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[12:22:14] <irc> <pinkprius> yalh76[m], hey so pleroma had a problem with following mastodon users: It has been fixed for two days. Can you rebuild the app?
[12:22:52] <irc> <pinkprius> they are in heavy development and often break stuff, I think the app will be much more useful when they have a 1.0 release :D
[12:25:40] <irc> <yalh76[m]> Well, did they plan to have another release? Like 0.9.10 ?
[12:40:40] <irc> <pinkprius> well I don't know, they say updating to latest master might resolve the issue. Maybe I'll just do that individually. Do others have the 0.9.9 release App running successfully?
[12:44:17] <irc> <pinkprius>
[12:44:23] <irc> <pinkprius> this is the problem apparently.
[12:44:45] <irc> <pinkprius> "the master branch has the date header format fix backported to 0.9.9:"
[12:45:54] <irc> <pinkprius> I don't know what that means, but I guess it would make sense if they fixed it in the release 0.9.9 ?!
[12:46:00] <irc> <pinkprius> yalh76[m],
[12:49:09] <irc> <yalh76[m]> Yes, if they fix in the release 0.9.9, we will be abble to easily fix in pleroma_ynh
[12:50:17] <irc> <pinkprius> I am confused, sorry. I am not sure if the 0.9.9 release actually got fixed. Can you fix a release after it bein released?!
[12:50:40] <irc> <yalh76[m]> yes they can :)
[12:52:31] <irc> <yalh76[m]> or I can switch back pleroma_ynh from the source file: to the their master branch repository
[12:57:55] <irc> <yalh76[m]> pinkprius: I found the way to apply last fix, just testing it before let you apply it
[12:58:39] <irc> <pinkprius> thank you a lot
[13:52:10] <irc> <ledufakademy_63> bonjour,
[13:52:11] <irc> <ledufakademy_63> je suis en train de bien réfléchir pour un chaton (63) sur quelle infra il faudrait poser pour avoir un cahier des charges respecteux de l'env., des utilisateurs et du logiciels libres
[13:52:22] <irc> <ledufakademy_63> une archi en grid, shared-nothing semble vraiment LE truc à faire ... si certain ont deja pratiqué ?
[14:55:39] <irc> <pinkprius> yalh76[m], hey I have a bug with pleroma-fe. When I am logged in to SSO I can't log in on pleroma. Masto FE still works, just pleroma FE has this behaviour. If I delete any one of te SSO cookies pleroma fe login works again
[14:58:20] <irc> <yalh76[m]> pinkprius: there is no SSO in pleroma_ynh for now:, so it's more a pleroma cookie issue, i've seen that recently on firefox, I had to flush all cookies to be able to login
[15:00:27] <irc> <pinkprius> yes I have that same problem. Why does the __Host-pleroma_key cookie not work properly with the three SSO cookies
[17:20:02] <irc> <pinkprius> yalh76[m], any progress on the pleroma app?
[17:22:16] <irc> <yalh76[m]> pinkprius: yes more or less ready but I want to test an update from the actual release to the new one with the fix.. But I have no VM available, I'm also doing tests on another package, I think I will have a result in few hours
[17:22:57] <irc> <pinkprius> I can test the update, it's not a problem if my instance breaks
[17:27:05] <irc> <yalh76[m]> ok then, you can do in the CLI: yunohost app upgrade pleroma -u --debug
[17:27:34] <irc> <yalh76[m]> and let me know if it works
[17:34:31] <irc> <pinkprius> 163937 SUCCESS pleroma has been upgraded
[17:35:53] <irc> <pinkprius> okay following mastodon people works
[17:36:45] <irc> <pinkprius> but the update changed my prod.secred.exs
[17:52:17] <irc> <pinkprius> sorry hey I am back. I restored my config from backup :)
[17:52:23] <irc> <pinkprius> yalh76[m],
[17:55:40] <irc> <yalh76[m]> pinkprius: it's normal that the update change the prod.secret.exs
[17:55:46] <irc> <pinkprius> okay
[17:56:00] <irc> <yalh76[m]> but the new one had an issue ?
[17:56:49] <irc> <pinkprius> no it's working fine
[18:00:03] <irc> <yalh76[m]> ok then why did you restore the backup?
[18:02:35] <irc> <pinkprius> oh I just restored my prod.secred.exs from backup ;) Manually, not via yunohost
[18:06:17] <irc> <yalh76[m]> ok then, because you made some custom changes on your prod.secred.exs ?
[18:10:59] <irc> <yalh76[m]> pinkprius: is the problem solved ?
[18:11:09] <irc> <pinkprius> yes and yes
[18:11:18] <irc> <pinkprius> the following people on mastodon problem is solved
[18:14:35] <irc> <yalh76[m]> Perfect :) I will push the fix on the master branch. thanks for your tests
[18:16:37] <irc> <pinkprius> :)
[19:11:29] <irc> <pinkprius> my instance still is kinda buggy...
[19:59:23] <irc> <pinkprius> I am starting to figure it all out. Couldn't get movim to work for now, but that's fine.
[19:59:39] <irc> <pinkprius> I have etherpad, webmail and pleroma running.
[19:59:46] <irc> <pinkprius> What are must have apps otherwise?
[20:00:11] <massimiliano> Nextcloud
[20:04:05] <irc> <pinkprius> oh I agree. I have nextcloud running on a different server
[20:53:32] <irc> <pinkprius> bye
[22:11:20] <anubister> pour installer sur une rpi avec l'image rpi il faut absolument un écran ? ou il y a un compte ssh par défault pour lancer la post inst ?
[22:12:11] <anubister> (un écran et un clavier)
[22:43:08] <irc> <Alekss> anubister : pas besoin d'ecran, tu peux te connecter en ssh
[22:43:17] <irc> <Alekss> (ou lancer la postinstall via la webadmin)