Sunday, December 02, 2018
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[09:46:23] <irc> <Pierre0412> yo
[13:50:19] <irc> <syme2050> Hello,
[13:51:12] <irc> <syme2050> J'ai migré ma brique sur Yonohost ce matin, vers Stretch. Tout semble fonctionner sauf le bouton "installer" pour installer une nouvelle appli
[14:48:01] <irc> <Aleks_> syme2050: tente un refresh du cache navigateur avec Ctrl+Shift+R ?
[14:52:50] <irc> <syme2050> wowo, juste ça !! Bravo ! C'était quoi le soucis ?
[14:56:11] <irc> <syme2050> En tout cas merci Aleks :)
[14:56:38] <irc> <Aleks_> juste le cache navigateur qui se met pas forcement bien à jour quand le code change
[14:57:31] <irc> <syme2050> ok dac. Bon ba nikel, la migration a bien fonctionné, rien n'est cassé ! je vais encore jouer avec
[15:14:06] <irc> <syme2050> bye
[22:29:43] <irc> <djib> hello, ynhpanel.js is not accessible from one of my domains (nextcloud app installed on root). Hence SSO does not work. I don't know how to debug, any help would be appeciated.
[22:29:59] <irc> <djib> both french or english are ok
[22:36:59] <irc> <Aleks_> djib: hm, do you know how to use the debug mode in firefox (or chrome if you're running chrome) ?
[22:37:33] <irc> <djib> yes
[22:37:59] <irc> <Aleks_> what does the network tab says about ynhpanel.js ?
[22:38:07] <irc> <Aleks_> in particular, the error code ?
[22:41:23] <irc> <djib> mmmh, nothing. I guess the file is not accessed anymore.
[22:41:43] <irc> <djib> but I used to have those lines in the error.log
[22:41:48] <irc> <djib> 2018/12/02 22:44:05 [error] 4181#4181: *357 open() "/var/www/nextcloud/ynhpanel.js" failed (2: No such file or directory), client…
[22:41:48] <irc> <Aleks_> hmm, and if you Ctrl+Shift+R the page ?
[22:41:51] <irc> <Aleks_> ah
[22:41:59] <irc> <djib> I have tried reloading
[22:42:30] <irc> <Aleks_> uh wait, what's your problem exactly ... is your problem accessible nextcloud through the SSO ?
[22:44:28] <irc> <djib> yes that's one issue, the other being that the portal redirects me to a blank page when clicking nextcloud
[22:44:37] <irc> <djib> adding /index.php solves the second issue
[22:50:07] <irc> <djib> ok I got the error in the network tab, it's a 404
[22:51:55] <irc> <djib> so let me explain again. From my yunohost portal, I click "Nextcloud" and I am redirected to my domain (let's say Page is empty. Adding a trailing / or /index.php shows Nextcloud's login and a 404 on ynhpanel.js.
[22:52:40] <irc> <Aleks_> so uh, did you add some custom rules to /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent for example ?
[22:52:54] <irc> <Aleks_> or maybe you defined nextcloud as "default" app ?
[22:54:34] <irc> <djib> no I didn't add specific rules in /etc/ssowat/
[22:54:55] <irc> <djib> i had nextcloud as my default app, but changed the main domain
[22:55:25] <irc> <Aleks_> hmokay i think that's the issue
[22:55:44] <irc> <Aleks_> the "default" app system is a bit rudimentary
[22:56:09] <irc> <djib> what would you suggest ?
[22:57:07] <irc> <Aleks_> so if i understand correctly, you installed nextcloud and declared it the "default" app for domain1, then changed the main domain from domain1 to domain2 ?
[22:57:22] <irc> <djib> yes
[22:57:43] <irc> <Aleks_> so you still want to have nextcloud as default app for domain1 and still have domain2 to be the main domain, right ?
[22:58:26] <irc> <djib> domain2 is my sso, I would like to have it as the default app and have sso work with nextcloud
[22:58:37] <irc> <Aleks_> ok
[23:05:09] <irc> <djib> I have no clue why ynhpanel.js is 404, the is included in my nginx domain config
[23:12:18] <irc> <Aleks_> probably because there's a "conflict" thing between the default app thing, and the way to access yhnpanel.js
[23:12:32] <irc> <Aleks_> c.f. the attempt to access /var/www/nextcloud/ynhpanel.js which doesnt really make sense
[23:12:55] <irc> <Aleks_> but i don't really know what's the proper way to fix that :/
[23:13:08] <irc> <Aleks_> whats the content of "/etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent" ?
[23:14:25] <irc> <djib> it's an empty set for redirected_urls, nothing more
[23:14:58] <irc> <Aleks_> hmokay o.O
[23:15:28] <irc> <djib> I have a conf.json with much info though
[23:17:12] <irc> <djib> my domain is in an array called "unprotected_urls"
[23:18:53] <irc> <Aleks_> i think i would re-run the thing to declare the app as default
[23:19:11] <irc> <djib> hang on, the app or the domain ?
[23:19:13] <irc> <Aleks_> in cli that should be something like "yunohost app makedefault nextcloud" i think
[23:19:18] <irc> <Aleks_> the app
[23:19:27] <irc> <Aleks_> that should make it the default app for domain1.tld
[23:19:36] <irc> <Aleks_> (the domain on which nextcloud is installed)
[23:19:39] <irc> <djib> it's my only app on that domain
[23:19:54] <irc> <Aleks_> or wait, actually
[23:20:23] <irc> <djib> is there something I need to restart after changing ssowat configuration ?
[23:20:27] <irc> <Aleks_> did you install nextcloud on a subpath (e.g. /nextcloud) then make it the "default app", or did you install it on the root (/) directly ?
[23:20:44] <irc> <Aleks_> nah but for now you don't need to touch the ssowat conf yourself
[23:21:01] <irc> <djib> it's on the root directory
[23:22:00] <irc> <Aleks_> hmokay
[23:23:03] <irc> <Aleks_> meh i don't really know what to do @.@ i'm more used to working with apps installed on subpaths
[23:23:21] <irc> <djib> Aleks_: manually removing my domain from "unprotected_urls" array makes the sso work
[23:23:29] <irc> <Aleks_> okay o.O
[23:23:31] <irc> <djib> I still have my blank page issue though
[23:25:39] <irc> <djib> thank a lot for pointing the ssowat file Aleks_
[23:27:28] <irc> <djib> trouble is: anytime the file is generated, my domain pops back up in the unprotected_urls array
[23:34:31] <irc> <djib> ok, I guess that's why the .persistent file is here for :)
[23:34:41] <irc> <djib> I'm left with my blank page to solve