Friday, July 31, 2020
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[01:06:40] <irc> <> .
[04:52:59] <rouky> Alexs
[04:53:43] <rouky> Mais après une nuit de sommeil c'est certainement des redémarrages de service, pas *du* système
[06:21:03] <irc> <>
[07:56:49] <irc> <> Hi everyone, I've some trouble migrating to YunoHost 4.x,
Migration failed so I'd tried to relaunch it, and n,ow it says : Error: You cannot do this right now because dpkg/APT (the system package managers) seems to be in a broken state… You can try to solve this issue by connecting through SSH and running sudo apt install --fix-broken` and/or `sudo dpkg --configure -a`.
So I launch sudo apt install --fix-broken which says :

[07:57:13] <irc> <> * Hi everyone, I've some trouble migrating to YunoHost 4.x,
[07:57:34] <irc>
[07:58:35] <irc> <> Does someone has an idea ?
[09:45:27] <Salamandar> what does apt install --fix-broken say ?
[09:54:44] <irc> <> I got the same message with it 😕
[11:51:12] <Salamandar> okok
[11:51:27] <Salamandar> maybe try the dpkg command
[11:51:51] <Salamandar> After the yunohost Buster upgrade, I got some weirds things
[11:52:02] <Salamandar> the call to ynh_check_app_version_changed is blocking
[11:52:13] <Salamandar> So upgrading some apps hang forever
[11:52:59] <Salamandar> looks like `set +o xtrace` is the command that hangs
[11:55:17] <Salamandar> Also, I can't upgrade yunohost itself :
[11:55:44] <Salamandar> dist-upgrade says it will uninstall yunohost…
[11:57:26] <Salamandar> And apt upgrade yunohost says :
yunohost : Est en conflit avec: openssl (>= 1.1.1g) mais 1.1.1g-1+0~20200421.17+debian10~1.gbpf6902f devra être installé

[12:29:22] <irc> <> > <> [xmpp] Salamandar: maybe try the dpkg command

Ah I tought I'd tried this one too, but seems that it's doing something ! I'm waiting the end and then I'll relaunch the migration
[12:30:41] <irc> <Aleks[m]> Salamandar: that's discussed in the release thread, you should try `apt install openssl=1.1.1d-0+deb10u3 --allow-downgrades`
[12:31:13] <Salamandar> ooops, I searched for info about it but didn't see that.
[12:31:16] <Salamandar> thx
[13:15:55] <irc> <M\__[m]> hello, I want to seriously push you to run
[13:15:55] <irc> <M\__[m]> dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc after your next system update, because of boothole vuln they might upgrade grub in the packages
[13:15:56] <irc> <M\__[m]> to make sure you mark all your block devices that need grub
[13:55:40] <irc> <p3k> hello i upgraded from jessie to stretch with apt (very late, i know) and now i get the following output when running yunohost tools migration migrate:
[13:59:30] <irc> <p3k> (trying again)
[14:00:13] <irc> <p3k> i upgraded from jessie to stretch using apt (very late, i know) and now i get the following output when running `yunohost tools migration migrate`
[14:00:34] <irc> <p3k> sigh
[15:50:00] <niels> Hello tout le monde !
J'aimerais récupérer un accès à la CI apps-dev pour tester mon app "zusam" (ajoutée y'a peu dans la liste des apps).
Est-ce que "niels" est déjà pris sur le serveur ?
[16:03:33] <irc> <Aleks[m]> ping yalh76 kayou ^ (not sure who has access to add accesses)
[16:15:00] <irc> <ynhuser|79372> je suis en train de terminer la migration
[16:28:40] <irc> <Aleks[m]> niels : yup, I'll launch a build for ya in the meantime
[16:28:52] <niels> thanks
[16:30:37] <irc> <Aleks[m]> niels : ongoing here
[16:46:00] <niels> does ynh_secure_remove recognize paths like these/are/{some,files} ?
[16:53:31] <irc> <Aleks[m]> niels : hmmm nope, gotta feed only 1 arg
[16:53:50] <irc> <Aleks[m]> so if you wanna delete multiple files / folders based on some sort of regex, you gotta loop over them :/
[16:53:57] <niels> okay
[17:33:49] <irc> <nicofrand[m]> Is `YNH_FORCE_UPGRADE=1` still maintained? It does not seem to work for some users:
[17:50:51] <irc> <nicofrand[m]> Looks like it does not exist anymore but the doc is not uptodate?
[18:07:47] <irc> <jorge_vitrubione> hello good afternoon
[18:09:24] <irc> <jorge_vitrubione> sent a long message: < >
[18:09:33] <irc> <jorge_vitrubione> thanks in advance
[18:10:39] <irc> <Aleks[m]> i think you should install the app my_webapp
[18:10:52] <irc> <jorge_vitrubione> ok thankyou
[18:12:42] <irc> <jorge_vitrubione> * sorry... but just for a static html+css, do I need to do so?
[18:14:44] <irc> <Aleks[m]> yes
[18:14:50] <irc> <Aleks[m]> that's precisely meant for that
[18:15:02] <irc> <> great... thanks :D
[18:15:06] <irc> <Aleks[m]> it "just" configures nginx and ssowat and a few minor things so that you don't have to do so yourself
[18:15:36] <irc> <> lovely :D
[18:15:54] <irc> <> (by the way, thank you so much for the fast response :D :D )
[18:19:50] <irc> <yalh76[m]> <Aleks[m] "ping yalh76 kayou ^ (not sure wh"> What do you need?
[18:20:40] <irc> <Aleks[m]> access to the dev server for niels
[18:20:50] <irc> <Aleks[m]> buuuuuuut first we need his ssh key i guess :D
[18:40:21] <niels> I manage my ssh keys according to the server and my username on it, is "niels" available ?
[18:40:47] <niels> If yes, I'll generate the key
[18:41:19] <niels> otherwise, I propose nrobinaubertin as username
[18:54:36] <niels> I went ahead and created a key. I'll rename it afterwards on my side.
ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIIpJQtTszoEpTKOXCwNFDnVhOQuXne5pCNx7S7Rhe2Mo
[21:22:34] <irc> <ynhuser|49348> Bonjour
[23:01:01] <irc> <> a very big up to the devs, thx a lot
[23:02:26] <irc> <> and now my problem :D after migration onlyoffice in nextcloud works, but i cant edit any document.
[23:03:05] <irc> <> someone too?
[23:06:06] <irc> <oatwalker> I'm trying to setup Yunohost for the first time and I'm not a sys admin. Does anyone know how I convert these DNS instructions to something NameCheap's DNS server will understand?
[23:06:08] <irc> <oatwalker>
[23:08:08] <irc> <oatwalker> Top being the Yunohost instructions and the bottom being the fields Namecheap expects filled
[23:10:46] <irc> <oatwalker> oops I suspect no one can see these messages as I'm getting a nickname is registered error.
[23:43:39] <irc> <> oh wow those messages did get through 🙂