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[00:00:54] <irc> <x404102[m]> centered around a keycloak fabric
[00:01:43] <irc> <x404102[m]> with intranet sso and sso oauth and 2fa
[00:02:29] <irc> <x404102[m]> because gsuite costs $1 more today
[00:02:36] <irc> <x404102[m]> and bezos
[00:05:51] <irc> <x404102[m]> and of course is parked
[00:09:28] <irc> <x404102[m]> whatever it's worth it to try to deploy and build
[00:09:36] <irc> <x404102[m]> an image
[00:09:40] <irc> <x404102[m]>
[00:09:49] <irc> <x404102[m]> Community Enterprise Cloud
[00:14:17] <irc> <x404102[m]> because I just want to integrate things that work and hold it down and backport patches into the build (LTS)
[00:32:11] <irc> <x404102[m]> An official variant edition of CentOS can only be created with code from, must be converted entirely from source to binary within the CentOS buildsystems and delivered using the official CentOS content delivery network.
[00:32:12] <irc> <x404102[m]> seems legit
[00:41:05] <irc> <x404102[m]> its enough because IBM can't be like no with redhat and amazon and their whole deal when centos is like it's not us and that's a community variant.
[00:42:15] <irc> <x404102[m]> they'll just have to do what they do with like oh we'll host it
[00:43:00] <irc> <x404102[m]> and is it hard to federate with our sso
[00:44:15] <irc> <x404102[m]> but this is for bare metal
[00:44:26] <irc> <x404102[m]> "then why is it only available as a qcow?"
[00:47:43] <irc> <x404102[m]> oh because it's not ready for bare metal it runs on digitalocean though
[01:07:12] <irc> <x404102[m]> because centos doesn't have an alternative cloud sig
[01:07:50] <irc> <x404102[m]> alt cloud
[01:13:52] <irc> <x404102[m]>
[01:18:09] <irc> <x404102[m]>
[01:27:28] <irc> <x404102[m]> probably still roundcube and nextcloud..
[01:27:48] <irc> <x404102[m]> but nextcloud has to integrate into davical
[01:28:07] <irc> <x404102[m]> and use keycloak
[01:28:36] <irc> <x404102[m]> and roundcube needs to already know the email and caldav and carddav and use that
[01:32:35] <irc> <x404102[m]> plus like workstation integrations with sso
[01:32:50] <irc> <x404102[m]> and file sync or remote drive mounting sshfs
[01:33:03] <irc> <x404102[m]> or sftp
[01:34:54] <irc> <x404102[m]> so same thing with nfs and alll for regular linux but the desktop has an extra folder in the user home that is a Cloud folder and t should have a shared and personal documents pictures videos music folders
[01:35:47] <irc> <x404102[m]> and SSO does your email and all that and files are kept up to date and there is push notifications
[01:40:20] <irc> <x404102[m]> as keycloak does ldap login and federates sso
[01:45:18] <irc> <x404102[m]> so then we just need like a sort of consensus driven registrar for cross domain openid connect user federation for oauth because everyone can run oauth servers with keycloak backed by ldap/kerberos for their private cloud
[01:45:30] <irc> <x404102[m]> and we don't need google to charge us an extra $2 for a business account
[01:46:02] <irc> <x404102[m]> what we need is a directory and consensus and alt cloud
[01:47:02] <irc> <x404102[m]> and dynamic dns
[01:49:11] <irc> <x404102[m]> then we can use all this to you know.. provide a means to combat spam
[01:49:34] <irc> <x404102[m]> because it requires an oauth token to sign up to a mailing list
[01:50:35] <irc> <x404102[m]> we can build a consensus blacklisting of ips or domains
[01:50:41] <irc> <x404102[m]> for email
[01:52:19] <irc> <x404102[m]> like what if we made a map caching service that just cached google maps
[01:52:43] <irc> <x404102[m]> and distributed it like torrents
[01:53:23] <irc> <x404102[m]> like giving people directions when they are out of town
[01:57:29] <irc> <x404102[m]> thats the community part
[01:58:09] <irc> <x404102[m]> the only way to sink the commie hypocrites is to make the cloud available to everyone, take control of your information and let the data flow
[02:00:48] <irc> <x404102[m]> think about that for a second, what about calendar invites? caldav calendar cards and federation
[02:05:52] <irc> <x404102[m]> tumblr used to be cool but it was centralized
[02:06:05] <irc> <x404102[m]> and they eventually had to cave
[02:07:39] <irc> <x404102[m]> this is about making a smart home appliance router that does everything that someone else's cloud does for you, for you
[02:07:46] <irc> <x404102[m]> and you give it a domain
[02:08:09] <irc> <x404102[m]> and add users and it sends emails and has consensus
[02:32:45] <irc> <x404102[m]> i mean sure it can have all the APIs to connect to your provider of choice for off site storage and backups and more servers
[02:33:07] <irc> <x404102[m]> but it's not their cloud
[02:33:47] <irc> <x404102[m]> appliances
[02:33:51] <irc> <x404102[m]> centos
[02:33:55] <irc> <x404102[m]> alt cloud
[02:34:08] <irc> <x404102[m]> like wifi routers
[02:34:32] <irc> <x404102[m]> with more cores and hard drives and sso kerberos/ldap servers
[02:36:39] <irc> <x404102[m]> some kind of sane app service packaging behind nginx and ports and proxy
[02:36:59] <irc> <x404102[m]> that goes into unix sockets and has selinux
[02:38:08] <irc> <x404102[m]> like etc and var and containers just goes into /cloud/... ./config ./data ./container ./default
[02:38:43] <irc> <x404102[m]> and there's ./sockets/<app>
[02:45:00] <irc> <x404102[m]> oh god this reminds me of trying to port bukkit from hmod
[02:45:24] <irc> <x404102[m]> hmod was never designed to be an api for minecraft
[02:45:36] <irc> <x404102[m]> it was a mod
[02:46:03] <irc> <x404102[m]> i feel that way about this, yunohost wasn't designed to be a SSO cloud
[02:46:14] <irc> <x404102[m]> people are just using it like that
[02:48:55] <irc> <x404102[m]> but really SSO should just be an API for the apps it shouldn't take over nginx and make things unusable and unportable
[03:00:06] <irc> <x404102[m]> i guess to make it marketable as a device it would need windows to not need to connect to microsoft for an account
[03:00:25] <irc> <x404102[m]> without being enterprise windows
[03:01:24] <irc> <x404102[m]> it needs android to not need to connect to google, and apple already has provisioning
[03:04:01] <irc> <x404102[m]> pGina i guess
[03:07:54] <irc> <x404102[m]> hey microsoft / everyone we only need cold storage and maybe some container
[03:08:04] <irc> <x404102[m]> and we want to do our own email and accounts
[06:44:57] <irc> <Pierre0412> salut !!
[06:51:56] <irc> <x404102[m]> pax voithó
[06:52:33] <irc> <x404102[m]> thanks for not trying to help, and may peace come of it against you.
[06:53:25] <irc> <x404102[m]> βοηθώ
[06:53:29] <irc> <x404102[m]> pax
[08:40:46] <irc> <hercut[m]> Coucou :)
[11:29:37] <irc> <madiwas> Bonjour, dans mon interface WebAdmin de YNH j'ai le message suivant : Impossible de superviser le système : Le suivi de l’état du serveur n’est pas activé
[11:29:58] <irc> <madiwas> Que dois-je activer ou redémarrer comme service ?
[14:22:23] <irc> <madiwas> Bonjour, Puis-je avoir de l'aide pour la mise en place ce Collabora Online dans Nextcloud ?
[15:20:50] <irc> <madiwas> Dois-je faire une configuration particulière sur Docker pour que Collabora fonctionne ?
[16:19:01] <irc> <MayeulC> madiwas: Ce lien n'est pas accessible sans se connecter. Je n'ai pas non plus réussi à installer collabora.
[16:20:32] <irc> <madiwas>
[16:22:24] <irc> <madiwas> MayeulC je viens d'y ajouter des informations ;-)
[16:22:36] <irc> <madiwas> sur le status de Docker
[16:23:37] <irc> <MayeulC> D'accord. Malheureusement, je ne vois rien d'anormal, et je ne suis pas sûr de pouvoir aider :/
[16:25:11] <irc> <madiwas> Dans Nextcloud j'ai ajouté l'adresse
[16:26:07] <irc> <madiwas> Est-ce normal ? à l'installation il y a un exemple du genre https://online.mon-domaine.tld:9980
[16:26:55] <irc> <madiwas> si je mets le port 9980 j'ai Failed to load Collabora Online - please try again later
[16:28:19] <irc> <madiwas> J'ai ajouté sur le résultat du docker ps
[16:32:19] <irc> <madiwas> Dois-je ajouter une information dans le mimetypemapping.json ???
[16:32:21] <irc> <madiwas> SOS
[19:55:41] <irc> <bokrass> Hi team
[19:56:30] <irc> <bokrass> I'm... scared. I tried to upgrade some apps. YNH backup'd it, tried to update it ; failed, tried to rollback, failed, deleted the app
[19:57:02] <irc> <bokrass> (this for most apps) Backup don't work either. Why this weird behavior to break everything ??
[20:00:01] <irc> <bokrass>
[20:08:38] <irc> <Alekss> bokrass: because if the backup failed without any upgrade, you would have no backup to hopefully restore the app as it was before....
[20:08:46] <irc> <Alekss> but granted that the restore shouldnt fail
[22:01:56] <irc> <taziden>
[22:02:03] <irc> <taziden> "We now offer a live demo of #FreedomBox!"
[22:02:10] <irc> <taziden>
[22:03:45] <irc> <taziden> y'a pas de SSO, c'est quand même pas aussi bien intégré qu'yuno