how to connect to MySQL : should I use Root or Admin? Which password should be working : is it the same as my Yunohost Root and admin passwords?
[19:58:00] <irc> <Crou[m]> `mysql -uroot -p` and `mysql -uadmin -p` don't work with my root and admin passwords 😒
[20:04:22] <irc> <Aleks[m]> "cat /etc/yunohost/mysql"
[20:21:35] <irc> <Crou[m]> sent a long message: < >
[20:29:54] <irc> <Crou[m]> with a little `sudo` it works...
[20:29:54] <irc> <Crou[m]> Sorry for these basic questions...
[20:29:55] <irc> <Crou[m]> And a big thanks for your answer!
[22:39:49] <irc> <Gofannon> Aleks[m], I switched to IRC as asked.
[22:40:16] <irc> <Gofannon> Yes, the 'free' was taken after the failure.
[22:41:00] <irc> <Gofannon> Now, the new server has 2.5 Gb as the main server and the 'restore backup --force' is ongoing
[22:57:39] <irc> <Aleks[m]> (it not about switching to IRC ... there's another matrix room literally named )
[22:57:58] <irc> <Aleks[m]> ah, you're on matrix, nvm