Friday, May 08, 2020
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[07:48:46] <irc> <foobar|26028> My country is not listed in this list
[07:50:50] <irc> <> foobar|26028: that's not really a problem. this list enables you to know your ISP limitations before installing YNH. You can refer to the installation guide and your ISP's help pages to check that you can perform all configuration steps.
[07:51:45] <irc> <foobar|26028> THe problem is , how I am supposed to know the limitation of my ISP
[07:57:26] <irc>
[07:58:38] <irc> <> Basically, check your modem's configuration page to see if you can perform all the installation steps. You can also check your ISP's website for advanced configuration.
[08:07:04] <irc> <foobar|26028> Okay, I will try, Thank you so much for your help!
[08:08:47] <irc> <> Good luck! Don't hesitate to ask for help if you are stuck
[11:36:04] <irc> <factoryfouroh> @Alaiks I got a tech suppoort response from Linode all is good i am going to document on the Forum
[13:09:45] <irc> <argulp> Salut / Hi
[13:10:11] <irc> <argulp> j'ai achete hier le meme domaine mais avec plus extension: .fr, .com, .net
[13:10:24] <irc> <argulp> comment puis je faire pour que chaque domaine redirige sur la meme app ?
[13:10:49] <irc> <argulp> a priori je ne vois pas l'option depuis l'UI... j'ai donc tenté via conf.d de nginx
[13:11:11] <irc> <argulp> je pense que c'est correct mais lorsque j'essaye un domaine alternatif au premier... ca me donne la page de login
[13:11:14] <irc> <> argulp: tu as une app "redirect" qui fait ce boulot
[13:11:22] <irc> <argulp> j'ai probablement manqué quelque chose
[13:11:28] <irc> <argulp> c'est pas pour du proxy ?
[13:11:50] <irc> <argulp> je regarde ! merci Jean
[13:12:03] <irc> <> Oui car si tu modifies à la main, YunoHost ne sait pas qu'il y a une app derrière ces domaines, et en protège donc l'accès
[13:13:02] <irc> <argulp> ok, je croyais que c'etait seulement nginx qui gerait cela...
[13:13:08] <irc> <> Redirect peut servir de proxy, mais aussi de simple redirection, tu as quatre options (proxy ou redirect, visible ou invisible) au moment de l'installation
[13:13:26] <irc> <argulp> au passage, c'est de la bombe de ball yunohost
[14:56:52] <irc> <foobar|40974> Hi. Is there a gerneral Problem for update gitlab from 12.9.2~ynh1 to 12.10.1~ynh1?
[14:59:08] <irc> <Alaiks> ... tell us what's your problem directly
[15:04:24] <irc> <foobar|40974> After starting the update there is an error and the updater make a roll back to the old version.
[15:05:03] <irc> <foobar|40974> At the moment it is a more unused instalation of yunohost on a virtual machine just for testing.
[15:05:35] <irc> <Alaiks> please share the full log (you should see a message pointing to the log, and on the log view you should see a button 'Share with yunopaste')
[15:06:50] <irc> <foobar|40974> ok. thank you. i have to wait until the error shows up again.
[15:07:20] <irc> <Alaiks> or you can find the log of the failed operation in the webadmin, in Tools > Log > last upgrade operation that should be flagged as failed
[15:11:43] <irc> <foobar|40974> ok. i will try. at the moment erverything is a bit slow:
[15:13:04] <irc> <foobar|40974> but only in the admin panel. other apps seems to work
[15:21:27] <irc> <foobar|40974> now i can access the log, but i can not upload it: "Something wrong happened while trying to paste data on : 413,413 Request Entity Too Large"
[15:26:34] <irc> <Alaiks> ugh
[15:47:04] <irc> <foobar|40974> ok. i managed to dowload the file und uploaded it here:
[16:02:46] <irc> <Alaiks> Ensuring PostgreSQL is updated:/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/omnibus-ctl/lib/gitlab_ctl/util.rb:52:in `parse_json_file': Attributes not found in /opt/gitlab/embedded/nodes/, has reconfigure been run yet? (GitlabCtl::Errors::NodeError)
[16:02:49] <irc> <Alaiks> zblerg
[16:03:37] <irc> <Alaiks> somehow it needs to update something about postgresql but it failed
[16:18:07] <irc> <foobar|40974> hmm. ok. i wait for the next release of the update
[16:19:03] <irc> <foobar|40974> "has reconfigure been run yet?" is this something i can do manual
[16:19:57] <irc> <Alaiks> hmnah it's a bit tricky, and from what I understand it says "oh I need to reconfigure - for this i need to tweak something about postgresql - for this i need to be configured already"
[16:20:04] <irc> <Alaiks> so egg and chicken
[16:20:08] <irc> <Alaiks> but didn't dig far enough