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[09:38:35] <irc> <foobar|79131> hello , yunohost image 3.3.1 installation on vitualbox stuck at beginning,going in a loop. I've tried image 3.1.1 with same result .
[09:40:33] <irc> <foobar|79131> I've allocated 512 Kb Ram and 5 GB hdd...... any thought as to how to get it installed ?
[09:46:27] <irc> <> > <> [irc] foobar|79131: I've allocated 512 Kb Ram and 5 GB hdd...... any thought as to how to get it installed ?

are you using debian netinstall iso?
[09:47:49] <irc> <foobar|79131> no, where I can find that ?
[09:49:50] <irc> <foobar|79131> currently using this one :
[09:57:11] <irc> <> > <> [irc] foobar|79131: currently using this one :

ah sorry i never tried with the prebuilt images. I usually do with netinstalled debian and then follow the debian guide ...
[12:15:29] <massimiliano> hello
[12:15:48] <irc> <> hello
[12:16:12] <massimiliano> i have messed up my yunohost :-(
[12:16:35] <massimiliano> i accidentally removed yunohost stuff
[12:16:59] <massimiliano> i had errors with python and taught to purge it and reinstall it
[12:17:27] <massimiliano> that's when it removed everything. So i reinstalled everything
[12:18:00] <massimiliano> and things work, but i can't access admin webinterface anymore and also unabel to do yunohost commands
[12:18:22] <massimiliano> when i try to accees webadmin it redirects me to postinslall
[12:24:20] <massimiliano> is there a way to restore only system configurations?
[12:27:18] <massimiliano> yunohost backup restore --system 20190106-064708.tar.gz
[12:27:27] <massimiliano> too few arguments for this
[12:27:31] <massimiliano> what do i miss?
[12:35:05] <massimiliano> oh it's yunohost backup restore 20190106-064708 --system
[12:42:24] <massimiliano> now i get another error
[12:42:32] <massimiliano> Error: This password is among the most used password in the world. Please choose something a bit more unique.
[12:42:37] <massimiliano> :-(
[13:37:56] <irc> <tsgps> Bonjour. En installant yunoHost sur un raspberry, la première installation semble bien se passer, mais il n'y a pas d'adresse IP. Cable Ethernet bien branché sur une Freebox V6
[13:43:19] <manu> "il n'y a pas d'adresse IP" : comment le sais-tu ? tu peux te logger physiquement sur le raspberry ? tu as fait un scan du réseau ?
[13:47:21] <massimiliano> for the record
I managed to restore backup after proper postinstall witch worked after removing ldap and running yunohost install script
[13:47:33] <massimiliano> \o/
[13:49:35] <irc> <tsgps> En fait, à l'ecran l'adresse IP n'apparait pas (espace vide derrière IP: , ligne au dessus de SSH fingerprints. Mais je viens de trouver sur les paramètres de la freebox que le raspberry est bien vu sous l'adresse
[13:50:59] <manu> chez moi aussi l'IP n'apparait pas sur l'écran d'accueil, peut-être un bug; du coup je la récupère en scannant avec nmap :-p
[13:52:08] <irc> <tsgps> OK, merci. Je vais essayer de continuer la post-installation
[20:35:46] <manu> comment on fait pour avoir ce rendu des liens github dans les messages du forum (ex au 1er message : ) ?
[21:27:50] <irc> <ralfhersel> Hello. I've just installe YunoHost on Virtualbox and wonder what to enter as domain name.
[21:54:26] <vetetix> ralfhersel: hi, you can either use a non existing domain (server.home), or register one at
[23:09:43] <jocelyn> Hello, is state of the art of yunohost backup via borg ?
[23:49:11] <irc> <Aleks_> yep jo
[23:49:13] <irc> <Aleks_> jocelyn*
[23:53:20] <jocelyn> Aleks_ ok merciii 🙂
[23:53:47] <jocelyn> je vais tenter de passer de mes scripts historiques de backup via borg à cette app donc
[23:53:59] <jocelyn> (et probablement envoyer quelques PR sur l'app du coup :-))
[23:54:09] <irc> <Aleks_> ;D