Saturday, September 22, 2018
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[09:24:12] <anmol> Its better to serve all yunohost images on torrents too
[09:25:20] <anmol> people can have these images on there server too and seed with transmission
[09:54:59] <anmol> Something is blocking me to download the image
[12:05:31] <anmol> I want to run YUNoHost on Vm
[12:07:40] <anmol> There is a message : Without configuration local domain name,postsrd will not start
[12:08:17] <anmol> and it ask local domain to be used as origin
[12:08:22] <anmol> what should I enter?
[12:09:26] <irc> <Aleks_> keep the default value
[12:09:34] <irc> <Aleks_> or put if there's none maybe
[12:19:25] <sytnfh> Salut tt le monde, mon piwigo a eu le pb de mise à jour évoqué sur le forum, et j'ai dû réinstaller piwigo, mais il ne « voit » pas les photos qui sont pourtant bien dans /home/{_data,upload}, et correctement symlinkées dans /var/www/piwigo. Comment faire pour que piwigo retrouve les photos?
[12:23:05] <anmol> Aleks: What should I enter in the main domain?
[12:23:21] <irc> <Aleks_> of ?
[12:23:36] <anmol> VM post-install
[12:23:51] <anmol> a random domain change in hosts file?
[12:24:30] <irc> <Aleks_> uuuuh I dunno, that depends of what you want to achieve o.O ? But if this is a test VM you can put something like "yolo.test" or anything you think of
[12:25:06] <anmol> but how yolo.test will point to this VM ?
[12:25:19] <irc> <Aleks_> you'll need to edit the etc/hosts file, yes
[12:25:43] <anmol> and how will I know the IP of the VM?
[12:26:17] <anmol> it will change dynamically each time i start the VM..its on bridge network
[12:26:48] <irc> <Aleks_> you can get it with "ip a"
[12:37:28] <anmol> ok
[12:57:26] <anmol> it works, thanks
[13:30:42] <anmol> can I use yun-dev on yunohost 3 stable running on vm?
[13:30:52] <anmol>
[13:30:59] <anmol> *ynh
[14:34:19] <irc> <Aleks_> hmmmyes ?
[16:25:37] <irc> <augugusto> hey. i've just done a clean install of yunohost and now i can't login to sso. if the password is right, i just stay in that page, if it's wrong it shows the login error . anyone else having this issue?
[17:46:13] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> is ithere a way of deleting/changeing an initially set domain thru yuno??
[17:47:46] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> what if i want to change my initially set domain thru yuno?how to proceed?
[17:49:06] <irc> <Bram> you can add/remove a domain
[17:49:13] <irc> <Bram> and on a domain page set it as "default"
[17:49:19] <irc> <Bram> but you can't "modify" a domain
[17:49:29] <anmol> yunohost tools maindomain -n newdomain.tld
[17:52:54] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> what if i want to add/remove a domain from yuno?
[17:53:13] <irc> <augugusto> go to your admin panel and then to domains
[17:53:34] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> i tried removing my initally set one thru yuno and got error message
[17:53:59] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> i tried adding a new one and got error msg that i got one alredy
[17:56:12] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> did you get what i mean?can an initially set domain thru yuno be changed to anotha one by yuno?ie.delete an initially set one for making it available for anyone else,who may want it and add a new one by yuno???
[18:02:21] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> don't you want to say NO or why is there no reply??
[18:06:27] <irc> <augugusto> there is no reply because i'm not sure i undderstood you.
[18:07:22] <irc> <augugusto> if you have a domain that you want to make available for others, you have to cancel that with your domain provider.
[18:07:54] <irc> <augugusto> if you want to change your yunohost domain, you can add it to yunohost and then set it as the default
[18:09:13] <irc> <augugusto> also. that message was very rude. i'm nowhere near an expert with yunohost and just tying to help
[18:16:26] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> i have no domain provider,to clarify.nor am i planning to get one,as i want to use the ones provided by yunohost,representing,supporting and promoting your name/service,while hosting my server.i am sorry,if my message was rude.i am really,as i absolutely did not mean to be rude.sorry for that.i am appreciating you,your input and this group.all i wanted to ask is,if an existing yunohost domain can be changed??i have a
[18:16:27] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> default yunohost domain,already,which is working,but i am looking to change.deleting it did not work.adding a new one also did not work.therefor i came to this group,to clarify if it is even possible.or if the default yunohost domain,set on initial installation is permanent.i hope i could bring clarification into it.sorry,if i my message was confusing/unclear or rude.i am sorry,as i never meant to be rude..
[18:18:12] <irc> <augugusto> sorry. i can't help you with that. i've never used the ones provided by yunohost
[18:20:20] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> oh okay.i see.that is why we were talking past each youve neve used the ones provided by yunohost,which were you using?can you recommend a good provider?i never used one,besides the ones provided by yunohost.all i wanted to ask,if the ones provided by yunohost can be changed?
[18:24:20] <irc> <augugusto> if you have static ip. you can try freenom. they have some free domains wich is cool. for dynamic dns i've used no-ip on windows. and the yunohost documentation mentions it.
[18:25:40] <irc> <augugusto> another idea if you have sttic ip and a few dlars: try . its a privacy first domaing "register" built by the pirate bay people to protect your privacy
[19:32:05] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> thank you very much for your mentions of freenom and njalla.i had a look into freenom,already,and was about to register,filled up the registration form,but then only read negative feedback about it.ppl mentioning they give domains for free,and then later,when there is enouugh trtaffic,they take the domain away and charge money for it.have you been with freenom?if so,how has ur xperience been?njalla is very good.i
[19:32:05] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> checked them before also,and liked it.njalla is good alone for the fact it is operated by the piratebay-guys,as everything by the pirate bay guys is just awesome!!
[20:48:21] <anmol> FluffyCat:
[23:48:44] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> i jregistered/joined.been klicking and klicking,but am not having what for it is at the that a site for creating subdomains on available domains being shared by others?or is is jutst for sharing already existing domains?i had alot more options to view domains,prior registering to the service.when i joined/logged in,i did not see any (domains) anymore.that is why i am asking,for what this freedns is
[23:48:44] <irc> <FluffyCat[m]> eaxactly.i been reading on the site myself,but am not having it at,as all domains disappeared upon regisrtation,so i can not use any of them and am left ony with the option to add new ones into the network.