Sunday, February 24, 2019
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[10:38:52] <lemoldu> Salut tout le monde
[10:39:45] <massimiliano> bonjour
[10:39:53] <lemoldu> JimboJoe, je suis en train de lire ton commentaire sur github
[10:40:19] <lemoldu> tu veux que je fasse quoi exactement ? une PR sur l'ancien dépot de pluxml ?
[10:40:24] <lemoldu> salut massimiliano
[10:46:39] <benc> Salut, petit rapport de bug, sur une migration jessie > strech, avec une APPS Garradin installé, l'application ne fonctionne plus (module SQLITE3 non présent), j'ai le cas sur deux serveurs
[10:59:00] <JimboJoe> salut lemoldu , oui l'idée serait plutôt de faire une PR sur l'ancien dépot
[10:59:17] <JimboJoe> histoire de toute garder sur github/YunoHost-Apps et que tout le monde puisse intervenir
[11:02:54] <irc> <> benc : Mh... le module sqlite n'est pas présent ??
[11:05:46] <irc> <> benc: (je ne sais pas si tu es encore ici) le problème est corrigé.
[11:30:51] <lemoldu> JimboJoe: OK je m'en occupe
[11:32:24] <JimboJoe> merci ;-)
[11:53:59] <irc> <nouts[m]> Finally update my nextcloud to 15, one question : Why nextcloud tells me X-Content-TYpe-Options (and few more) are not properly set, while they are set exactly to the proper value in nginx ? And they were correctly set before the upgrade whithout any complains from nextcloud.
[12:01:08] <irc> <Alekss> meh
[12:02:10] <irc> <Alekss> nouts[m]: what shows up if you run "grep -nr 'X-Content-Type' /etc/nginx/conf.d" ?
[12:04:26] <irc> <nouts[m]>
[12:04:54] <irc> <nouts[m]> (redacted unrelated subdomain)
[12:07:01] <irc> <Alekss> hmyes that sounds kinda right
[12:07:16] <irc> <Alekss> what about flusing the browser Cache maybe ?
[12:07:24] <irc> <Alekss> or reloading nginx maybe ?
[12:09:20] <irc> <nouts[m]> already reloag nginx and nextcloud tools also detects those :
[12:10:54] <irc> <Alekss> (ce logo a l'entrée du nextcloud x))
[12:11:08] <irc> <nouts[m]> 😃
[12:11:40] <irc> <Alekss> ah yes i see
[12:11:58] <irc> <Alekss> so that's the header which are doubled somehow
[12:12:04] <irc> <Alekss> but uh that's weird in fact
[12:12:46] <irc> <Alekss> nouts[m]: in the grep previously, don't you have a line talking about your cloud.domain.tld ?
[12:13:05] <irc> <Alekss> (not the nextcloud.conf, more like your.domain.tld.conf
[12:13:23] <irc> <Alekss> does it says "add_header" or "more_set_headers"
[12:14:12] <irc> <nouts[m]> you're right
[12:14:20] <irc> <nouts[m]> I missed it, it has add_header
[12:14:37] <irc> <Alekss> hm
[12:14:54] <irc> <nouts[m]> "/etc/nginx/conf.d/ add_header X-Content-Type-Options nosniff;"
[12:14:56] <irc> <Alekss> well i wasnt expecting the more_set_headers to be mandatory as well
[12:15:14] <irc> <Alekss> but then I think you should run a `yunohost tools regen-conf nginx --dry-run -d`
[12:15:26] <irc> <Alekss> to see what are the difference between your current nginx conf and recommended conf
[12:15:47] <irc> <Alekss> and apply it with `yunohost tools regen-conf nginx --force` if you are okay with everything, or manually otherwise...
[12:16:36] <irc> <nouts[m]> regen-conf is not an option of "tools" 😕
[12:17:43] <irc> <Alekss> ah
[12:17:48] <irc> <Alekss> sorry, service i meant
[12:24:29] <irc> <nouts[m]> ok thanks I'm reading the differences first. I'll try that 🙂
[12:53:22] <irc> <nouts[m]> OK thanks again Alekss it worked 😉
[12:58:19] <irc> <Alekss> o/
[14:51:46] <irc> <Thatoo[m]> J'ai mis à jour nextcloud vers 15.0.4 et ça s'est bien passé. Merci Yunohost!
[18:19:05] <irc> <Aleks[m]1> \o/
[23:56:19] <irc> <Thatoo[m]> sent a long message: < >