Sunday, May 17, 2020
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[01:29:18] <irc> <foobar|4634> ok
[10:34:08] <irc> <jeroen[m]> Just wanted to warn & inform you: tried to upgrade synapse and it crashed. Created an issue on GitHub. Fail2ban seems to be the culprit
[11:00:40] <irc> <jeroen[m]> <jeroen[m] "Just wanted to warn & inform you"> Did a restore and second try and now it worked... weird
[11:43:31] <irc> <Aleks_> computers™
[14:07:39] <irc> <foobar|40277> Do installed apps automatically share an LDAP server so users don't need accounts for all apps?
[16:39:51] <irc> <foobar|13119> Just a small question or 2. Any plans on supporting Debian 10? and can yuno host be Installed on a manually confituren webserver?
[16:41:46] <irc> <Aleks_> resets the counter of "How many hours since somebody asked about Buster" to 0
[16:42:13] <irc> <kayou[m]> /o\
[16:42:32] <irc> <foobar|13119> lol
[16:43:00] <irc> <Aleks_> foobar|13119: 1) yes, and 2) you need to elaborate what you mean by "manually configuren(?) webserver"
[16:44:15] <irc> <foobar|13119> 1) When? 2) LAMP server (apache2, MariaDB, php 7.4)
[16:45:21] <irc> <Aleks_> 1) when it's ready 2) no then, because yunohost will like overwrite many things and needs nginx etc
[16:45:28] <irc> <foobar|13119> ok thx
[17:59:10] <irc> <> Hi! I just found two recurring error in syslog:
[18:00:22] <irc> <> * Hi! I just found two recurring error in syslog:
[18:04:51] <irc> <nino_> wow
[18:04:54] <irc> <nino_> I just lost my mattermost config file :(
[18:05:08] <irc> <nino_> in a disk full situation
[18:05:12] <irc> <nino_> how is that even possible ..
[18:05:17] <irc> <nino_> the config file is just empty
[18:07:21] <irc> <nino_> copy pasting the same thing is not that cool :)
[18:07:37] <irc> <nino_> did you google it?
[18:15:37] <irc> <nino_> hm so it appears to be recreating the config file on restart
[18:15:45] <irc> <> > Hi! I just found two recurring error in syslog:
[18:16:02] <irc> <nino_> that's why I lost mine, I tried to restart the app when I had a disk full
[18:16:11] <irc> <nino_> why do you paste again the same ??
[18:20:30] <irc> <nino_> i have the same error (lol)
[18:22:04] <irc> <nino_> but this .dh file is generated, you think?
[18:29:19] <irc> <> It is, when installing synapse.
Well the script check if no dh.pem is already in /etc/matrix-synapse first, if so it does create the parameter file
If you have a low powered arm board it it advised in synapse_ynh to create this file beforehand as it would take some time
[18:30:35] <irc> <nino_> I don't see the file in my folder though
[18:30:45] <irc> <> In synapse_ynh's github's
[18:31:22] <irc> <> "For all slow or arm architecture it's recommended to build the dh file before the install to have a quicker install. You could build it by this cmd : mkdir -p /etc/matrix-synapse && openssl dhparam -out /etc/matrix-synapse/dh.pem 2048 > /dev/null After that you can install it without problem."
[18:32:07] <irc> <Aleks_> if you run it with -dsaparam it takes 10 times less time
[18:37:06] <irc> <> True, but i believe I read somewhere it is controverted security wise? Anyway, the tine needed to generate the dh.pem is not really the issue here
[18:37:23] <irc> <> Time*
[18:37:40] <irc> <nino_> where is the file then
[18:37:40] <irc> <nino_> * where is the file then?
[18:37:53] <irc> <nino_> and yes, I think the DSA algo is old
[18:38:17] <irc> <Aleks_>
[18:38:22] <irc> <Aleks_> according to this post, it's not
[18:39:11] <irc> <Aleks_> nino_: in this context it's not an algorithm, it's a time of prime/parameters
[18:39:23] <irc> <Aleks_> type*
[18:39:35] <irc> <> Hm, my bad "equally" secure in the way it is use for
[18:39:56] <irc> <> Used*
[18:42:23] <irc> <> Still it appears synapse_ynh create the dh.pem but doesn't name it following this pattern: domain.tld.tls.dh and coturn isn't really happy about it
[18:51:55] <irc> <nino_> how does it get named? not .dh
[18:56:43] <irc> <> Would be weird, either that or the dh-file line in coturn.conf is incorrect...
[18:59:54] <irc> <nino_> I didn't find one file on my server with .dh extension
[19:01:41] <irc> <nino_> 4 000 000 odd primes tested wuut
[19:01:43] <irc> <> Because you shouldn't ^^
[19:06:45] <irc> <nino_> what do you mean?
[19:07:01] <irc> <nino_> hm, how safe would you feel resizing your lvm volumes in a LUKS container?
[19:12:02] <irc> <> I mean that I have never encountered any file with such extension ^^
[19:28:15] <irc> <ecoflo17> Bonsoir, j'ai installé Nextcloud mais lorsque je vais dans le dossier de mon disque dur externe j'ai ce message: vous n'avez pas la permission d'envoyer ou de créer des fichiers ici. Pourtant dans l'interface admin j'ai autorisé tout le monde. Pouvez vous me guider?merci
[19:29:11] <irc> <Aleks_> hmarf faut ptete dire à nextcloud de mettre à jour son cache mais je sais pas trop comment faire exactement
[19:32:31] <irc> <nino_> c'est le cache? c'est pas permissions de disque?
[19:39:35] <irc> <ecoflo17> Je pense que c'est la permission de disque mais je ne suis sûr de rien.
[19:43:22] <irc> <Guillermo[m]> Hello j'avais du faire ceci
[19:43:22] <irc> <Guillermo[m]> chown -R nextcloud:nextcloud /media/DDE && chmod -R g+s /media/DDE
[19:44:15] <irc> <nino_> je crois que Aleks parle d 'experience
[19:46:42] <irc> <ecoflo17> J'ai fait le début. Mon point de montage est /mnt/nextcloudrive.
[19:48:53] <irc> <ecoflo17> donc j'ai tapé: chown -R nextcloud:nexctloud /mnt/nextcloudrive et je viens d'ajouter chmod -R g+s /mnt/nextcloudrive.
[19:49:17] <irc> <ecoflo17> Je teste. C'est du direct...:b
[19:50:28] <irc> <ecoflo17> Besoin de rebooter? mon disque dur s'est réveillé mais toujours le même message...
[19:52:20] <irc> <nino_> pas besoin de rebooter pour les permissions normalement
[19:53:50] <irc> <ecoflo17> En effet, j'ai rebooté quand même mais rien n'a changé.
[19:57:03] <irc> <ecoflo17> j'ai même remplacé nextcloud par www-data dans le chmod précédent sans trop savoir ce que je faisais d'ailleurs.
[20:07:34] <irc> <nino_> ca vaut la peine de rechercher une commande avant de executer qd mm :)
[20:20:57] <irc> <nino_> hmm I recreated the mattermost config but now it loads to a blank screen
[20:20:58] <irc> <nino_>
[20:51:27] <irc> <Siggi100> Hello I would like to install YunoHost. Its my first Project like this.
[20:51:27] <irc> <Siggi100> What is the better choice for a bord.The A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 ore the NanoPi M4V2
[20:52:57] <irc> <nino_> could it be that the checksum in the settings.yml file is blocking?
[21:12:22] <irc> <nino_> just restored it in the end, win !