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[00:51:18] <irc> <Kbizz> HI! I want to install yunohost. Are there any one click hosts
[00:51:44] <irc> <comradekingu1> Kbizz: I think that sort of negates the purpose
[00:52:03] <irc> <comradekingu1> What country are you in?
[00:52:09] <irc> <Kbizz> USA
[00:52:24] <irc> <Kbizz> I just have never installed something like this.
[00:52:42] <irc> <Kbizz> I have researched it and yunohost is the one I want to use.
[00:53:20] <irc> <Kbizz> Is my best bet to just spend the time and figure out how to install it through the command line?
[03:45:59] <irc> <> hello
[03:46:00] <irc> <> Corrupted json read from {ressource:s} (reason: {error:s})
[03:46:06] <irc> <> got this error :/
[03:49:11] <irc> <> while trying to get domain name
[04:01:54] <irc> <> ok i fixed it
[04:01:57] <irc> <> lol
[08:02:01] <irc> <> Kbizz: is renting VPS with yunohost installed. You can get a free domain name and some others
[08:04:02] <irc> <> Yes i use itu Also and its so nice !
[09:25:58] <irc> <skj> hi
[10:02:50] <irc> <Aksel[m]> <yunobridge "<> Kbizz: "> It seems to me, that this is just in French, right? Kbizz comes from USA, so he/she probably do not speak French.
[10:06:48] <irc> <MadPanda[m]> i asked the same some time ago and talked with Aleks_ about this matter..
[10:06:55] <irc> <MadPanda[m]> with no result
[10:14:04] <irc> <kayou[m]> arn is a local isp, so it's indeed restricted to France...
[11:14:03] <irc> <Hsiodematrixorg[> Bonjour :)
[11:29:05] <irc> <Hesiode[m]> J'ai fouillé le forum ainsi que la doc à la recherche d'une éventuelle possibilité d'activer une authentification à 2 facteurs mais apparemment ce n'est pas possible actuellement ? Y-a-t-il une protection de l'interface d'administration contre le brute force ?
[11:29:45] <irc> <alkino> Hesiode[m]: tu devrais regarder la doc du SSO
[11:30:02] <irc> <alkino>
[11:30:11] <irc> <alkino> c'est ça qui gère l'authentication
[11:32:45] <irc> <Hesiode[m]> Ok je vais y jeter un oeil merci :)
[11:35:05] <irc> <alkino> il ne semble pas y avoir de 2 facteurs
[11:35:10] <irc> <alkino> t'aimerais quoi en deuxième facteur ?
[11:36:11] <irc> <Hesiode[m]> Totp
[11:36:39] <irc> <Hesiode[m]> Ou alors vu que ça n'a pas l'air possible il faudrait que je regarde comment limiter l'accès de l'interface d'admin à quelques IP seulement
[11:37:23] <irc> <Hesiode[m]> Je suis peut-être parano mais un seul mot de passe pour sécuriser l'interface d'admin ça me fait peur ^^
[11:55:57] <irc> <> Hello, j'aimerais avoir des informations sur l'infrastructure liée aux noms de domains et vous savez à qui je peux m'addresser ?
[12:04:54] <irc> <> Hi, quick question: I've tried the jellyfin app (unoffical repo), but I get a bad gateway error. Anyone running jellyfin who knows where to look for a fix?
[12:27:39] <irc> <> que veux tu savoir?
[12:27:41] <irc> <>
[12:27:44] <irc> <> Tu peux trouver des infos ici
[12:28:43] <irc> <> Guérin: did you tried to open an issue on the project?
[12:29:05] <irc> <> Merci kayou
[12:29:41] <irc> <> J'aimerais savoir comme ils fonctionnent pour pouvoir le répliquer pour un projet
[12:30:17] <irc> <> Le lien que tu m'as transmis correspond au serveur DNS utilisé ?
[12:30:49] <irc> <> Je pense qu'une lecture du readme peut aider.. je n'ai jamais mis le nez dedans, mais il me semble que c'est ce code qui est utilisé
[12:30:52] <irc> <> * J'aimerais savoir comment ils fonctionnent pour pouvoir le répliquer pour un projet
[12:30:53] <irc> <> Ouep
[12:31:02] <irc> <> (à moins que je me trompé, ce qui est possible)
[12:32:45] <irc> <> @kayou The maintainer hasn't even pulled the last update from october, I don't think he'd see it... and I don't want to create a github account because of one single issue if I don't have to.
[12:33:15] <irc> <> Ok, I understand that..
[12:33:46] <irc> <> Can I have the like of the project please?
[12:34:20] <irc> <> Sure!
[12:34:44] <irc> <> There's a branch for a more up-to-date version, but that one fails the install on a subdomain.
[12:35:06] <irc> <> s/branch/fork
[12:35:12] <irc> <> Hoo that's not an no official repo
[12:36:34] <irc> <> Nope, it isn't.
[12:36:49] <irc> <> But I had jellyfin running on my beaglebone before and though I'd try it
[12:37:11] <irc> <> As I haven't found a good alternative for Movie streaming in the app list for yunohost.
[12:39:25] <irc> <> Okay, my guess is that the nginx jellyfin.conf file didn't get created. I'll look into that.
[12:40:59] <irc> <> I'll back home in 1h, to investigate with you if needed
[12:45:54] <irc> <> Thanks for the offer!
[12:50:13] <djx> Hi all. I have a question about a wordpress install. I installed the app as, then I did an import from my original word press and that seemed to go well. Then I was trying to switch it to be served as, and I had a few issues back and forth with changing the URL to / versus the option to make the domain redirect to the app
[12:50:36] <djx> eventually I saw this seems to be a known issue with wordpress so I manually deleted the stale redirect and did the command for yuno to update
[12:51:19] <djx> The word press site seems to work fine now, but I see there are a few resources that are failing to load because they are still coming from, while all other resources are being loaded correctly from
[12:51:46] <djx> Is this a wordpress issue, or is this a yuno / SSOwas issue ?
[12:56:21] <irc> <> I think you have a cache problem here.. Did you tried with another browser, or clearing cache before?
[13:01:19] <djx> Well - I'm using a completely different computer to try to access the site now, so I assume it's not a cache issue. trying another browser now as well.
[13:01:30] <djx> Is there some cache within WP or yuno that needs to be refreshed as well?
[13:03:59] <irc> <kayou[m]> Normally no
[13:05:17] <djx> Hrm, well, what would you suggest as a next step? Confirmed it's happening even with another browser
[13:36:50] <irc> <kayou[m]> djx, I can't reproduce your issue, can you please give me logs in your browser please?
[13:37:16] <irc> <> Guérin: I'm back home, let's install jellyfin
[13:43:46] <irc> <> Guérin: which command did you use to install jellyfin ?
[13:45:49] <irc> <> I used the webinterface and gave it the git repository
[13:46:07] <irc> <kayou[m]> ok
[13:46:41] <irc> <> well for me, the install failed due to a dependency
[13:47:20] <irc> <> The jellyfin version I linked to? Interesting...
[13:48:46] <irc> <> yup
[13:57:18] <irc> <> well it works on my side (at least I'm on jellyfin and don't get any error)
[13:57:54] <irc> <> do you have any logs here: `/var/log/jellyfin/jellyfin.log`
[13:59:49] <irc> <> Yes, I do, but I don't see any errors there.
[14:00:16] <irc> <> you get a 404 or something else?
[14:00:37] <irc> <> I used to get a 503, now I changed two things in the config, now I get a "Page not found"
[14:01:04] <irc> <> First, was the nginx jellyfin.conf had port 8097, while jellyfin had port 8096
[14:01:36] <irc> <> Second was that I added the line ’proxy buffering off’ to the conf.
[14:02:48] <irc> <> I don't understand will reading code how port could be wrong O.o
[14:04:18] <irc> <> I'll try a clean install.
[14:04:44] <irc> <> it could be a great idea indeed
[14:06:44] <irc> <> Did you install with subdomain or subpath?
[14:06:58] <irc> <> subpath
[14:07:03] <irc> <> I can try with subdoamin
[14:07:12] <irc> <> if you want
[14:07:50] <irc> <> I'll try subpath first.
[14:08:12] <irc> <> I don't really care if jellyfin has it's own subdomain
[14:12:09] <irc> <> don't work on subdomain
[14:12:14] <irc> <> nginx default page
[14:13:17] <irc> <> yeah, the nginx conf file is completely broken on a subdomain
[14:13:27] <irc> <> Maybe thats the problem then. I also think the repository doesn't uninstall cleanly, looks like I have to hunt some remaining files from previous installs.
[14:14:22] <irc> <> yeah... it's not a really good quality package from what I see.
[14:14:33] <irc> <> If you have time and want to help, you're welcome :-)
[14:14:49] <irc> <> if not, enjoy it on a subdomain
[14:14:53] <irc> <> subpath*
[14:15:24] <irc> <> I'll see if I can find the time, once I've got it running.
[14:15:38] <djx> kayou - what would you like to see? THe network call?
[14:16:01] <irc> <> console
[14:17:37] <djx> Ok, one moment.
[14:19:07] <djx>
[14:32:36] <irc> <> So, jellyfin fails to bind port 8096. Switching jellyfins port to 8097 in the jellyfin settings works, jellyfin starts with a mere warning (Http Response 200), but the subpath redirects back to the user startpage. Weird.
[14:34:17] <irc> <> djx, I'm investigate
[14:34:25] <irc> <> Guérin: O.o weird
[14:34:58] <djx> kayou - thanks, not trying to rush. just not sure if you client flags it :)
[14:36:17] <irc> <> The error log from nginx says "Connection refused"
[14:40:13] <irc> <> Did you install jellyfin as a public site?
[14:47:50] <irc> <> Guérin: I use defaults params
[14:48:08] <irc> <> djx, are you on yunohost testing?
[14:58:33] <irc> <> Yeah, with default settings, I get a "failed to bind to server.
[14:58:57] <irc> <> 8096: address already in use"
[14:59:31] <irc> <> perhaps because jellyfin is not well removed?
[15:01:29] <irc> <> lstu is running on port 8096.
[15:02:12] <irc> <> That would explain it 🤣
[15:03:51] <irc> <> At least binding address now works...
[15:14:15] <irc> <>
[15:14:58] <irc> <> that still weird, because this line should find a free port, and for you 8096 is not
[15:15:26] <irc> <> Yeah, so it sets 8097 as alternative in the nginx conf, but not in the jellyfin conf.
[15:15:27] <irc> <kayou[m]> @djx I think I found the proble
[15:15:31] <irc> <kayou[m]> problem
[15:15:47] <irc> <> ho, that's why!
[15:16:04] <irc> <> indeeed
[15:18:17] <djx> kayou - what is it?
[15:19:33] <irc> <> are you using yunohost testing?
[15:19:56] <irc> <> wordpress is up to date?
[15:20:42] <irc> <kayou[m]> ?
[15:22:03] <irc> <> Now I get a redirect to the user page when I click on jellyfin. snafu.
[15:22:27] <irc> <> meh
[15:23:04] <irc> <> when I said that jellyfin needs someone to finish the work :-°
[15:23:25] <irc> <> did you change something on nginx jellyfin conf?
[15:23:40] <irc> <> Nope, fresh install. Again.
[15:23:59] <irc> <> (Although I admit I'm on the up to date branch now)
[15:24:04] <djx> kayou - what do you mean testing? And yes, word press is up to date
[15:25:20] <irc> <> Alright! Via local (ip address:port) I've reached the config wizard!
[15:26:05] <irc> <> djx if you don't know what yunohost testing means, then I guess that you are in stable version :-)
[15:26:25] <djx> Ah - yes, I used the regular version via curl installer on debian 9
[15:27:48] <irc> <> can you give me the version of wordpress you have?
[15:28:01] <irc> <> admin panel -> apps -> wordpress
[15:34:04] <djx> can you remind me the URL for yuno admin? XD I don't have it saved on this computer
[15:34:18] <djx> hrm, actually, i have to get to bed :( Thanks for the help, I'll try again tomororw.
[15:34:37] <irc> <> yourdomain.tld/yunohost/admin
[15:35:09] <irc> <> or via the sso, once logged in, at the bottom, you have an admin button :-)
[15:35:17] <irc> <> ok, ping me tomorrow then
[15:38:41] <irc> <> And I'm back to bad gateway.
[15:39:38] <djx> kayou - it says 5.3~ynh1, but my word press says 5.3.2. I did a "all in one" export/import to move my word press, so maybe it has become "disconnected" from yunohost somehow? I noticed that the login username and password change from what yuno installed it as to what it was on the server I migrated from
[15:48:23] <irc> <> I'll try again at some other time, I'm done for now.
[16:01:10] <irc> <> Guérin: ok, good luck!
[16:01:42] <irc> <> djx: did you change the url before update wordpress?
[16:02:25] <irc> <> anyway, you can fix your problem easily with phpmyadmin, ping me when you are ready
[19:08:28] <irc> <foobar|5536> Bonjour à vous. J'ai depuis récemment un problème avec l'application Nextcloud installée sur mon serveur, je ne peux plus m'y connecter que soit avec l'application sur Android, ou directement avec un navigateur. Après m'être connecté une première fois pour arriver dans le tableau de bord, lorsque que je clique sur la tuile Nextcloud, j'arrive sur u
[19:08:29] <irc> <foobar|5536> ne nouvelle page pour se connecter, qui qu'importe les identifiants utilisés, ne réagit pas. Merci pour votre aide
[20:27:52] <irc> <> as-tu essayé d'actualiser la page après avoir cliqué sur la tuile?
[20:29:03] <irc> <> chez moi c'est les même identifiants que le compte yunohost
[21:21:05] <irc> <foobar|5536> Oui, tout essayé, et je pense que c'est de ma faute, puisque j'ai ce problème depuis que j'étais allé voir ce que je pouvais désactiver des services Nextcloud, et j'ai dû en désactiver un mauvais
[22:23:13] <irc> <> tu as un backup récent de l'appli nextcloud?
[22:23:23] <irc> <> tu as peut-être désactivé LDAP
[22:26:06] <irc> <> mais y'a surement un moyen de le réactiver sinon
[22:33:29] <irc> <> tu as désinstallé ou désactivé les applications?
[22:35:39] <irc> <>
[22:37:53] <irc> <> par contre il faudrait que ce soit ton user principal de nextcloud qui lance la commande
[22:42:15] <irc> <>
[22:49:47] <irc> <> cd /var/www/nextcloud
sudo -u nextcloud php occ app:list