Tuesday, July 21, 2020
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[05:19:04] <irc> <Pierre0412> salut
[07:04:59] <irc> <ynhuser|31524> hey i don't know what happent, but impossible to access by ip or dns ?
[07:05:23] <irc> <ynhuser|31524> error message : doesn't accept connexion
[08:03:38] <irc> <ynhuser|86371> Bonjour, savez vous ou sont stockées les photos dans piwigo sur yunohost car je voudrais faire une sauvegarde .merci de votre aide
[08:07:38] <irc> <ericg:matrix.org> yunohost: peut-être dans `/home/yunohost.app/piwigo`
[08:41:48] <irc> <Aleks[m]> t39897: hey there, yes indeed there isnt really a way for user to register themselves, though there are long term plan to have such a feature to help build CHATONS-like/LibreHosters-like platforms
[11:05:42] <irc> <Gilou> is there a simple way to change the scope of the SSO cookie ? set it to .main.domain when the SSO is at .mail.main.domain ?
[11:21:59] <irc> <Aleks[m]> not really, you'd have to tweak the code (and understand how cookies behave to match exacly what you want, if that's doable)
[11:25:00] <irc> <Gilou> I use subdomains for cloud / mail, SSO/main domain are the same as mail (otherwise it fucks up postfix config, or I need to do it manually)
[11:25:35] <irc> <Gilou> and the website (wordpress) is on the main domain…
[11:26:15] <irc> <Gilou> so apps on my.domain blah.my.domain, sso and mail on mail.my.domain, I'd like it to set it to .my.domain assuming that'll work for all subdomains
[13:08:55] <irc> <Aleks[m]> I don't think you can set a cookie for a wider domain (like if you're on sub.domain.tld you cant set a cookie for domain.tld)
[13:09:06] <irc> <Aleks[m]> otherwise that would have important security implications
[13:09:39] <irc> <Aleks[m]> like people using nohost.me could set cookies for the entire nohost.me domains which could then be used for malicious purpose
[13:10:12] <irc> <Aleks[m]> though if you're in control of the main domain you could imagine tricks using redirections to properly and legitimately the cookie but that's just not handled by SSOwat
[13:10:43] <irc> <Aleks[m]> but anyway i would just not recommend to have mail.foobar.com as the main domain
[13:18:32] <irc> <Gilou> yeah, what I need is for the sso to be on my.domain, but I'd like to keep mail separated… well, I'll play around
[13:24:48] <irc> <Gilou> and it seems I can't have a website on wordpress on the main domain name and the sso…
[13:39:50] <irc> <Gilou> seems buggy… I'd let /yunohost/ go to whatever it needs to, but seems like the nginx conf doesn't want to do that by default
[14:09:24] <irc> <Gilou> meh, even with the main domain being my.domain, the subdomains don't seem to see it
[14:10:50] <irc> <Gilou> ah, need to clean up all cookies before
[14:29:53] <irc> <Gilou> ok, and anyway, it seems wordpress doesn't use the sso anyway haha
[14:30:33] <irc> <Gilou> so what I did is have my.domain be the main one, so that mail.* and cloud.* get the cookie/SSO, and moved wordpress to www.my.domain
[14:31:11] <irc> <Gilou> and redirected what I need, basically ^/[^/]*$ to www.my.domain
[14:32:09] <irc> <Gilou> though I feel like the /app /yunohost and what not should be able to bypass an app in / … assuming we don't use such urls in the said app…
[14:32:24] <irc> <Gilou> and the ynh panel still refers to the older url
[14:33:31] <irc> <Gilou> ah no, it uses the current domain, great..
[14:34:07] <irc> <Gilou> so maybe it's just a matter of having wordpress comply to the ynh system url
[14:34:20] <irc> <Gilou> as rainloop seems to be doing fine
[15:02:57] <irc> <Gilou> so yeah /yunohost/sso/ doesn't work on wordpress, I'm guessing if I fix this, I can keep the website there…
[15:53:46] <irc> <Gilou> if (!-e $request_filename)
[15:53:50] <irc> <Gilou> I'm assuming this eats everything else :/
[16:27:55] <irc> <Gilou> grmbl… I can't easily follow the path that makes /yunohost/sso/portal.html return a 404 on wordpress… all seems to match the others vhosts
[16:29:02] <irc> <Gilou> ah, there's no actual /yunohost/sso/ location, it's the lua's doing
[16:29:20] <irc> <Gilou> so if (!-e $request_filename) catches it
[16:32:51] <irc> <Gilou> and easy fix is to add a location /yunohost/sso {}
[16:32:58] <irc> <Gilou> but that may not be the whole story
[16:33:46] <irc> <Gilou> doesn't seem too bad
[18:12:32] <irc> <karlprieb:matrix.org> Hey! I want to know if I can change the muc subdomain name for the xmpp server? I saw that I can change the MUC component parameters on the metronome configuration, but this change will be removed on the next update?
[18:13:32] <irc> <karlprieb:matrix.org> I searched for something related on that on the forums, but I didn't find anything
[21:50:24] <irc> <ynhuser|9464> hi
[21:51:30] <irc> <ynhuser|9464> can anybody kindly point me to a documentation on how to run yunohost with "native" dns server?
[21:51:40] <irc> <ynhuser|9464> thanks in advance!
[23:20:12] <irc> <t39897[m]> Aleks: Ah I see, will handle registrations manually, so security is ok right?
[23:25:19] <irc> <t39897[m]> Also, guys I want to know. I installed yunohost and I'm using mydomain.com as the main domain, however, I would like to have the auto login thing on a subdomain like acc.mydomain.com.
[23:25:19] <irc> <t39897[m]> What if I just comment out that autossoredirect in the conf on the main domain and allow it on the acc subdomain? I don't need to install any apps on the main domain that have to use the /
[23:25:20] <irc> <t39897[m]> Another (related) question, I could not figure out, I run basic html pages on the main domain, I have a folder for the static part of my website with the html pages, what directory should I put these html files in for it to function? I tried to do the default nginx way of this but it only redirects to the basic nginx page, I assume yunohost has reconfigured some things in ways I dont understand
[23:26:20] <irc> <t39897[m]> to summarize, i want to manually upload and edit static html pages on the main domain, i dont need an app to manage this for me
[23:27:40] <irc> <t39897[m]> additional note: I want the default domain that appears in usernames and emails to remain "@mydomain.com" and not "@acc.mydomain.com" even if the login portal is acc.mydomain.com
[23:29:42] <irc> <t39897[m]> Also to reiterate on the basic html page thing, i tried putting the html files in /var/www/html after deleting the default nginx index.html but when i go to the site it remains the default nginx one even after restarting nginx