Thursday, January 23, 2020
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[06:40:16] <irc> <Pierre0412> salut
[07:11:26] <irc> <nqb> hello
[07:12:12] <djx> In YNH apps, is the # after the ynh the standard subversion? Like "version": "1.0.0~ynh4"
[07:48:51] <djx> kayou - I did an update to Redirect as mentioned. I think it's not a good sign that I can't even get the app to start the install though :(. Is it just my YNH? Or did I do something wrong?
[07:51:52] <djx> derp, I see it.
[08:06:24] <djx> Huzzah! It seems to work. Shall do a PR.
[08:08:53] <djx> Kayou - <- are you the kay0u I see on Github?
[08:28:39] <irc> <kayou[m]> sent a long message: < >
[08:29:07] <irc> <kayou[m]> I hope it's clear
[08:29:31] <irc> <kayou[m]> Ping me in 3-4h to get help with your issue :-)
[10:11:05] <djx> Thanks, got it. So maybe the pull request would change the ynh version if they accept it. It's working great for me now though :D
[10:11:16] <djx> Now I have all the tools I had on WebFaction, and more! :D
[10:11:32] <irc> <kayou[m]> Cool!
[10:11:48] <irc> <kayou[m]> I was about to ask you if you need some help
[10:50:36] <irc> <> Hi
[10:51:07] <irc> <> My system, where I had Yunohost installed, crashed yesterday and I had to reinstall the system
[10:51:33] <irc> <> I had a backup, but now Yunohost fails to restore some of the
[10:53:46] <irc> <> Some of the apps
[10:54:15] <irc> <> Here's the log Yunohost returned when I tried to restore synapse
[10:54:22] <irc> <>
[10:54:47] <irc> <> Do you guys understand it? Do you know why it can't restore synapse?
[11:07:59] <djx> kayou - thanks :).
[11:09:26] <irc> <kayou[m]> davidprieto - is postgresql service running?
[11:09:28] <irc> <kayou[m]> `systemctl status postgresql`
[11:10:18] <irc> <> I'm not home now, I'll check as soon as I'm back
[11:10:20] <irc> <> Thanks!
[11:11:21] <irc> <kayou[m]> ok, check that, restart it if needed, and try to restore synapse again
[11:20:36] <djx> kayou - Am I correct about you being a review for the app?
[11:24:15] <irc> <kayou[m]> I tried it, reviewed it but I switched to another thing :P
[11:25:54] <djx> ? I don't follow.
[11:26:37] <irc> <kayou[m]> Uh, I forgot to finish my review :X
[11:27:05] <djx> aah. got it.
[11:27:13] <djx> Happens to all of us :D
[11:27:20] <djx> Alt+Tab is a wily mistress.
[11:28:05] <irc> <kayou[m]> hell yeah
[11:31:22] <djx> uuugh, spaces ~.~
[11:32:49] <irc> <kayou[m]> I'll not merge it now since I'm not the maintainer of this app. but in some days/weeks, if the maintainer didn't do anything, ping me, and I'll do it
[11:34:07] <djx> Cool thanks. Made updates with a commit :)
[11:35:18] <irc> <kayou[m]> one last thing, in YunoHost-Apps, we have a "convention", all PR should target the "testing" branch then we merge "testing" into "master" once everything is tested
[11:35:22] <djx> it's kind of a sad thing :( Seems like there's lots of decent commits ahead of some of the applications I've looked at, but not many started a pull request to bring it back in
[11:36:45] <irc> <kayou[m]> we can't force people to help :)
[11:37:17] <irc> <kayou[m]> thank you anyway for the PR!
[11:38:34] <djx> oh well I just mean they've already done some good work. Just a little step further to benefit others. But who am I to talk. Even with that PR my contribute/use ratio for Open Source is still 0.00000001% (I'm being generous)
[11:39:29] <irc> <kayou[m]> we all start somewhere!
[11:53:04] <djx> kayou - may I ask how you're affiliated with YunoHost?
[11:53:19] <irc> <kayou[m]> what do you mean?
[11:53:50] <djx> Well I would ask if you're a volunteer, but that implies there are employees and I'm not sure if there are.
[12:02:21] <irc> <kayou[m]> sent a long message: < >
[12:02:58] <irc> <Bram> kayou[m]: you've been removed from -dev for some reason :/
[12:03:20] <irc> <kayou[m]> from dev?
[12:03:31] <irc> <kayou[m]> where?
[12:06:46] <irc> <Bram> your matrix client has been disconnected from the irc bridge to the irc channel #yunohost-dev
[12:06:49] <irc> <kayou[m]> djx - on my side, I'm in the apps group, and I work too on the core. (I should ask to become a member of the core group, I'll at some point I think, core definitely needs human power)
[12:06:59] <irc> <Bram> so I can't answer your there regarding the server you want to reach
[12:11:51] <irc> <kayou[m]> whoooohoho what is this welcome message? my eyes! :P
[12:12:03] <irc> <kayou[m]> wrong channel
[12:15:17] <djx> kayou - <- this is one of the reasons I wanted the "simple app redirect", because it's one of the main things that WebFaction offers
[12:19:06] <irc> <kayou[m]> . nice!
[12:19:11] <irc> <kayou[m]> is that you?
[12:21:17] <djx> yea
[12:30:49] <irc> <kayou[m]> Many thanks! It's good to read things like that
[12:56:45] <irc> <> > <> [irc] kayou[m]: `systemctl status postgresql`

It says this:
[12:56:47] <irc>
[13:52:57] <irc> <kayou[m]> davidprieto - hmm everything looks good
[13:56:17] <irc> <> > <> [irc] kayou[m]: davidprieto - hmm everything looks good

Then why doesn't it restore the backup? :-(
[13:56:30] <irc> <> Is there anything I can do?
[13:59:28] <irc> <kayou[m]> I'm reading logs.. but I don't understand why it fails
[14:01:27] <irc> <kayou[m]> annnd, if you retry to restore synapse?
[14:02:03] <irc> <kayou[m]> >.< it's not really a solution
[14:17:00] <irc> <> > <> [irc] kayou[m]: annnd, if you retry to restore synapse?

What do you mean, restore?
[14:17:08] <irc> <> That's precisely what I'm trying
[14:17:29] <irc> <> "Yunohost backup restore xxx --apps synapse"
[14:17:37] <irc> <> Isn't that what you mean?
[14:29:20] <irc> <kayou[m]> Yeah, I'm just talking about trying again
[14:29:52] <irc> <kayou[m]> to see if it's not just only a random issue with prostgresql
[15:11:33] <irc> <ei8fdb> that feeling when you've built a ubuntu virtual machine to use for testing yunohost, but then realise you need debian. 😑
[15:12:04] <irc> <kayou[m]> oupis
[15:12:48] <irc> <ei8fdb> kayou[m]: indeed, that is one word for it. 😆
[15:27:42] <irc> <> > <> [irc] kayou[m]: Yeah, I'm just talking about trying again

I tried a couple times, it always fails
[15:28:19] <irc> <kayou[m]> davidprieto ho, ok!
[15:28:55] <irc> <kayou[m]> Idk, can you open an issue on the repo with logs maybe the maintainer will have an idea...
[15:32:48] <irc> <> I see :-(
[15:32:57] <irc> <> By the way, the same thing happens with Mastodon
[15:33:14] <irc> <> Maybe there could be some clue in that log?
[15:35:35] <irc> <kayou[m]> `tail /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-9.6-main.log`
[15:35:56] <irc> <kayou[m]> can you copypasta the result of this cmd
[15:37:44] <irc> <kayou[m]> sent a long message: < >
[15:37:58] <irc> <kayou[m]> and retry a restore
[16:07:39] <irc> <> > <> [irc] kayou[m]: and retry a restore

I'll try that as soon as I can
[17:35:50] <irc> <taziden> yo from myrys
[18:59:44] <irc> <> it's postgresql
[18:59:47] <irc> <> there's an S missing
[19:18:17] <irc> <> OK, "systemctl stop postgresql" returns no error message
[19:18:59] <irc> <> "rm /usr/local/var/postgres/"still gives me the same error as before
[19:19:36] <irc> <> And "systemctl start postgresql" doesn't give me an error message either
[19:19:43] <irc> <> Should I try to restore again?
[19:26:21] <irc> <> Oh good, that worked!!!!!!
[19:26:23] <irc> <> Thank you so much
[19:26:52] <irc> <> I hope it will work with mastodon too
[21:07:46] <irc> <> > <> Thank you so much

You're welcome