Saturday, January 25, 2020
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[07:08:17] <djx> The script to auto install yunohost seems to be falling on its face now :(
[07:08:20] <djx> Script execution failed: /usr/share/yunohost/hooks/conf_regen/43-dnsmasq
[07:08:24] <djx> That's on a fresh setup of yuno. Any ideas?
[09:06:16] <irc> <Floflo85> Bonjour, je souhaite quitter ma messagerie outlook. En faisant quelques recherche, je suis tombé sur la solution d'héberger soi même avec en prime la possibilité d'ouvrir une boite mail. N'étant pas un expert en information, je me pose encore quelques questions. Par exemple, j'utilise seulement un ordinateur portable et un téléphone et mon fourniss
[09:06:16] <irc> <Floflo85> eur d'accès est sosh (orange) mais je me sers seulement de mon téléphone comme modem. Si j'héberge sur le disque dur de mon ordinateur portable et que je pars en vacance, pourrai je consulter mes mails avec mon seul téléphone? Salutations
[10:01:24] <irc> <kayou[m]> Floflo85: bonjour!
[10:01:24] <irc> <kayou[m]> Pour pouvoir héberger ses mails, il faut laisser son serveur tourner H24, si un mail est envoyé à une adresse dont le serveur est éteint, le mail n'arrivera jamais (il n'est pas stocker je ne sais où temporairement etc..)
[10:01:24] <irc> <kayou[m]> Une autre solution serait un service VPS, avec un abonnement de quelques euros par mois, on a un serveur capable de faire tourner un serveur mail (Yunohost par exemple si le fournisseur est compatible)
[14:07:16] <irc> <chris_tee> On my newly installed YunoHost I can access admin interface, but not my user interface. During installation I ran just default routines. Any idea what might have gone wrong? Thanks!
[14:08:02] <irc> <kayou[m]> chris_tee: HI!
[14:08:03] <irc> <kayou[m]> Did you create an user?
[14:08:21] <irc> <kayou[m]> the user "admin" can only be used in the admin interface
[14:11:15] <irc> <chris_tee> Actually I don't know anymore. The past few days I've tried so many things - not only with YunoHost. Does the system prompt me to do so? Then yes, otherwise probably not. But thanks for the hint. I'll check it.
[14:12:07] <irc> <kayou[m]> at the end of postinstall, a warning message about that is displayed
[14:12:26] <irc> <kayou[m]> in cli you can use the command `yunohost user list`
[14:12:48] <irc> <kayou[m]> in the admin interface, you can go to Users section
[14:13:46] <irc> <chris_tee> I've found it. But my username is not admin. So ... ?
[14:14:23] <irc> <kayou[m]> you mean, a user exist?
[14:14:59] <irc> <kayou[m]> then, you should be able to login with this account
[14:15:02] <irc> <kayou[m]> yourdomain.tld/yunohost/sso
[14:15:33] <irc> <kayou[m]> or, at the top of the admin panel you have "User interface" button
[14:17:04] <irc> <chris_tee> Yes, but when I click that button, my browser says it can't find the server. But isn't it the same server as the one my admin interface is on? That's what I currently don't understand. :-(
[14:18:03] <irc> <kayou[m]> Yes it is... do you know the ip address of you server?
[14:18:21] <irc> <kayou[m]> (it could be a DNS problem)
[14:18:40] <irc> <kayou[m]> when you go to the admin panel, do you use the ip address or the domain?
[14:19:06] <irc> <chris_tee> I use IP
[14:19:23] <irc> <kayou[m]> that's why then
[14:19:48] <irc> <chris_tee> okay - thanks! :-)
[14:19:51] <irc> <kayou[m]> in the url, use: yourip/yunohost/sso
[14:20:01] <irc> <kayou[m]> you should access your user interface
[14:21:01] <irc> <kayou[m]> to fix this issue, you should change your DNS in your registrar
[14:23:20] <irc> <chris_tee> Hm. But since I'm using a domain I thought I don’t have to do anything, because the DNS records are automatically configured by YunoHost using thier dyndns mechanism?
[14:23:39] <irc> <kayou[m]> ho!
[14:23:55] <irc> <kayou[m]> yes it should
[14:26:33] <irc> <kayou[m]> when you use your url, can you access your server?
[14:31:44] <irc> <chris_tee> no
[14:36:12] <irc> <chris_tee> Only when I use my IP. I have an IP für a newly bought VPS. I used it to install Yunohost, but used the domain * Might this cause the problem? And how could I get rid of it? I'm sorry, but I'm completely new to this.
[14:37:03] <irc> <kayou[m]> that's clearly a problem with dynamic dns, I'm trying to find a solution
[14:40:22] <irc> <kayou[m]> can you run: `yunohost dyndns update`, and then try to ping your domain
[14:41:28] <irc> <chris_tee> it says: No domain has been registered with DynDNS
[14:42:49] <irc> <kayou[m]> `yunohost domain list`
[14:44:37] <irc> <chris_tee> it gives back
[14:45:13] <irc> <kayou[m]> ok, then `yunohost dyndns subscribe -d`
[14:47:00] <irc> <chris_tee> Success! The DynDNS domain has been registered :-)
[14:49:07] <irc> <kayou[m]> `yunohost dyndns update --debug`
[14:49:23] <irc> <kayou[m]> and then ping your domain to check if everything is working
[15:02:28] <irc> <chris_tee> strange - although I pinged the results come from my old domain, which has a different name and different IP. This maybe because I've already tried to set my DNS entry A to my new VTS IP.
[15:03:41] <irc> <kayou[m]> in you file `/etc/hosts` did you have anything related to
[15:06:50] <irc> <chris_tee> How can I check that? In my Terminal it says: -bash: /etc/hosts: Permission denied
[15:07:10] <irc> <kayou[m]> `sudo cat /etc/hosts`
[15:08:38] <irc> <chris_tee> no - there's only my new IP and my old URL
[15:09:09] <irc> <kayou[m]> hmm
[15:09:31] <irc> <kayou[m]> and `yunohost dyndns update --debug` don't gave you any warning?
[15:09:54] <irc> <kayou[m]> (I'm sorry, it should be easy and instant, but I don't know why, not for you :P)
[15:11:19] <irc> <chris_tee> Can I post it her? I try:
[15:11:47] <irc> <kayou[m]> sure, but you can also use
[15:11:54] <irc> <kayou[m]> if you want
[15:18:45] <irc> <christee> A couple of minutes before I've been here as 'chris tee" in chat with a helper but we lost connection ...
[15:19:36] <irc> <christee> Here's the result of my yunohost dyndns update --debug:
[15:21:05] <irc> <christee> DEBUG loading actions map namespace 'yunohost'
[15:21:10] <irc> <christee> 154 DEBUG extra parameter classes loaded: ['comment', 'ask', 'password', 'required', 'pattern']
[15:21:23] <irc> <christee> 155 DEBUG initializing base actions map parser for cli
[15:21:34] <irc> <christee> 156 DEBUG registering new callback action 'yunohost.utils.packages.ynh_packages_version' to ['-v', '--version']
[15:22:11] <irc> <christee> 218 DEBUG lock has been acquired
[15:22:14] <irc> <christee> 268 DEBUG loading python module yunohost.dyndns took 0.050s
[15:22:14] <irc> <christee> 268 INFO processing action [28317.1]: yunohost.dyndns.update with args={'domain': None, 'key': None, 'dyn_host': '', 'ipv4': None, 'ipv6': None}
[15:22:22] <irc> <kayou[m]> only one line?
[15:22:51] <irc> <christee> No, much more, it seems I just can't paste or send here
[15:23:03] <irc> <kayou[m]> weird
[15:23:05] <irc> <kayou[m]> you can use:
[15:23:48] <irc> <christee> Don't know how to use it properly ...
[15:24:15] <irc> <kayou[m]> copy/paste inside this website
[15:24:21] <irc> <christee> I did
[15:24:25] <irc> <kayou[m]> then save
[15:24:35] <irc> <kayou[m]> (top left icon)
[15:24:42] <irc> <kayou[m]> and give me the url
[15:27:13] <irc> <christee> --- Is this the correct one??
[15:27:33] <irc> <kayou[m]> yup
[15:27:57] <irc> <christee> Obviously yes :-)
[15:29:18] <irc> <kayou[m]> everything looks good
[15:29:38] <irc> <kayou[m]> did you try with another browser/device?
[15:29:59] <irc> <kayou[m]> it could be a problem with a cache web browser idk
[15:31:25] <irc> <christee> I thought so as well, but with safari as well as with firefox is the same. And chrome doesn't allow to access the site at all because of security reasons.
[15:31:58] <irc> <kayou[m]> security reasons...
[15:32:10] <irc> <kayou[m]> hmm, go to admin interface
[15:32:12] <irc> <kayou[m]> domains
[15:32:49] <irc> <kayou[m]> clic on your domain, and then SSL certificat
[15:33:14] <irc> <kayou[m]> and finally "install Let's encrypt cert"
[15:35:24] <irc> <christee> Wow!! It seems to work! Finally!!! :-)
[15:35:34] <irc> <kayou[m]> yeah!
[15:35:36] <irc> <kayou[m]> enjoy
[15:35:44] <irc> <kayou[m]> and sorry for that --'
[15:36:46] <irc> <christee> Yes, great, everything's fine!! Thanks so much for your time! You're my today's hero! :-) :-)
[15:38:03] <irc> <kayou[m]> :)
[20:28:45] <irc> <foobar|22887> Salut !
[21:00:49] <guillermo> Hello
[22:19:24] <irc> <> hi, i just installed gnome-desktop on my yunohost debian server and once I started a session I was given the possibility to update which includes php 7.3 and 7.4 ... is this trouble? I thought I saw this topic on the forums