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[00:57:34] <irc> <willer> Xananax: yunohost uses SSO all around. every app resides in the filesystem
[00:58:08] <irc> <willer> hmm not sure if i can talk to matrix guys via yunobridge...
[00:58:22] <irc> <> I'm seeing you fine
[00:58:33] <irc> <willer> great
[00:58:49] <irc> <willer> i'm a yunohost noob but that's what i can tell you
[00:59:07] <irc> <> Thank you, SSO is already a great feature to have
[00:59:41] <irc> <willer> absolutely. haven't found many alternatives that offer SSO
[01:13:48] <irc> <Aleks_> Xananax : I guess it's doable, though for google docs that depends what you're looking for exactly (there's etherpad but that's not exactly google docs ? idk)
[01:14:30] <irc> <> etherpad should be enough. We mainly use gdocs for minutes of meeting or drafting social media posts collaboratively
[01:15:03] <irc> <Aleks_> in terms of security, well, it should be okay ... though that also depends a lot of a) apps you install, and b) security practices of the users (e.g. choosing good passwords / keys and so on)
[01:15:07] <irc> <> No advanced formatting necessary (though we do use corrections and comments, but I guess we can work around that)
[01:15:29] <irc> <> I am not really referring to security, more about how brittle yunohost is
[01:15:33] <irc> <Aleks_> yunohost implements the basic security stuff like fail2ban and firewall for instance
[01:15:49] <irc> <> the more moving parts, the easier for everything to explode when something updates
[01:15:55] <irc> <Aleks_> so robustness ?
[01:15:59] <irc> <> yea
[01:16:44] <irc> <> Like, if I was to convince everyone in the office, would I then have a one day interruption two months later in which I'm stopping everything to fix the server in the middle of crunch time
[01:16:50] <irc> <> That sort of stuff
[01:17:17] <irc> <> Note, I am not saying that if that was the case, it's be *bad* in any sort of way. Software is not very robust as a rule
[01:17:43] <irc> <> I don't really expect it to be; I'm just trying to have an idea of *how much* brittle it is
[01:18:01] <irc> <Aleks_> well ideally we would like to be able to say that it's gonna run smoothly and be robust :P but that's not necessarily true, so you should : a) be careful about which apps you install, some of them are known to be not working (though so far it's not obvious, but there's an improvement on that coming in the next version) and b) ideally be a bit tech savy to easily fix issue when that happens, and c) be
[01:18:04] <irc> <Aleks_> methodical and don't hesitate to come asking for help
[01:18:35] <irc> <Aleks_> other than that, there are people being quite happy and who had very few issues
[01:19:26] <irc> <> I am pretty tech savvy; For example, I could set up a server with what I need, from scratch; but I'm looking at options because I don't have time and I really can't afford to play sysadmin those days (unfortunately)
[01:19:27] <irc> <Aleks_> (being on the dev side, you mainly see the issues and not what's working :P)
[01:20:58] <irc> <Aleks_> well i guess you should give it a try, setting up a POC should take you just a few hours from start to finish
[01:21:20] <irc> <Aleks_> e.g. a server with email, github, slack and google doc replacements
[01:21:21] <irc> <> Yea, I will do that for sure!
[01:21:42] <irc> <Aleks_> then you'll see how it's done and if that fits what you want to achieve
[01:21:43] <irc> <> But I was kinda testing the waters before
[01:22:21] <irc> <> Thank you, I think this is as clear as it can get before me trying it out for myself anyway
[01:22:48] <irc> <Aleks_> other than that, i guess there's Sandstorm which is quite advanced, but to me who never tried it, it looks a bit like a giant beast
[01:22:58] <irc> <Aleks_> (in terms of self-hosting solution)
[01:23:00] <irc> <> But question, how are updates handled? Say one app needs an upgrade to php x+1, but another needs to say at php x?
[01:24:15] <irc> <Aleks_> hmwell app upgrades are managed individually by app packagers/maintainers, so that's up to him/her to know what's best to do. If you take php version, this is a key piece of the system so ideally one should just keep php's version from debian (which currently is 7.0)
[01:24:33] <irc> <Aleks_> from what i know, not so many apps requires higher version of php
[01:25:02] <irc> <Aleks_> those who does ... well, they install the backports and stuff and that's a mess (but usually there's no choice for the app to work :|
[01:25:05] <irc> <Aleks_> )
[01:25:31] <irc> <> Yea, it's not often the case, but I've run into this situation a few times
[01:26:10] <irc> <Aleks_> basically all the app packaging system is, at first approximation, a bash script containing "what you would do by hand"
[01:26:38] <irc> <Aleks_> (though as time passes and we want to make things more robust, there are more and more abstraction layers so that's a bit more complex to make everything generic and so on
[01:27:18] <irc> <> Aaaaah, I see
[01:27:26] <irc> <> That's entirely different from Sandstorm, yes
[01:27:34] <irc> <> That means I still have a normal Debian system
[01:28:01] <irc> <> The apps are regular apps as they would be if installed and then configured manually
[01:28:09] <irc> <Aleks_> yes
[01:28:33] <irc> <Aleks_> and the system remains "hackable", but then you should also be careful to not hack too much or you'll end up breaking something inevitably :P
[01:28:38] <irc> <> It's indeed a much simpler proposition, and one I'm more comfortable with
[01:29:30] <irc> <> Thank you for this, it clarified what yunohost is quite a bit
[01:29:31] <irc> <Aleks_> but if you are bit tech savvy and know a bit what you're doing, you system usually never becomes irrepairable
[01:30:00] <irc> <> If I may, your homepage doesn't do a great job explaining all of this
[01:30:08] <irc> <Aleks_> we have people running a server since like 2014~2015 and never had to reinstall
[01:30:21] <irc> <Aleks_> uh yeah it's a bit old now
[01:30:51] <irc> <> I think if you explained something like "automated scripts for debian packages" somewhere, it'd be instantly easier to understand the value proposition
[01:32:16] <irc> <> It seems to me at least
[01:32:17] <irc> <Aleks_> hmokay, thing is we also try to make it accessible to non-tech people so it's always tricky to decide wether or not to include technical details :s
[01:32:29] <irc> <> Yea, I can appreciate that of course
[01:32:39] <irc> <Aleks_> but surely there are a few things that could be done to clarify this page
[01:32:58] <irc> <Aleks_> (we are in the process of asking funds to do that in fact)
[01:33:05] <irc> <> I don't think your branding is off at all, but something like it would go a long way for the tech or semi-tech people trying to judge options
[01:34:06] <irc> <> I realize now it's in the FAQ, but the FAQ is 2 clicks away :)
[01:34:13] <irc> <> In internet miles, that's another continent
[01:34:24] <irc> <Aleks_> ehe :D
[01:34:47] <irc> <Aleks_> i'm actually surprised you managed to find the FAQ @.@
[01:35:18] <irc> <> I tend to do my homework before bugging people with questions, but this one escaped me earlier
[01:35:32] <irc> <> Also it's 3am here so I'm not at my top focus :p
[01:36:23] <irc> <> Anyway, thanks for the heads up. Yunohost is profiling to be a very attractive solution
[01:36:48] <irc> <> Works on debian-based systems only, right? (i.e, no Arch). Ubuntu?
[01:38:56] <irc> <Aleks_> nope, just debian ... arch is far too different, and never tried to run on ubuntu but pretty sure some sneaky details would make stuff different and then it'd be a mess to maintain compatibility for both debian and ubuntu
[01:39:50] <irc> <> I see. That's fine, I just have an old Arch VPS that I wanted to recycle, but I can find another solution
[01:40:19] <irc> <> Thanks a bunch!
[01:41:19] <irc> <Aleks_> ;D
[06:49:32] <irc> <Pierre0412> salut
[09:08:05] <massimiliano> Good morning.
[09:08:23] <massimiliano> why do i get this error Could not retrieve feed :
[09:08:26] <massimiliano> ?
[09:08:39] <massimiliano> do i need to install rss app?
[09:11:03] <massimiliano> NVM i found it uMatrix blocked it
[19:46:14] <irc> <toitoinebzh> bonjour,
[19:46:24] <irc> <toitoinebzh> j'ai un soucis avec mon yunohost
[19:46:45] <irc> <toitoinebzh> j'ai voulu installé lstu et ça n'a pas fonctionné
[19:47:03] <irc> <toitoinebzh> depuis je n'ai plus accès à la page admin et utilisateur de yunohost
[19:47:17] <irc> <toitoinebzh> j'ai redémarré et mes sites internet ne sont plus acessible
[19:47:26] <irc> <toitoinebzh> j'ai par contre un accès ssh
[19:51:02] <irc> <> As-tu le fichier log de l'installation qui a échouée ? Qu'est-ce que donne "sudo service nginx status"' ?
[19:54:24] <irc> <toitoinebzh> comment accéder au log ?
[19:57:29] <irc> <toitoinebzh> voilà le retour du status nginx
[19:57:30] <irc> <toitoinebzh>
[19:58:37] <irc> <> Tu devrais avoir un log horodaté dans /var/log/yunohost/categories
[19:59:53] <irc> <> Ligne 8: lstu a planté avant de pouvoir remplacer la variable __PORT__ dans son fichier nginx
[20:00:15] <irc> <> \_\_PORT\_\_
[20:00:30] <irc> <> Je voulais dire. ^^
[20:01:07] <irc> <> C'est bizarre qu'elle ne se soit pas supprimée après l'erreur de l'installation
[20:01:42] <irc> <> Peux tu tenter un `sudo yunohost app remove lstu`
[20:01:45] <irc> <toitoinebzh> ok j'ai deux fichiers daté d'aujourd'hui
[20:02:41] <irc> <> Tu dois en avoir un ingénieusement nommé "\_install...", Non?
[20:04:04] <irc> <> "\_install-lstu.log" même
[20:05:12] <irc> <toitoinebzh> yunobridge: le yunohost app remove lstu a fonctionné; je l'ai suivi d'un service nginx start
[20:05:47] <irc> <toitoinebzh> les deux fichiers log d'aujourd'hui sont 20181103-201312-app_install-lstu.log et 20181103-201312-app_install-lstu.yml
[20:06:33] <irc> <toitoinebzh> vous voulez les récupérer ?
[20:08:22] <irc> <> Ha, mon pseudo n'apparaît pas de l'autre côté du yunobridge?
[20:09:07] <irc> <> Ça serait bien qu'on puisse voir le contenu du log oui, pour qu'on sache ce qu'il s'est mal passé, et qu'on puisse améliorer l'app pour éviter que ça se reproduise
[20:10:33] <irc> <toitoinebzh> tituspijean : oups , pas vu ton pseudo derrière yunobridge
[20:11:52] <irc> <toitoinebzh> voilà le yml
[20:13:54] <irc> <> Vérifie que tu n'aies pas de données personnelles dans les logs
[20:14:03] <irc> <toitoinebzh> et le log
[20:15:33] <irc> <toitoinebzh> c'est une install à partir du lien github
[20:20:51] <irc> <toitoinebzh> merci à vous
[20:21:47] <irc> <> Merci! Je vais créer un *issue* sur GitHub pour signaler le problème
[20:24:03] <irc> <> mh... lstu :/
[20:25:12] <irc> <toitoinebzh> j'ai un compte dessus si besoin de moi
[20:25:29] <irc> <> non. Je suis le mainteneur de l'app
[20:26:11] <irc> <toitoinebzh> ok, je suis étonné j'avais réussi à faire une install il y a quelques semaines sur un yunohost sous virtualbox
[20:26:27] <irc> <> Bizarrement je comprends pas du tout ce que le log raconte. Tu t'y retrouves @frju365 ?
[20:26:55] <irc> <toitoinebzh> je peux tenter une install en CLI pour confirmer ?
[20:27:10] <irc> <> oui et non. Ce n'est pas un script de debug (l'app n'a pas été mise à jour).
[20:27:25] <irc> <> euh, oui : avec --debug dans la commande
[20:28:01] <irc> <> laisse le mainteneur maintenir. 😁
[20:28:28] <irc> <> Merci Tituspijean pour l'issue.
[20:30:58] <irc> <toitoinebzh> la doc est très légère concernant la CLI ( ), qu'est ce que je dois taper (j'ai deux nom de domaines et deux utilisateurs)
[20:31:35] <irc> <> yunohost app install --debug
[20:41:27] <irc> <toitoinebzh> ça tourne ... j'ai l'impression qu'il bloque, je continue d'attendre un peu
[20:46:16] <irc> <> sinon, ce n'est pas grave. Le paquet est cassé, je suis en train de faire un refactoring.
[20:48:31] <irc> <toitoinebzh> ça a l'air d'avoir marché
[20:48:48] <irc> <toitoinebzh> j'ai eu quelques "failed" d'afficher
[20:49:19] <irc> <> mh... ok.
[20:50:50] <irc> <toitoinebzh>
[21:56:22] <irc> <> Merci !
[21:56:41] <irc> <> (un peu en retard comme d'habitude)
[21:57:24] <irc> <toitoinebzh> de rien ;)
[21:57:45] <irc> <> Et ça a bloqué nginx de la même façon ?
[21:58:48] <irc> <> ou tu as dû le supprimer ?
[21:59:38] <irc> <toitoinebzh> pardon, je ne te suis pas ...
[22:01:19] <irc> <toitoinebzh> pour récapituler
[22:01:19] <irc> <toitoinebzh> install via interface web > echec > reboot > perte accès interface web
[22:01:19] <irc> <toitoinebzh> desinstallation de lstu via CLI
[22:01:21] <irc> <toitoinebzh> installation via CLI avec option debug > ça marche (quelques messages d'erreurs malgré tout, vf dernier pastebin)
[22:02:07] <irc> <toitoinebzh> et aussi, après la désinstallation j'ai relancé nginx
[22:04:37] <irc> <> oui. En fait, c'était pour savoir si la deuxième fois, ça bloquait tout (comme je ne vois pas de vraie erreur sauf un dépendance).
[22:05:59] <irc> <> *une
[22:08:45] <irc> <toitoinebzh> non, rien de bloqué, tout a l'air de bien fonctionner, peut être un gaffe de ma part ?
[22:09:12] <irc> <> non. Il n'avait pas été mis à jour donc, c'est possible.