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[01:11:42] <irc> <zhoter> Hi. I asked few moments ago but accidentally press back button on my phone.
[01:12:29] <irc> <zhoter> I wonder if I can host 1000 email address with yunohost? What kind of hardware it need to do such task.
[05:47:48] <irc> <Pierre0412> bonjour :)
[08:56:06] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Hi
[09:02:32] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Does yunohost use docker?
[09:06:56] <irc> <taziden> nope
[09:08:08] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> I'm about to set up yunohost on a raspberry pi. The only thing I see being difficult is I want my apps to use my nas for storage
[09:08:16] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> I can sftp mount the nas to anywhere on the pi
[09:23:01] <irc> <decentral1se> Hexafox[I]: you'll just have to configure each app for that
[09:23:04] <irc> <decentral1se> which ones do you have in mind?
[09:23:16] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Nextcloud and funkwhale
[09:23:42] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> My rpi only has 64gb but I have a 11tb nas
[09:24:04] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> I guess most other apps don't take up a lot of space
[09:24:50] <irc> <decentral1se> nextcloud allows you to configure storage, I think
[09:25:01] <irc> <nicofrand[m]> Hi, since the last freshrss_ynh update my feeds do not refresh automatically. I don't know if that comes from the package or FreshRSS yet. Has anyone experienced this?
[09:25:15] <irc> <decentral1se> I haven't used funkwhale yet
[09:43:00] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Does yunohost work fairly well?
[09:43:14] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> I gave up trying to self host stuff with docker
[09:43:51] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Its almost impossible to do without building your own images for everything because half of them don't work for ARM and the ones that do try to manage the web server and certificate as well so you cant host multiple things on the same network
[09:56:07] <irc> <decentral1se> Hexafox[I]: yunohost has it's own problems but it's manageable
[09:56:33] <irc> <decentral1se> I wouldn't touch docker for accessible self hosting with a ten foot barge pole
[09:59:03] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Is it normal for yunohost to get stuck after accepting the post install process?
[10:01:52] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> nvm I think it was just doing something
[10:19:51] <irc> <decentral1se> :)
[10:19:53] <irc> <decentral1se> welcome!
[10:22:20] <irc> <noorul[m]> When Yunohost going to support Tor natively/default ?
[10:23:20] <irc> <thovi> Hello ! I've discovered Yunohost a few days ago and it's amaizing. I'm trying to make a server that can be accessed from external (and local, but that I'm already able). I've a but when I try to access it from my 4G for example, I don't connect on my Yunohost, but on my bbox3 configuration page. Any idea ? Thanks.
[10:26:51] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi , have u set up Yunohost on local or remote server ?
[10:28:06] <irc> <thovi> On remote I think, I've set up all the ports if is what you mean
[10:29:25] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi i meant, you installed yunohost on a server on Internet or installed on your local machine/server ?
[10:29:41] <irc> <thovi> On my local machine
[10:31:28] <irc> <noorul[m]> Oh good.
[10:31:29] <irc> <noorul[m]> Can u access from Web browser ?
[10:35:41] <irc> <thovi> Yes, without problem from my local
[10:39:46] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi you said 4G , is that your mobile phone ?
[10:40:57] <irc> <thovi> yes, when I try from my 4g on my mobile phone, I can't access, but with my local wifi, i can
[10:42:40] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> I just installed yunohost on a rapsberry pi and it looks like the server isn't running. I ran curl https://localhost on the pi itself and got connection refused
[10:45:32] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi would you try to access YH using your local machine IP address and see
[10:46:24] <irc> <thovi> with my 4G ? Or with my local wifi ?
[10:46:39] <irc> <noorul[m]> Hexafox[I] try restarting pi ?
[10:47:53] <irc> <noorul[m]> <thovi "with my 4G ? Or with my local wi"> Use your 4g mobile phone with ip address.
[10:48:11] <irc> <thovi> Ah my public ip ?
[10:48:12] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> noorul[m], I will try that now
[10:49:26] <irc> <thovi> With my public ip in 4G it directs me to my bbox
[10:49:28] <irc> <noorul[m]> <thovi "Ah my public ip ?"> On your local machine, run ifconfig and look for entry inet.
[10:49:47] <irc> <thovi> Yes i've found it, thanks
[10:50:01] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> noorul[m], That seems to have fixed it. Thanks
[10:50:25] <irc> <noorul[m]> Hexafox[I] restarting pi worked ?
[10:50:28] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Yeah
[10:50:45] <irc> <noorul[m]> Hexafox[I] have fun with Yunohost
[10:51:03] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi what u've found ?
[10:51:40] <irc> <thovi> my public ip, i've tried to connect with 4G but it send me on my bbox configuration page too
[10:52:32] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi what is bbox ?
[10:52:49] <irc> <thovi> my modem from my internet provider
[10:53:46] <irc> <Aleks_> 12:22:19 noorul[m] │ When Yunohost going to support Tor natively/default ? <<< ... when someone will work on it :/
[10:54:38] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi u r using a router.
[10:54:39] <irc> <noorul[m]> To access ur machine, u need to port forward on your router.
[10:54:40] <irc> <noorul[m]> So when u access ur public ip address, your router will redirect your local machine
[10:55:41] <irc> <thovi> I've port forwarded to my machine local ip, so it's not correct ?
[10:55:47] <irc> <thovi> I will try what you say
[10:56:12] <irc> <noorul[m]> <Aleks_ "12:22:19 noorul │ When Yu"> Some people discussing Freedombone supports Tor natively but not Yunohost.
[10:57:09] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi u port forward in ur router ?
[10:57:21] <irc> <Aleks_> yes it's almost as if there's like hundreds of features to implement and thousand of bugs to fix / cover but not as many people to do it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[10:58:02] <irc> <thovi> yes I port forward to my local yunohost ip
[10:58:59] <irc> <noorul[m]> Oh ...
[10:59:00] <irc> <noorul[m]> I see a positive side here. Even though Yunohost is developed by u and few, it has good reputation among other like Freedombox, freedombone, etc
[11:00:14] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi ur issue solved ?
[11:00:41] <irc> <thovi> no, nothing changes, i don't know what to do
[11:00:58] <irc> <thovi> maybe i will try to ask on the forum
[11:06:37] <irc> <noorul[m]> thovi ok.
[11:06:38] <irc> <noorul[m]> Can u access your public ip address from local machine instead of your mobile phone
[11:10:16] <irc> <noorul[m]> Aleks_ i've been promoting Yunohost constantly for it's exposure and usage for some montha
[11:10:53] <tierce> plop… une lime2 fraichement installée avec qui me bloque dés que je me log en ssh sauf si j'arrête fail2ban… une idée ?
[11:11:54] <tierce> et Rouncube (installé par défaut ? lors de la postinstall) qui me fait une 504 Gateway time out… un problème à la fois me direz-vous ;)
[11:14:37] <irc> <Bram> noorul[m]: supporting tor is somewhere on the totalement disproportionally gigantic todo list that we have
[11:15:00] <irc> <Bram> but for now no one is working on it and we don't have people with that knowledge currently contributing to yunohost
[11:15:23] <irc> <Bram> so I guess the answer is probably: not soon, except if the variables changes
[11:16:06] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Finally got yuno host working. Had to mess around with my routers because they were on different subnets..
[11:16:37] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> On the plus side I finally know why no devices connected to the bridge were showing up on the main router
[11:16:41] <irc> <noorul[m]> Bram thanks.
[11:16:42] <irc> <noorul[m]> I keep in mind and try to invite Tor contributors to work with us on the way
[11:18:02] <irc> <noorul[m]> Hexafox[I] cool.
[11:18:02] <irc> <noorul[m]> Enjoy self hosting with Yunohost
[11:18:25] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Will certainly set up monthly donations if this works
[11:20:44] <irc> <noorul[m]> sent a long message: < >
[11:28:51] <tierce> pour le Roundcube … juste faire un service php7.0-fpm restrat, ma suffit à contourner le problème du 504 timeout. Mais il faut le faire si le serveur reboot. Quand bien même avant le restart le service php7.0-fpm était affiché en active )running) et roundube apparaissait dans le pool au même titre que hotspot et vpnclien qui elles deux étaient accessibles.
[11:48:44] <tierce> pour le sshd / fail2ban je pense que c'est parceque la nouvelle brique ne connait pas ma clé ssh (qui est testée) et qui du coup considère ma connexion comme étant « frauduleuse » … c'est donc pas du côté Yunohost, c'est dû au fait que j'ai des clés pas connues de la brique. Sorry pour le dérrangement. Reste juste le 504 qui demande un restart de php7.0-fpm pour contourner le soucis.
[12:23:53] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Is there any way to force yunohost to update? It says updates are scheduled but I want to do it now
[12:23:59] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Can't install anything on the current version
[12:24:15] <irc> <Hexafox[I]> Oh wait it looks like the button is at the bottom
[12:32:38] <irc> <Aksel[m]> sent a long message: < >
[13:50:56] <irc> <foobar|26352> o/
[13:51:21] <irc> <foobar|26352> Par rapport à mes problèmes avec gitea d'hier, j'ai trouvé "la raison" du problème
[13:51:47] <irc> <foobar|26352> si on initialise pas le dépot à sa création, on ne peut pas le cloner. Pb de permission à priori.
[17:07:51] <irc> <yalh76[m]> Aksel: did you redirect the requested port? TCP 4443 and UDP 10000
[17:09:04] <irc> <yalh76[m]> What browser are you using? During the packaging, I seen that video didn’t worked with Firefox, I had to use Chrome....
[17:12:26] <irc> <Aksel[m]> I used firefox and video with one person did work.
[17:12:27] <irc> <Aksel[m]> I would like to avoid Google(!) Chrome ...
[17:15:59] <irc> <Aksel[m]> The ports I did not redirect yet.
[17:16:00] <irc> <Aksel[m]> 1. I do not know exactly how to do this. It would be helpful to have the scriptline for the DNS Server like it is shown, when you create a domain in yunohost.
[17:16:01] <irc> <Aksel[m]> 2. I did not find any information, that this is necessary for jitsi installation
[17:34:55] <d855> Test ping...
[17:37:24] <d855> Premier test XMPP. Les messages passent-ils ? Merci
[17:38:38] <irc> <Aleks_> yep
[17:39:24] <d855> C'est gentil. Merci pour le taf sur yunohost ;)
[17:46:55] <irc> <Aksel[m]> sent a long message: < >