Thursday, October 24, 2019
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[04:35:00] <irc> <Pierre0412> Salut
[07:07:44] <tierce> merci Alaiks :heart:
[10:58:47] <irc> <tom59> bonjour
[13:30:02] <irc> <foobar|53879> Hello guys. I have been using yunohost for some time now. It has been working very well with all applications, until i tried to install drupal. I receive some error messages while installing. But the only issue I have is that after installation there is a floating yunohost logo at the bottom. In wordpress it is not there, even in other apps it does
[13:30:02] <irc> <foobar|53879> not appear
[14:21:50] <irc> <axsxpt> Hello, and help please. After system upgrade (and reboot) , i cannot enter any web app, or even the yunohost url for administration purposes. i can however log in using ssh.
[14:24:19] <irc> <Alaiks> you "cannot", but what happens when you try
[15:57:59] <pierre.chevalier1967> Hello! Bonjour!
[15:59:13] <pierre.chevalier1967> I've got a small souci: I successfully installed gitea on my yunohost, and I used it without any trouble for days.
[16:02:48] <pierre.chevalier1967> And then yesterday, power failure, so yunohost down, reboot. And paf the uptime...
[16:02:57] <pierre.chevalier1967> (No worries: I profited from the occasion to plug it into an UPS)
[16:04:09] <pierre.chevalier1967> But then when I tried to git push to the repository, the answer was:
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 502
[16:05:09] <pierre.chevalier1967> And from the webUI, I got that old pesky "502 Bad Gateway" message.
[16:06:14] <pierre.chevalier1967> I took a look at the logs, and I found this, repeatedly added at the end of /var/log/gitea/gitea.log :
2019/10/23 23:50:09 [...itea/routers/init.go:84 GlobalInit()] [E] ORM engine initialization failed: dial tcp connect: connection refused
2019/10/23 23:50:36 [...itea/routers/init.go:84 GlobalInit()] [E] ORM engine initialization failed: dial tcp connect: connection refused
[16:07:11] <pierre.chevalier1967> I've tried to update a few things, by:
apt update && apt upgrade
yunohost app upgrade gitea
[16:07:16] <pierre.chevalier1967> => no success.
[16:07:52] <pierre.chevalier1967> Any idea, gentlemen, about how to solve my misery?
[16:16:40] <pierre.chevalier1967> I've also tried to stop and start a few things:
service nginx stop && service gitea stop && service gitea start &&service nginx start
=> no success, either.
[16:29:21] <pierre.chevalier1967> Youhou?
[16:33:00] <irc> <Alaiks> well it looks like there's another mysterious service that needs to be started and isnt ?
[16:35:03] <irc> <Alaiks> (the "ORM engine" ..?)
[16:36:09] <irc> <Alaiks> pierre.chevalier1967 : could it be mysql that is down ?
[16:36:40] <irc> <Alaiks> otherwise maybe try just "systemctl" and see if it displays anything in red (though I expect a few unrelated services will be in red)
[16:39:50] <pierre.chevalier1967> I'll look for the red in systemctl...
[16:40:22] <pierre.chevalier1967> Ah oui, pas mal de rouge...
[16:40:29] <pierre.chevalier1967>
[16:43:10] <pierre.chevalier1967> En effet, mariadb est rouge.
[16:43:27] <pierre.chevalier1967> Ah sorry, back to English, b0rd3l.
[16:44:08] <pierre.chevalier1967> Yes, quite a bit of red in systemctl; mariadb is in red.
[16:45:50] <pierre.chevalier1967> Hurray! Thanks a lot!
[16:45:58] <irc> <Alaiks> that's okay I'm french ;O
[16:46:05] <pierre.chevalier1967> I'm still wondering why mariadb n'a pas démarré.
[16:46:06] <irc> <Alaiks> ;P*
[16:46:23] <pierre.chevalier1967> (j'ai basculé au moment où j'ai lu que "I'm french ;O")
[16:46:30] <irc> <Alaiks> yup it is quite étrange en effet
[16:46:51] <irc> <Alaiks> this is très confusant
[16:47:05] <pierre.chevalier1967> Mais pourquoi donc ce mariadb n'a pas démarré?
[16:47:12] <pierre.chevalier1967> Extremely confusant, indeed.
[16:47:22] <irc> <Alaiks> All Computers Are Broken ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[16:47:37] <pierre.chevalier1967> Ze logs of mariadb are pas in /var/log, b°rd3l?
[16:48:11] <pierre.chevalier1967> Ach, it is named mysql, pour confuser encore plus.
[16:48:44] <irc> <Alaiks> yep, et ils sont ptete meme dans /var/lib/mysql because "fuck UX"
[16:48:49] <irc> <Alaiks> and fuck standards
[16:49:02] <pierre.chevalier1967> ACAB, I didn't notice! Excellent!
[16:49:44] <pierre.chevalier1967> I crois qu'I hate pas mal mysql and/or mariadb. PostgreSQL is tellement much varchtement mieux.
[16:49:53] <pierre.chevalier1967> (troll détectionned)
[16:50:28] <irc> <Alaiks> ;P
[16:52:04] <pierre.chevalier1967> Oh b°rd3l, all ze logs from mysql are facking vides. ??
[16:52:45] <irc> <Alaiks> what about /var/lib/mysql ?
[16:52:54] <irc> <Alaiks> (look for <hostname>.err in it)
[16:54:11] <pierre.chevalier1967> Yes, there is ouane linutopch.err

(linutopch is ze local hostname of my yunohost boxon)
[16:56:58] <pierre.chevalier1967> Ze contents from the .err faïle are quite unbitable:
[16:57:36] <pierre.chevalier1967> Zere is taïme, but no date...
[16:57:53] <pierre.chevalier1967> Bon, never maïnd, tampis, it is rouling now, merci beaucoup!
[20:59:54] <irc> <harpo_bzh> Salut à tous,
[21:01:23] <irc> <harpo_bzh> Je viens de remarquer un problème avec mon hotspot : "hotspot semble mal installé". Ça bloque l'accès aux application par le web.
[21:03:22] <irc> <harpo_bzh> De rage, ;-) j'ai désinstallé hotspop pour le réinstaller proprement. sauf que non. Error.
[21:05:11] <irc> <harpo_bzh>
[21:06:14] <irc> <harpo_bzh> Quelqu'un aurait-il un indice pour m'aider à comprendre? Merci ! =L
[21:32:29] <irc> <harpo_bzh> Je vais laisser un message sur le forum. Non vi preoccupate ! :]
[22:12:05] <irc> <foobar|12725> Hello
[22:12:26] <irc> <foobar|12725> Can you help me, please?
[22:13:22] <irc> <foobar|12725> I’m trying to install Mopidy on YunoHost from Github and I see these errors:
[22:14:51] <irc> <foobar|12725> Can you help me understand what the problem with installation, please?
[22:14:51] <irc> <foobar|12725> I spent many hours to Google it and didn’t find any solutions.
[22:25:36] <irc> <Amgine_[m]> People here might be able to help you, but you will need to give a bit more context. Perhaps you could post at a pastebin the error messages you have been seeing?