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[02:36:22] <djx> I'm having issues with the redirect app. I'm getting an nginx 502 gateway error. I'm trying to redirect to using the invisible proxy. Shouldn't this just forward it straight through to the existing site? my site works fine.
[03:12:49] <irc> <kayou[m]> Hi djx, I'm not so available, but do you have any nginx logs?
[03:19:58] <djx> let me see if I can dig one up :D
[03:32:19] <irc> <kayou[m]> If you still need some help, ping me in 6h
[05:09:50] <djx> kayou - well, the 502 error went away now I'm getting some strangeness. The log says:
2020/01/20 00:51:40 [error] 10817#10817: could not be resolved (110: Operation timed out) while requesting certificate status, responder:
And the browser says Secure connection failed. PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR
[05:17:44] <djx> also see this:
upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream
[05:22:31] <irc> <kayou[m]> Header too big is just a warning I think, I've already saw that on my YNH, but everything works fine
[05:23:54] <irc> <kayou[m]> Probably letsencrypt was not responding when browser wanted to check the SSL certificate?
[05:28:07] <djx> It may be a red herring. but anyway, still getting the PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR, and in the log:
2020/01/18 18:57:18 [error] 10817#10817: *11590 no live upstreams while connecting to upstream, client:, server:, request: "GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.1", upstream: "", host: ""
[07:50:36] <irc> <foobar|29503> Bonjour Yunohost, et merci pour votre taf ! je remets la tête dans mon install donc attendez vous à des questions débiles dans les jours qui viennent. voilà la première, pensez-vous qu'il soit possible d'utiliser hotglue pour la partie publique de mon site autohébergé ? j'ai essayé de l'installer comme appli mais ç
[07:50:37] <irc> <foobar|29503> a n'a pas marché, et l'app wordpress est vraiment ultra minimale.
[08:15:33] <irc> <Pierre0412> salut :)
[08:22:19] <irc> <foobar|29503> :)
[08:22:58] <irc> <foobar|29503> (si jamais je me déco intempestivement c'est pas volontaire, c'est mon mozilla qui plante tout le temps parce que je le maltraite)
[08:34:48] <irc> <foobar|1277> voilà par exemple là je me suis déconnectée intempestivement
[08:34:50] <irc> <foobar|1277> mais c'est remoi
[08:34:52] <irc> <foobar|1277> :)
[08:44:39] <irc> <foobar|30067> encore moi mais je repasserai tout à l'heure pour renouveler ma demande car je dois y aller !
[09:44:06] <irc> <foobar|79173> Bonjour a tous, et merci pour tout ce que vous faites !
[09:46:14] <irc> <foobar|79173> Ma question est la suivante : est ce que la mise en place du domaine est long ? Ou est-ce que je me suis tromper lors de l'installation ? Avez vous une notion de temps pour savoir quand je me resous a tout réinstaller ^^^
[10:23:25] <djx> Kayou - is it 6 hours later now? :D
[10:23:58] <irc> <kayou[m]> yup!
[10:24:11] <irc> <kayou[m]> still at the same point?
[10:26:24] <irc> <kayou[m]> did you try that?
[10:26:25] <irc> <kayou[m]>
[10:26:32] <irc> <kayou[m]> create a new profile
[10:26:37] <irc> <kayou[m]> and test with it
[10:31:14] <djx> Well, using a different browser I get... slightly better results. It points me to YUNOHost for login.
[10:34:36] <djx> so maybe I made a mistake on the redirect type, I'll try again
[10:35:26] <irc> <kayou[m]> > It points me to YUNOHost for login.
[10:35:26] <irc> <kayou[m]> Is it what you want?
[10:35:59] <irc> <kayou[m]> /expect
[10:39:03] <irc> <fidelity> hi i upgraded perl now no packages will install
[10:39:23] <irc> <kayou[m]> any logs please?
[10:40:11] <irc> <fidelity> can i paste the test oe a link
[10:40:16] <irc> <kayou[m]> admin->tools->logs->logs from the latest failed install-> click on "Share with Yunopaste" and give us the past
[10:40:27] <irc> <kayou[m]> ^^
[10:40:27] <irc> <fidelity> ok
[10:40:54] <irc> <fidelity>
[10:42:59] <irc> <fidelity> every install worked ok before
[10:43:34] <irc> <kayou[m]>
[10:43:44] <irc> <kayou[m]> here is the problem
[10:44:00] <irc> <kayou[m]> (extracted from your logs)
[10:44:53] <irc> <fidelity> format Debian is unknown: UNIVERSAL what does it mean
[10:45:14] <irc> <fidelity> i thought this was debian
[10:45:34] <djx> kayou - no, it's suppose to go to the app directly. Am I misunderstanding what it's supposed to do?
[10:45:39] <irc> <kayou[m]> i have no idea for now, but it looks like a bug with perl indeed
[10:45:54] <djx> I thought one of the uses of the redirect is to allow mapping an application to another domain?
[10:46:40] <irc> <kayou[m]> djx yes, but if the "anthoer domain" is a yunohost sso...
[10:47:00] <irc> <kayou[m]> when you go on the first domain, are you redirected?
[10:47:32] <irc> <fidelity> i think coes i changed thing like package manager and install programs like pip ect,, think i need a reinstall but leave the software standard
[10:48:01] <irc> <fidelity> yes all domains redirect
[10:48:12] <irc> <kayou[m]> how did you upgrade perl?
[10:48:22] <irc> <fidelity> ssh
[10:48:23] <irc> <kayou[m]> (it was for djx ;-)
[10:48:44] <djx> kayou - the app URL itself works (
[10:48:55] <irc> <fidelity> just installed newer version no upgrade
[10:49:58] <irc> <kayou[m]> fidelity:
[10:50:39] <irc> <fidelity> the thing is if you no nothing you make mistakes .. app managers is all soft is at
[10:50:39] <irc> <kayou[m]> can you find any solution here?
[10:50:49] <irc> <kayou[m]> djx - "works" == "Not redirected to Yunohost SSO"??
[10:50:57] <djx> Correct
[10:51:34] <djx> Also, it's quite unnerving that even in private mode in FF I'm getting the same EOF error, which it said is tied to the profile.
[10:51:40] <djx> I thought it was suposed to be secure ~.~
[10:52:12] <irc> <fidelity> i will reinstall the server and not install any sofware via ssh again ,, just use the web software only..
[10:52:31] <djx> Choose a domain: Pick, Choose a path: /, Redirect destination path: copied URL from application, Redirect Type: Proxy, Invisible, Everyone will be able to access it.
[10:52:33] <irc> <fidelity> thankyou for your help..
[10:52:41] <djx> Kayou - just tried that and am now again getting the 502 gateway error
[10:52:43] <irc> <kayou[m]> fidelity: as you wish :-)
[10:53:13] <irc> <fidelity> all my apps are public
[10:54:42] <irc> <kayou[m]> which mode of did you us?
[10:54:43] <irc> <kayou[m]> use
[10:56:48] <irc> <kayou[m]> djx
[10:57:26] <irc> <kayou[m]> djx - can you try with another web browser? (maybe your phone if needed)
[10:57:43] <djx> I did the Public Invisible
[10:57:49] <djx> and yea I just used my phone to get the 502 error again
[10:58:05] <irc> <kayou[m]> ok
[10:58:16] <irc> <kayou[m]> there are maybe an issue with the redirect app btw
[10:58:24] <irc> <kayou[m]> I'll test it on my server
[11:00:54] <irc> <kayou[m]> did you read that:
[11:00:54] <irc> <kayou[m]> > IMPORTANT: the redirect.conf file might need to be updated according to your situation!
[11:00:55] <irc> <kayou[m]> > WARNING: Many apps do not support being redirected to a different path due to relative links! This means that some apps being hosted for example on HAVE TO be redirected to http://domain.tld/app/ and NOT http://domain.tld/someotherapp/
[11:01:01] <djx> Yep,
[11:01:06] <djx> so they're both being redirected to /
[11:01:19] <djx> ->
[11:06:17] <irc> <kayou[m]> uuh, do you own the domain ? :D
[11:09:23] <irc> <kayou[m]> ok, I reproduce the 502, redirect loop
[11:21:12] <irc> <kayou[m]> djx - for what I understand, we don't use the proxy redirect in the right way. The proxy redirect is to redirect traffic to an app which use a port different from 80.
[11:22:22] <irc> <kayou[m]> I think a visible permanent redirect would work better for you
[12:23:06] <djx> :( is there a UI way to do this?
[12:24:18] <djx> I can see how that would still work for Dockers (which is a case I want to use) but I also want to be able to easily point domains to apps
[12:41:27] <irc> <kayou[m]> Installing an app on root of domain is not enough?
[13:09:42] <djx> kayou, well the reason I wanted to do it this way now is because the domain expires in X months and I don't plan to renew it
[13:09:57] <djx> and then I will just fall back to . I would like to avoid moving / reconfiguring etc.
[13:10:31] <djx> or what if I want to use multiple domains for the same app?
[13:10:39] <djx> I must install it multiple times, or learn to config nginx?
[13:11:00] <djx> and assuming it has persistent storage, multiple installs isn't reasonable.
[13:21:50] <irc> <kayou[m]> no, I think you can use the redirect app, but with the visible redirect (during the install) permanent
[13:35:38] <irc> <ei8fdb> 👋Hi all. Is anyone from the community going to FOSDEM this year?
[13:39:56] <djx> kayou - won't that change the URL the user sees and just push them over to
[13:40:17] <djx> (trying now anyway)
[13:42:05] <irc> <kayou[m]> if you don't plan to renew your domain, in any case the url will change soon, or did I misunderstand something?
[13:43:04] <djx> For that case the redirect is nice - but in general this is something I'll need to be able to do :(
[13:43:20] <djx> I guess I don't understand why it's an issue for the invisible proxy just because it's on port 80?
[13:43:29] <djx> Sounds like everything but my scenario works with that application ::\
[13:49:27] <djx> Kayou - do you have any experience with Portainer on yunohost? I broke mine good D:
[13:49:45] <djx> It's more of a general question of "how do I really clean out the application's preferences?"
[13:51:51] <irc> <kayou[m]> not at all, sowwy
[13:53:22] <djx> no problem. Thanks for all your help otherwise :). But looking at the source of that plugin it's pretty simple
[13:53:25] <djx>
[13:53:49] <djx> So it's just dropping this config into nginx. is this line the one that's killing it?
proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Port $server_port;
[13:53:57] <djx> Is it as easy as just forking that repo and removing that line?
[14:19:44] <djx> Found the solution to my docker issue. Burn it with fire (rm all the dirs)
[14:32:16] <djx> And more good news. Just forked the repo and changed the portainer image version in the and it seems to work fine.
[14:32:23] <djx> will update my forum question with the answer soon :D
[14:33:18] <irc> <kayou[m]> thanks <3
[14:35:41] <irc> <kayou[m]> from the nginx doc:
[14:35:42] <irc> <kayou[m]> The ngx_http_proxy_module (the proxy redirect) module allows passing requests to another server. If the app doesn't create a new server, listening on another port, the proxy redirect can't works (from what I can understand, but I'm not sooo comfortable with it)
[14:39:01] <irc> <> Bonjour à tous
[14:39:06] <irc> <> Hi all
[14:39:11] <irc> <> Une question / one ask
[14:39:28] <irc> <> How to fix ssl chain issue ?
[14:39:46] <irc> <> Comment corriger le ssl chain issue
[14:39:51] <irc> <> ?
[14:40:01] <irc> <> Si l'un de vous à déjà rencontré le problème.
[15:21:09] <irc> <kayou[m]> désolé, je ne sais pas de quoi tu parles >.<
[15:24:30] <irc> <> de ceci
[15:24:48] <irc> <>
[15:45:08] <irc> <Benhouf> bonjour , j'ai un petit probleme avec le DNS je viens d'installer yunohost sur un serveur distant kimsufi et ma première demande **** ne fonctionnait pas alors je l'ai supprimé et la j'essaie d'en remettre une autre mais je n'ai que des erreurs 500
[15:46:47] <irc> <Benhouf> args:
[15:46:48] <irc> <Benhouf> domain: ***
[15:46:49] <irc> <Benhouf> key: null
[15:46:50] <irc> <Benhouf> subscribe_host:
[15:46:51] <irc> <Benhouf> ended_at: 2020-01-20 15:37:49.104155
[15:46:52] <irc> <Benhouf> error: 'Unable to register DynDNS domain: Server error, code: 500. (Message: "<h1>Internal
[15:46:52] <irc> <Benhouf> Server Error</h1>")'
[15:46:52] <irc> <Benhouf> operation: dyndns_subscribe
[15:46:54] <irc> <Benhouf> related_to:
[15:46:55] <irc> <Benhouf> - - domain
[15:46:56] <irc> <Benhouf> - ***
[15:46:56] <irc> <Benhouf> started_at: 2020-01-20 15:37:48.824695
[18:46:54] <irc> <benhouf> bonjour a tous ... je crois que j'ai un probleme avec le dyndns de yunohost sur kimsufi ... je n'arrive pas a avoir l'adresse ****
[18:47:25] <irc> <benhouf> tout s'installe, des fois il me fait erreur code 500
[18:47:33] <irc> <benhouf> mais apres ca passe
[18:47:45] <irc> <benhouf> des idées ? plz help me
[19:01:00] <irc> <benhouf> bonsoir
[19:06:05] <irc> <benhouf> bonsoir
[19:07:12] <irc> <kiwi_94> Hello
[19:07:45] <irc> <benhouf> peux tu m'aider ?
[19:08:24] <irc> <kiwi_94> I am making an new ynh app. Everything is working so far. But I want to add an other feature. Can someone explain how or where a hook script is called? I couldn`t find any information about it.
[19:09:04] <irc> <benhouf> i'm here because i need help sorry
[19:24:16] <irc> <> @benhouf, "des fois", c'est à dire quand ? Que fais-tu pour tomber sur une erreur 500 ? Peux-tu chercher les dernières lignes du fichier de log `/var/log/nginx/ton-domaine-error.log` ?
[19:24:44] <irc> <> @kiwi_94: Unfortunately the documentation page about hooks seem only available in French:
[19:26:14] <irc> <> But I guess you can try to translate it automatically, and see what's up. Basically they are `bash` scripts that are to be located in in a `hooks/` folder at the root of your package
[19:33:21] <irc> <benhouf> et bien lors de la post installation je dois choisir un nom de domaine et la après plusieurs essaie pour trouver un libre il annonce un code 500 puis en changeant ca passe...
[19:37:00] <irc> <benhouf> @yunobridge je dois pas etre le seul visiblement :
[19:53:21] <irc> <kiwi_94> Thank you for your help. This is what i needed. The google translation from french to english looks very good. So i think its best to look also at the french doc.
[20:06:41] <irc> <nino_> hello, I'm getting constantly: An instance is already running
[20:06:43] <irc> <nino_> not sure what it means
[20:28:42] <irc> <benhouf> bonsoir