Tuesday, July 30, 2019
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[01:13:09] <irc> <jodu:matrix.org> @JoViatrix ya aussi l'option de te connecter a un service VPN qui offre des IP statiques et qui filtre pas les ports en entrés, exemple OVPN
[05:23:53] <irc> <Pierre0412> salut !
[07:31:58] <irc> <JeSuisUneLimace> Bonjour j'ai un soucis de signature dkim sur mes méls : https://zbin.cyberjinh.fr/?1c4673954fb0e7a7#iRynWv0sF9s0lMer80th5H+5HDxmavvZ2b9hnj4D1c8= j'ai bien regardé ce topic https://forum.yunohost.org/t/dkim-problem-invalid-signature/6134/14 et j'ai essayé les solutions proposés rien de probant
[07:46:36] <irc> <tobi:im.kabi.tk> Hi! The Pixelfed isn't sending email for new accounts. How can I do that manually via ssh or how can I make an account Pixelfed admin via ssh?
[08:12:42] <irc> <JeSuisUneLimace> yunobridge check the github you have to set the admin by ssh https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh
[09:00:17] <irc> <tobi:im.kabi.tk> Oh thanks, that helps
[09:04:07] <irc> <tobi:im.kabi.tk> OK I did and it worked but it still requires me to verify the email address what I can't as the email service isn't working
[09:09:02] <irc> <tobi:im.kabi.tk> Where to set up email in the admin settings?
[09:14:19] <irc> <tobi:im.kabi.tk> I also can't manually approve it in the admin settings. Still shows "unverified email" and blocks the user from doing anything
[10:29:30] <irc> <thomasg61> bonjour
[16:14:23] <irc> <madiwas> Bonjour, j'ai un problème sur mysql qui ne veut pas démarrer... il m'affiche une erreur : Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
[16:14:43] <irc> <madiwas> le fichier mysqld.sock est inexistant !!!
[16:17:32] <irc> <madiwas> J'ai testé la commande mysql --host= --port=3306 --user=root --password= le mdp qui est dans /etc/yunohost/mysql
[16:18:17] <irc> <madiwas> Et idem impossible de se connecter error 2003 (HY000) 111 "connection refused"
[16:24:12] <irc> <decentral1se> systemctl status mysql?
[16:27:31] <irc> <Aleks_> find /var/lib/mysqk -name "*.err"
[16:27:40] <irc> <Aleks_> then tail -n 100 <the_file_found>
[16:27:45] <irc> <Aleks_> mysql*
[16:33:17] <irc> <madiwas> pour coller le résultat c'est |yunopast ?
[16:33:47] <irc> <Bram> oui :)
[16:37:03] <irc> <madiwas> https://paste.yunohost.org/ebuditaheq
[16:50:13] <irc> <madiwas> pas d'inspiration les gars !?
[16:53:58] <irc> <Aleks_> 2019-07-30 18:21:57 140353874484608 [ERROR] Plugin 'InnoDB' init function returned error.
[16:54:00] <irc> <Aleks_> zzzzzz
[16:54:25] <irc> <Aleks_> thank for letting us know, mysql ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[16:59:27] <irc> <taziden> on dirait qu'il n'arrive pas à démarrer à cause de données corrompues
[17:02:13] <irc> <madiwas> Y a-t-il une commande pour rechercher ou réparrer les erreurs ?
[17:05:10] <irc> <madiwas> J'ai trouvé une aide me proposant de passer cette commande mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables
[17:05:32] <irc> <madiwas> voici ce qu'elle me retourne : 190730 19:03:56 mysqld_safe Logging to '/var/lib/mysql/bycloud.fr.err'.
[17:05:56] <irc> <madiwas> 190730 19:03:56 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
[17:05:56] <irc> <madiwas> 190730 19:03:56 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
[17:05:57] <irc> <madiwas> 190730 19:03:56 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
[17:11:31] <irc> <madiwas> SOS !!!
[17:16:47] <irc> <madiwas> Que dois-je faire ? est-ce que je peux réinstaller mysql proprement et comment sans qu'il ne me casse pas toutes mes bases ?
[17:46:16] <ACross> Essaie déjà de réparer ton innodb
[17:46:22] <ACross> Démarre mysql avec innodb_force_recovery=0
[17:54:57] <irc> <madiwas> Toujours Failed to start LSB: Start and stop the mysql database server daemon
[18:02:47] <irc> <madiwas> Est-ce que je peux réinstaller msysql ?
[18:03:03] <irc> <madiwas> idem avec innodb_force_recovery=0
[18:32:14] <ACross> Je pourrais avoir meq log ?
[18:32:22] <ACross> Ou sont-elles identiques a ton lien ?
[18:54:58] <irc> <madiwas> je suis en train de faire un rsync avant réinstallation de debian puis yunohost vue l'issue...
[19:09:53] <irc> <madiwas> peut-être un autre indice, depuis mon interface wen yunohost, Mysql affiche un démarrage à : 1 janvier 1970 à 01:00
[21:00:35] <irc> <willer> Upgrading logrotate configuration... [00h00m,01s]
[21:00:54] <irc> <willer> i suppose this process won't be interrupted if i disconnect my desktop now during this?
[21:27:01] <irc> <willer> hmm...reconnected and now i'm looking at pacman doing his endless run
[21:27:28] <irc> <willer> shame if this process is dependent on my client keeping a connection
[21:28:13] <irc> <willer> the app that was upgraded is not responding either
[21:51:09] <irc> <foobar|28740> Is there a workaround for mail if your ISP blocks port 25?
[21:58:29] <irc> <jimlunsford:matrix.org> FYI - I asked the last question about port 25. I joined the room through Riot so I could see if anyone answers.
[22:02:56] <irc> <Bram> jimlunsford: you can use a VPN that doesn't block port 25
[22:03:29] <irc> <Bram> or maybe PageKite? don't remember if port 25 is open for them
[22:10:44] <irc> <jimlunsford:matrix.org> I saw that solution and was curious if there was another way. I guess I will have to look into setting up a VPN.
[22:11:50] <irc> <Bram> not that I'm aware of
[22:11:59] <irc> <Bram> if the ISP blocks it you really can't do anything :/
[22:13:49] <irc> <Aleks_> you can tweak postfix conf such that your ISP relays you email, but that's not really cool from a privacy perspective
[22:19:06] <irc> <decentral1se> I think this smtp relay is the only "good" fix out there
[22:19:28] <irc> <decentral1se> it is the one I can recommend to others who do not have the energy to spend days debugging/building email reputation
[22:19:45] <irc> <decentral1se> but we need trust worthy smtp relays
[22:21:47] <irc> <jimlunsford:matrix.org> I will look into the relay solution as well. Thank you for the replies!
[22:34:44] <irc> <decentral1se> https://riseup.net/en/email/servers#relaying-email-via-riseup
[22:35:24] <irc> <decentral1se> maybe https://disroot.org/en also do this too