Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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[06:08:36] <irc> <Silverscott> Salut isAAAc, juste ynh pour l'instant
[06:08:51] <irc> <Silverscott> Installation toute fraiche
[07:42:10] <irc> <isAAAc> Silverscott: ouep regarde si personne n'a déjà ouvert une issue pour le meme pb sur github , et sinon si tu peux en ouvrir une ?
[09:20:48] <irc> <Silverscott> Hello tout le monde comment ça va ?
[09:36:39] <irc> <Silverscott> Personne ?
[10:12:39] <irc> <isAAAc> (au taf)
[10:20:51] <irc> <kayou[m]> > Silverscott: J'ai installé YH sur mon VPS, tout fonctionne nickel mais j'ai plus la mains en SSH sur mon VPS
[10:20:54] <irc> <kayou[m]> Salut! Pour se connecter en ssh, passe par le compte admin YNH :-) pour des raisons de sécurité, le compte root est désactivé en ssh. Mais le compte admin peut utiliser sudo
[10:22:03] <irc> <kayou[m]> Si ca ne passe pas, c'est peut être fail2ban qui a ban ton ip
[10:22:19] <irc> <kayou[m]> Parce que tu as trop essayé de te connecter en root.
[10:23:01] <irc> <kayou[m]> Tu peux le désactiver sur la web-admin, retester la connexion ssh, et le réactiver ensuite (c'est important)
[12:58:32] <irc> <ei8fdb> 👋 hi all
[12:59:01] <irc> <ei8fdb> can i ask - am I right in thinking that yunohost uses bootstrap as the ui framework? riiight?
[12:59:24] <irc> <Aleks_> ei8fdb: for the webadmin, yes
[12:59:45] <irc> <Aleks_> bootstrap 3, ideally should upgrade it at some point but that's likely to break a lot of code idk
[12:59:50] <irc> <Aleks_> s/code/view
[12:59:53] <irc> <ei8fdb> Aleks_: 👍 and for the yunohost website?
[13:00:04] <irc> <Aleks_> hmmm yes also
[13:00:19] <irc> <ei8fdb> (i'm trying to work on some wireframes for your help page thread in the forum.
[13:00:35] <irc> <ei8fdb> )
[13:01:41] <irc> <Aleks_> oh cool !
[13:06:33] <irc> <ei8fdb> It's not too amazing. ;)
[13:33:23] <irc> <ei8fdb> Aleks_: a few questions If i can: on the help page, the irc channel opened is the different than the "found a bug" irc channel, rught?
[13:33:42] <irc> <ei8fdb> one is #yunohost and the other is #yunohost-dev, right?
[13:34:29] <irc> <Aleks_> uuuh
[13:35:06] <irc> <Aleks_> hmyea because the point was to discuss with the devs idk
[13:35:30] <irc> <Aleks_> if the person doesnt know how to / cant create an issue or wants to confirm with the dv
[13:36:45] <irc> <ei8fdb> Yep OK. That's how I understood it.
[13:37:22] <irc> <ei8fdb> When the person connnects to #yunohost - what kind of questions are expected?
[13:37:57] <irc> <ei8fdb> I'm just trying to understand what the different expected behaviours between #yunohost-dev and #yunohost are.
[13:38:27] <irc> <Aleks_> you mean what's the purpose of this room? it's really supposed to be about user support e.g. "tried X but it didnt work because of Y, what should I do" or general questions like "can i install Yunohost on Z"
[13:38:29] <irc> <ei8fdb> (And if the answer is "I don't know" that is totally acceptable 😃)
[13:41:27] <irc> <ei8fdb> OK! So its:
[13:41:29] <irc> <ei8fdb> - forum
[13:41:29] <irc> <ei8fdb> - #yunohost
[13:41:30] <irc> <ei8fdb> for "what the hell is yunohost?/Can I use this on my Playstation?" type questions.
[13:42:01] <irc> <Librium[m]> Hello, j'ai un petit soucis les mails envoyé à partir de mon Yunohost sont souvent considérés en spam ( sur un second nom de domaine) Pourtant j'ai 10/10 sur les tests mail
[13:42:32] <irc> <ei8fdb> and it's:
[13:42:33] <irc> <ei8fdb> - forum
[13:42:33] <irc> <ei8fdb> - #yunohost-dev
[13:42:34] <irc> <ei8fdb> - #yunohost-apps
[13:42:34] <irc> <ei8fdb> - githun issues
[13:42:35] <irc> <ei8fdb> for more "technical" questions/bugs?
[13:43:07] <irc> <ei8fdb> If that's the case then I suggest framing the help channels in that way.
[13:43:15] <irc> <Bram> yes, somehow
[13:43:42] <irc> <Bram> github is really when you know github and enough of software development to go there and open a specific ticket with enough quality to be usable by a dev
[13:44:02] <irc> <Bram> like you can phrase it correctly (it's a skill) and give advanced details like specific logs
[13:45:03] <irc> <Bram> generally github is auto-selecting because only those kind of people ventures there
[13:46:29] <irc> <ei8fdb> Bram: yup understood.
[13:46:52] <irc> <ei8fdb> so the first 2 options should really be IRC and forum.
[13:47:19] <irc> <ei8fdb> If someone wants to contribute a bug/code then it's the repo
[13:48:30] <irc> <Bram> yes
[13:48:48] <irc> <Bram> (btw irc is bridge with xmpp and matrix so all of the 3 will ends up on the same channel)
[13:49:13] <irc> <ei8fdb> yep yep
[13:50:00] <irc> <ei8fdb> i'd suggest keeping the xmpp and matrix links secondary - for "those that know what they are".
[13:50:49] <irc> <Bram> ok
[13:51:05] <irc> <Bram> I've came accross people explaining that xmpp clients were more usefriendly than irc's one
[13:51:10] <irc> <Bram> I don't have any opinion on that
[13:53:51] <irc> <ei8fdb> OK. Don't worry. I'll put this together and wait for feedback from you all.
[13:54:52] <irc> <ei8fdb> I get the impression that more people post messages in the discourse forum than on IRC. Is that about right?
[14:16:26] <irc> <ei8fdb> Bram, Aleks_: OK. *Very* beginning: https://tools.ei8fdb.org/is/r/iAHtxvwu_N#+T7ntKf72VaTwoaLtdSrXAK5VMjwjdckpsLybBXOblc=
[14:16:35] <irc> <ei8fdb> What do you think?
[14:16:54] <irc> <ei8fdb> I'll document things tomorrow. (It's late at the moment)
[14:20:39] <irc> <ei8fdb> My main question is: via which method do you (the project) prefer people to contact you about 1) general curiosity about yunohost, 2) questions/issues about installing yunohost, 3) "serious" issues/bugs they have with yunohost.
[14:20:40] <irc> <ei8fdb> Based on which method you would prefer people to use first (that doesn't mean they can't use any other) then that would be the "primary action" button. There are still other methods.
[14:21:18] <irc> <Aleks_> ei8fdb: ugh it says the password aint valid ?
[14:21:30] <irc> <ei8fdb> oh crap
[14:21:31] <irc> <ei8fdb> one sec
[14:22:41] <irc> <Aleks_> for 1) I would say the chat, for 2) I would say the forum, and for 3) I would say github or the dev chatroom
[14:23:10] <irc> <ei8fdb> take 2: https://tools.ei8fdb.org/is/r/sLisGY29tF#QYBr9cISNt5iM5/F5e2GshS7cNlTuRy9S85FvvXfFy4=
[14:23:14] <irc> <Aleks_> but between the chat and forum (for 1 and 2) that's really up to what's the person is most comfortable with
[14:23:21] <irc> <ei8fdb> ok 👍
[14:23:27] <irc> <ei8fdb> be back in a bit
[14:26:19] <irc> <Aleks_> that draft looks good visually, but I think the number 1 use case is people having issues with yunohost, like they tried to install an app (or perform other action like upgrade or backup or whatever) and they want to know how to fix it without really opening an issue
[14:26:58] <irc> <Aleks_> though it's kinda ambiguous with the third item ...
[14:27:46] <irc> <Aleks_> clearly it's not very clear when a user should be encouraged to create a ticket or just ask on the chat / forum ...
[14:27:59] <irc> <Aleks_> (i mean in my mind and the current workflow)
[14:28:26] <irc> <Aleks_> I would tend to merge the "I'm curious" and "I want to install" parts
[14:29:11] <irc> <Bram> ei8fdb: "on irc.freenode.net" for first bullet point of irc
[14:29:11] <irc> <Aleks_> annnnd I would tend to avoid the "Chat on IRC" because I think "IRC" might make people afraid, and just say something like "Ask on the chat"
[14:29:22] <irc> <Bram> closing ")" on second bullet point
[14:29:24] <irc> <Aleks_> (but that's subjective I guess)
[14:30:04] <irc> <Bram> +1 for "Ask on the chat"
[14:31:46] <irc> <Bram> same for the third item, I would put forum/irc first then something like "or if you are confortable with it: [raison an issue on github]#
[14:53:23] <Maranda> Aleks_, https://github.com/maranda/metronome/releases/tag/v3.13.0
[14:55:19] <irc> <Aleks_> o/
[15:02:01] <Maranda> Aleks_, whenever you have time to check for the build out :)
[15:03:07] <irc> <Aleks_> yup
[20:04:13] <irc> <subzero> hi
[21:42:04] <irc> <Thatoo[m]> sent a long message: < >