Tuesday, June 04, 2019
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[12:10:16] <pinkprius> hey do the yunohost dyndns services not exist anymore as documented here: https://yunohost.org/#/postinstall ?

[12:10:28] <pinkprius> I can't reach ynh.fr or noho.st
[12:12:21] <irc> <JaXoM> hi pinkprius
[12:12:29] <pinkprius> hi 🙂
[12:12:33] <irc> <JaXoM> there is no main webpage for those services
[12:12:46] <irc> <JaXoM> you may only add a subdomain, from your ynh instance
[12:13:25] <irc> <JaXoM> for example http://tchack.ynh.fr redirects to my domain
[12:13:38] <irc> <JaXoM> (it should display the SSO portal to you)
[12:14:04] <pinkprius> oh that's great! I thought they were down because they don't have a web page 😀
[12:14:08] <pinkprius> thank you
[12:14:17] <pinkprius> you are right, it works
[12:14:36] <irc> <JaXoM> there's a limitation :
[12:14:40] <irc> <JaXoM> only one domain per instance
[12:15:06] <irc> <JaXoM> but I think the error message is clear about it.
[12:15:15] <irc> <JaXoM> welcome to the yunohosters then :D
[12:17:01] <pinkprius> is there a way to use the UI locally? Because I am trying stuff through VM and apparently I can't use ddns from uni, I guess ports are blocked.
[12:17:50] <pinkprius> JaXoM thanks I have been running yunohost on a VPS successfully for a while, it's great
[12:18:21] <pinkprius> yunohost.local I guess 😀
[12:19:15] <pinkprius> hmm I still get this error on SSO: Redirection error: Unmanaged domain
[12:22:08] <pinkprius> also I can't access program.yunohost.local, I made a domain for program.name.noho.st though
[12:24:44] <irc> <JaXoM> i'm not sure they're ON by default
[12:24:59] <irc> <JaXoM> you can just add them to your instance
[12:25:18] <irc> <JaXoM> and .local is (? shoud be ?) resolved locally
[12:26:01] <irc> <JaXoM> but I don't know about this part, tbh
[12:40:55] <pinkprius> I'll just try with the main domain
[12:59:36] <irc> <Aleks_> yunohost.local is related to some black magic with the Bonjour protocol / MDNSsomething
[12:59:54] <irc> <Aleks_> we don't really test that kind of stuff unfortunately :/
[13:52:36] <pinkprius> It's fine don't worry. I'll try at home where I have ports open
[15:41:41] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> Hi, FYI I just upgraded my Shaarli app and I now have a blank page (error 500)
[15:45:25] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> I'll try reinstalling etc later
[15:46:50] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> argh, again that's my skin missing
[16:06:42] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> @lapineige:matrix.lapineige.fr: c'est possible que j'étais déjà sur la branche backup_theme mais que YNH me propose une update ?
[16:07:25] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> Ou c'est forcément que je suis revenu entre temps sur master ?
[16:07:44] <irc> <lapineige:matrix.lapineige.fr> si tu lui demande une mise à jour, sans URL de précisée, il se mettra à jour sur la branche master. Donc si tu utilises une autre branche/si tu n'es pas à jour, il mettra à jour
[16:08:16] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> J'ai pas demandé spécialement, la web UI me l'a proposée
[16:08:45] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> Car je me souviens avoir testé cette branche et validé le fix
[16:16:07] <irc> <lapineige:matrix.lapineige.fr> ah ben l'interface a détecté que ce n'était pas à jour avec la master
[16:44:56] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> @lapineige:matrix.lapineige.fr: tu peux merger alors, j'avais déjà validé
[16:54:14] <irc> <nicofrand:matrix.nicofrand.eu> merci !
[16:58:27] <irc> <lapineige:matrix.lapineige.fr> 🙂
[17:46:40] <irc> <taziden> hmmm, no more mails since last update …
[17:47:25] <irc> <taziden> "relay access denied", any idea why ?
[17:55:12] <irc> <unstablecartridges:matrix.org> ever tried yunohost on qubes-os ?
[17:59:04] <irc> <taziden> still the same after a reboot
[18:02:24] <irc> <taziden> let's upgrade to to see if it fixes it
[18:06:29] <irc> <taziden> nope, still the same
[18:09:43] <irc> <Aleks_> uh
[18:09:46] <irc> <Aleks_> taziden: j'ai ptete le meme soucis que toi
[18:10:26] <irc> <Aleks_> (j'ai root qui tente d'envoyer des mails et j'ai MAILER-DAEMON qui râle que "mail for domain.tld loops back to myself"
[18:10:28] <irc> <Aleks_> )
[18:12:54] <irc> <taziden> le reste fonctionne, l'authent, etc mais pas les mails
[18:28:35] <irc> <taziden> je remonte le backup de ce matin pour voir la différence :/
[19:19:08] <irc> <taziden> j'ai fait un vieux hack dégueulasse en attendant :/
[19:32:54] <irc> <Aleks_> taziden: ah ? consiste en quoi le hack ?
[19:52:36] <irc> <taziden> changer le virtual_mailbox_domains pour mettre mon domaine en dur, et changer le virtual_mailbox_maps par un fichier qui contient les adresses
[19:55:58] <irc> <net76> I'm having a problem connecting to yunohost (specifically the nextcloud app) within my local network. I'm familiar with networking (running a ddwrt router and pi-hole for DNS/adblocking) but can't seem to figure out where the problem is. Can anyone help?
[20:07:20] <irc> <Aleks_> taziden: hmoké je pense que c'est un autre truc chelou a cause du index truc dans le LDAP
[20:07:31] <irc> <Aleks_> yes net76
[20:07:41] <irc> <Aleks_> do you any special message in particular ?
[20:14:06] <irc> <taziden> Aleks_: je sais pas … j'ai repris le data.mdb de ce matin et ait remis la conf slapd de ce matin aussi … et c'est pareil
[20:14:20] <irc> <Aleks_> hmoké
[20:16:00] <irc> <net76> Aleks_: Ah, I may have just fixed it.
[20:16:46] <irc> <taziden> Aleks_: zis is veri wird
[20:18:15] <irc> <net76> Aleks_: Yes, it works now. In the pi-hole hosts file, I was using " mysubdomain.mydomain.com" -- forgetting the hostname. When I changed it to " hostname mysubdomain.mydomain.com" and rebooted the network, I'm able to access yunohost/nextcloud from the local network.