Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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[03:01:47] <djx> Didn't see the whole convo - but you may look into the tool rclone for Linux
[03:02:03] <djx> I'm actually in the process of using that to move data from my old nextcloud to a new one using Wasabi as external storage.
[03:02:19] <djx> Honestly, I ran into a few bumps going from NC -> NC because Webdav is not the strongest part of Nextcloud.
[03:02:39] <djx> But rclone supports other data source types, even SFTP (via SSH), S3, and I think ceph.
[03:02:57] <djx> It also supports things like checking files if they already exist, multiple threads, etc. etc.
[03:36:56] <irc> <fr33domlover> Hey people
[03:37:40] <irc> <fr33domlover> Perhaps I should post this somewhere less temporary, but I'll start here: One of the topics/features I'd like to explore in ForgeFed is packaging
[03:38:24] <irc> <fr33domlover> It's one of the last items on the list because it's a less critical item (compared to core features like issues and merge requests) but I'll get there eventually
[03:39:35] <irc> <fr33domlover> Any ideas, including creative ones, that you have about representing/providing/federating/linking packages and package repos, and the integration with forges etc., I'd love to hear and read
[03:40:12] <irc> <fr33domlover> And you can post them at :)
[03:40:30] <irc> <fr33domlover> Early collection of ideas = me being more ready for the work that needs to be done
[03:43:03] <irc> <fr33domlover> The ForgeFed spec is a chance to define a standard vocabulary that repos can use to link to their packges, and packages can link back to their source repos, and the package format (deb etc.) can be specified in a standard machine recognizable way, and verifiable build hashes can be specified and verified, and docker/vm/whatever images can be linked and launched in a button click, and so on and so on, and
[03:43:05] <irc> <fr33domlover> maybe it's also a chace for yunohost pakages to get a new level of visibility etc. idk
[03:43:11] <irc> <fr33domlover> *chance
[03:44:17] <irc> <fr33domlover> Anyway, I'll stop spamming your laptop/phone notifications with my always-too-lengthy thoughts ^_^ just ping me if this stuff sounds interesting to you
[06:42:23] <irc> <Pierre0412> yo
[10:55:00] <djx> kayou - I hope the YunoHost servers are ready for the tens and tens of people who read my blog that are now going to go use it ;)
[10:55:03] <djx>
[11:03:38] <irc> <> > <> [xmpp] djx: kayou - I hope the YunoHost servers are ready for the tens and tens of people who read my blog that are now going to go use it ;)

I put it on my mastodon so probable 11 viewers now ;)
[11:22:51] <irc> <kayou[m]> djx - noice, you will double the number of our users! x_x
[11:23:16] <irc> <kayou[m]> thank you for this article <3
[11:23:49] <djx> Jeroen 😂
[11:31:25] <irc> <kayou[m]> you use dotclear2 for your example, I'm the packager :D
[11:57:38] <irc> <nino_> what's your mastodons?
[11:58:06] <irc> <nino_> I'm
[12:20:38] <irc> <Ebeneezer> Bonjour par ici :) y'a du monde dans le coin ?
[13:22:57] <irc> <hellekin> coucou les gens, je me demandais si vous avez vu l'activité Librehosters à l'OFFDEM ?
[13:23:18] <irc> <hellekin> il y aura une rencontre entre librehosters et InfraRED, ce serait chouette que vous passiez
[15:48:08] <irc> <> Bonjour à tous, je fais mon premier essai d'utilisation de Synapse, tout juste installé. Working great!
[19:18:52] <irc> <> Bonsoir ! Y'a quelqu'un ?