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[01:02:23] <irc> <> is anyone around by any chance that would be willing to help me a bit?
[01:11:39] <irc> <Alekss> "don't ask to ask, just ask"
[01:12:29] <irc> <> true, i just wanted to know if someone is actually here or if youre all asleep :)
[01:12:40] <irc> <> im looking to try yunohost with my old PC, but I am behuind a restrictive ISP
[01:13:08] <irc> <> so I connected the box to my VPN and opened a few ports to it, then changed it in nginx conf file
[01:13:28] <irc> <> however I still cannot connect to it, am I doing something wrong?
[01:14:10] <irc> <Alekss> what happens when you try :|
[01:14:22] <irc> <Alekss> also why did you change your nginx conf file
[01:14:35] <irc> <Alekss> and why did you need to open ports if you're using a VPN ?
[01:15:01] <irc> <> the connection times out
[01:15:12] <irc> <Alekss> not sure to understand how one would "connect the box to a VPN", the box is supposed to be your gateway to the internet so x_X
[01:15:16] <irc> <> im opening the ports of the VPN, becauzse I cant open ports myself on my modem
[01:15:52] <irc> <> just set up a normal sysctl openvpn service to the vpn
[01:16:23] <irc> <Alekss> on your home router ..?
[01:17:15] <irc> <Alekss> meh anyway, whaterver i guess you know what you're doing
[01:17:27] <irc> <> what was that as a reply to? Im here from matrix, and im not sure how much/if the bridge doesnt lag
[01:17:28] <irc> <Alekss> so what about DNS rsolution, did you check that your domain points to the right ip
[01:18:06] <irc> <> i have no access to my home router/modem, and all my ports are closed incoming, so i have to go thru a VPN to bypass that
[01:18:35] <irc> <> let me see, i actually didnt check the DNS resolution since setting up the post-install
[01:21:16] <irc> <> im actually not sure where i can change the DNS resolution stuff anymore? I dont have an actual domain yet (because I didnt know if this will work), so I went with the option
[01:32:27] <irc> <Alekss> then confirm that your traffic indeed goes through the vpn by checking the result of "curl" (should display the ip of your vpn)
[01:32:50] <irc> <Alekss> then run "yunohost dyndns update" though it should be done automatically by the cron job if needed every 2 minutes
[01:32:52] <irc> <> yep, i tried that
[01:33:38] <irc> <> alright, ill try that
[01:34:23] <irc> <Alekss> also check to validate that your domain points to the right ip
[01:35:30] <irc> <> apparently it failed
[01:36:29] <irc> <> terminal returned
; TSIG error with server: tsig indicates error
update failed: NOTAUTH(BADKEY)
[01:36:47] <irc> <Alekss> nevermind about ipv6
[01:36:53] <irc> <Alekss> hmyes that happens sometimes
[01:36:59] <irc> <Alekss> just wait 1 minute and retry the command
[01:37:14] <irc> <> whatsmydns does point to the wrong address
[01:37:21] <irc> <> ok, ill wait a bit
[01:37:51] <irc> <Alekss> not sure why the cron job didnt trigger it automatically tho
[01:38:08] <irc> <Alekss> (or maybe it just keeps failing with that error idk)
[01:39:34] <irc> <> ive actually never worked with cron before, so i dont even know how to cehck, heh
[01:40:01] <irc> <Alekss> it should send an email to root@yourdomain if a cron job fails
[01:40:18] <irc> <Alekss> though i guess not every yunohost users knows or do actually check root's emails ;)
[01:40:37] <irc> <Alekss> (which are forwarded to your_first_user@domain.tld)
[01:41:25] <irc> <> hm, still the same error
[01:41:52] <irc> <Alekss> mmeh
[01:42:24] <irc> <Alekss> well lemme reset the domain and we'll resubscribe it maybe
[01:43:15] <irc> <Alekss> mrx : try "yunohost dyndns subscribe -d" - though that'll probably fail
[01:43:27] <irc> <> kk
[01:44:03] <irc> <Alekss> first you should probably "rm -r /etc/yunohost/dyndns" and "rm /etc/cron.d/yunohost-dyndns"
[01:44:13] <irc> <> Success! The DynDNS domain has been registered
Success! The DynDNS cron job has been installed
[01:44:18] <irc> <> huh
[01:44:22] <irc> <Alekss> eh ?
[01:44:37] <irc> <Alekss> well uh
[01:44:40] <irc> <Alekss> alright
[01:44:48] <irc> <> haha
[01:45:15] <irc> <Alekss> so the domain wasnt actually subscribed x_x dunno why "dyndns update" didnt complain about this wtf...
[01:45:22] <irc> <Alekss> well anyway
[01:45:47] <irc> <> so now ill just wait a bit and see if it propagates, right
[01:45:50] <irc> <Alekss> you may retry "yunohost dyndns update" now ... though sometime I see the "BADKEY" error but after 1~2 minutes it ends up working
[01:46:10] <irc> <> ah, ok
[01:46:30] <irc> <Alekss> (but anyway the cron job will eventually update it)
[01:46:39] <irc> <> hm, still the same error, ill try it in a bit then
[01:54:23] <irc> <> nope, still the same error... can it be because I dont have a lets encrypt cert?
[01:54:46] <irc> <Alekss> no that's unrelated
[01:55:39] <irc> <> whatsmydns now shows 2 countries as unreachable, is that a sign its propagating maybe?
[01:55:52] <irc> <Alekss> uh idon't think so :/
[01:56:07] <irc> <Alekss> as long as dyndns update fails, the info does not propagate as it should
[01:56:36] <irc> <Alekss> well lemme try to take control of the domain just to see if i reproduce the issue
[01:58:02] <irc> <> ok
[01:58:38] <irc> <Alekss> meh on my side it ends up working
[01:59:25] <irc> <Alekss> can you try to "rm -r /etc/yunohost/dyndns" and "rm /etc/cron.d/yunohost-dyndns"
[01:59:39] <irc> <Alekss> then re-subscribe then re-dyndns update after a few minutes ? x_x
[01:59:59] <irc> <Alekss> (i don't have so many hypothesis to test except just retrying :|)
[02:00:46] <irc> <> yeah, ill try that
[02:01:44] <irc> <> maybe it has something to do with the weird way i have to run nginx ro something?
[02:01:57] <irc> <> i dont have too much experience with servers
[02:02:02] <irc> <Alekss> meh nah its
[02:02:10] <irc> <Alekss> it's really indepdendent
[02:02:35] <irc> <Alekss> this piece that manage the whole dyndns thing it's really small and independent from everything else really
[02:03:34] <irc> <Alekss> i mean it basically just fetchs your IP via, builds the list of DNS record, and send those to the dyndns server with a special standard "nsupdate" protocol thing
[02:03:51] <irc> <> ah
[02:12:40] <irc> <> well, it failed again, not sure what to do
[02:14:06] <irc> <> i dunno i could... try a new domain maybe?
[02:17:04] <irc> <Alekss> ain't the IP in 155.216 the good one ?
[02:18:34] <irc> <> i still see the toher one
[02:18:40] <irc> <> in the checking tool
[02:20:42] <irc> <> should be 185.96
[03:03:54] <irc> <x404102[m]> hello
[03:04:11] <irc> <x404102[m]> I was wondering about the custom webapp app
[03:05:16] <irc> <x404102[m]> is there some way to configure yunohost to host nginx with php-fpm on the root domain
[03:05:26] <irc> <x404102[m]> for a website?
[03:39:11] <irc> <x404102[m]>
[03:39:20] <irc> <x404102[m]> I guess this answers my question
[06:30:36] <irc> <Pierre0412> salut
[07:21:38] <irc> <foobar|85871> Hello. I can't login to Yunohost via terminal or SSH but can on the web with the same user(admin) and password. I'm using it inside Virtualbox.
[10:14:52] <irc> <x404102[m]> my_webapp uri's that don't exist keep redirecting to admin login how do i get rid of that?
[10:15:33] <irc> <x404102[m]> already tried rewriting location / 302s
[10:33:08] <irc> <x404102[m]> and json persistent has it set for /site correctly
[10:33:24] <irc> <x404102[m]> where is the redirect coming from that keeps forcing sso page
[11:10:19] <irc> <x404102[m]> guess i figured it out
[13:02:30] <irc> <x404102[m]> or not :/
[13:05:37] <irc> <> Bonjour les gars, vous avez toujours le probleme de création de nouveaux contact dans Nextcloud?
[13:18:39] <irc> <x404102[m]> I should have just set up openLDAP and dovecot the old fashioned way and had nginx and php working and been done with it
[13:19:15] <irc> <x404102[m]> yep and davical
[13:19:43] <irc> <x404102[m]> but now I'm stuck with this hackey garbage that can't run a simple php framework
[13:25:56] <irc> <x404102[m]> why doesn't this software host webpages?
[13:30:58] <irc> <x404102[m]> if my cost is double either way to have a webpage plus email and a caldav I might as well pay google for it
[13:36:42] <irc> <x404102[m]> its like it was coded by 4chan. sure sso works it's like the only thing that wants to work. I really don't want to use wordpress to have a website.
[13:40:34] <irc> <x404102[m]> and yes tmenon adding contacts doesn't work unless you use a 3rd party client (Evolution works)
[13:46:32] <irc> <x404102[m]> I'm too tired. bbl
[13:49:55] <irc> <hercut[m]> Salut la jeuness !
[15:50:44] <irc> <hercut[m]> dite moi je ne trouve pas d'apps pour faire des formulaires
[15:50:57] <irc> <hercut[m]> Vous savez si il y en a ?
[15:51:13] <irc> <Alekss> limesurvey
[15:52:08] <irc> <hercut[m]> mmm
[15:52:12] <irc> <hercut[m]> tu connais ?
[15:53:51] <irc> <hercut[m]> Je savais bien que j'en avait vu un ! Merci Alekss Tu connais un peu ?
[16:31:13] <irc> <Alekss> nope
[18:54:45] <irc> <Guest33819> hello, I installed yunohost on a vps. it seems to be working fine, i just can't send mail from roundcube, please help
[19:06:22] <irc> <Zyki> Guest33819: what is your VPS ? Does he block port 25 ? Did you configure the DNS for the e-mail?
[19:07:16] <irc> <Zyki> Salut les gens, est-ce qu'il y a un moyen de tagger un post du forum en tant que résolu?
[19:12:06] <irc> <> is there any way to be able to confirgure openvpn service before running the after install first run script?
[19:12:39] <irc> <Guest33819> it's a scaleway vps, smtp ports open... where do I configure dns in yunohost? domain has mx configured
[19:13:54] <irc> <Guest33819> when I click send in roundcube, nothing happens... receive mail works
[19:55:41] <irc> <Noob> Hello
[19:57:18] <irc> <Noob> SI put in place yunohost server running matrix and a couple other service but wanted to disable xmpp as I have different instance for that. When I disable, monitoring is no longer happy. What file do I need to edit to remove the reference to metronome?
[19:57:50] <irc> <Noob> I can't find online I maybe asking wrong question when I search. Thanks!
[19:59:42] <irc> <x404102[m]> look for the logged message in the code ?
[20:00:36] <irc> <x404102[m]> at least your issue has logging
[20:03:03] <irc> <Noob> Just need a pointer in the right direction, the web ui is stuck on Unknown service 'metronome' so nothing in service log as I can't get there. Where would the output be? Then I go form there. This is why I'm a noob ;-)
[20:04:02] <irc> <x404102[m]> well if you can code try places like /var/log
[20:04:32] <irc> <x404102[m]> assuming the devs did that right
[20:05:12] <irc> <x404102[m]> but idk. they can't seem to get hosting a control panel not on 80/443 right
[20:07:07] <irc> <x404102[m]> using not nginx or apache :/
[20:07:08] <irc> <Noob> Cool thanks dude may you find happiness in all you do. Peace!
[20:08:03] <irc> <x404102[m]> yep np
[20:11:31] <irc> <x404102[m]> can anyone tell me how to set up codeigniter for my_webapp on yunohost and actually get REQUEST_URI passed?
[20:36:46] <irc> <> Hello!
[20:41:19] <irc> <x404102[m]> Do I really need to rewrite query strings?
[20:41:55] <irc> <x404102[m]> like is that that bad that I can't get REQUEST_URI and I have to rewrite query strings?
[20:42:34] <irc> <x404102[m]> how can i get REQUEST_URI in php and still use yunohost?
[20:48:32] <irc> <x404102[m]> I can't get even PATH_INFO
[20:49:24] <irc> <sbg1w1t7> j'ai installé yunohost sur un RPi . J'ai un accès local via SSH mais n'ai pas d'accès externe. Ma configuration DNS chez Cloudflare semble conforme
[22:32:54] <irc> <x404102[m]> well I guess if Google and Amazon can afford paid trolls to make this project unusable
[22:33:21] <irc> <x404102[m]> ```
[22:33:22] <irc> <x404102[m]> We’re writing to inform you that on June 1, 2019*, the list price of G Suite Basic edition will increase from $5 USD to $6 USD per user per month, and the list price of G Suite Business edition will increase from $10 USD to $12 USD per user per month (or the local currency equivalent where applicable).
[22:33:22] <irc> <x404102[m]> ```
[22:35:58] <irc> <x404102[m]> After his revisions, Blake is said to have,[4]
[22:35:59] <irc> <x404102[m]> threw it from him, and with an air of exulting triumph exclaimed, "There, that will do! I cannot mend it."
[22:35:59] <irc> <x404102[m]> The image was used as the cover for Stephen Hawking's book God Created the Integers.
[23:52:41] <irc> <x404102[m]> "Keycloak is based on standard protocols and provides support for OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML."
[23:53:28] <irc> <x404102[m]> If I wanted to write a cloud server.. it would start with something like that. a SSO server, and then proxy NGINX to the various ports for http/s e.g. /sso/authenticatorv2/api/calls
[23:53:29] <irc> <x404102[m]> but it could have a dedicated port too for js websockets
[23:53:35] <irc> <x404102[m]> sent a long message: < >
[23:54:53] <irc> <x404102[m]> so then you just have a directory full of subdirectiries of unix sockets and simple nginx management
[23:55:12] <irc> <x404102[m]> and your app has a socket
[23:55:22] <irc> <x404102[m]> and may or may not be a docker container or whatever
[23:56:57] <irc> <x404102[m]> and of course that means you can set up a server directive in nginx and listen on any ports
[23:57:25] <irc> <x404102[m]> and just pass that to the app proxy_upstream to a unix socket