Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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[09:04:12] <irc> <Trane1000> Salut les Yunhostiens
[09:04:48] <irc> <Trane1000> petit soucis avec ma version, elle tourne depuis une paie, mais ca faisait longtemps que j'avais pas fait de MAJ
[09:04:50] <irc> <Trane1000> je tente la, et j'ai une erreur 500.
[09:05:07] <irc> <Trane1000> c'est pas la premiere fois, mais je m'étais jamais penché sur le soucis
[09:05:10] <irc> <Trane1000> Error: 500 Internal Server Error
[09:05:10] <irc> <Trane1000> Sorry, the requested URL '' caused an error:
[09:05:10] <irc> <Trane1000> Internal Server Error
[09:05:23] <irc> <Trane1000> zauriez une piste?
[09:07:49] <irc> <Trane1000> or should I ask in english maybe ?
[09:08:22] <irc> <dreamer> would make it easier for some (like me)
[09:08:29] <irc> <dreamer> I have no idea what you just said apart from 'salut' :)
[09:08:44] <irc> <Trane1000> let me translate that for you ^^
[09:09:25] <irc> <Trane1000> Got a small issue on my server (YUNH installed), which has been up for about A year or two.
[09:09:54] <irc> <Trane1000> I cannot manage to update it (i think since a year), because of a internal server error
[09:10:27] <irc> <Trane1000> never rellay looked into it, but since I cannot manage to install etherpad, I would like to check if it is related.
[09:10:46] <irc> <Trane1000> the exact error message is
[09:10:47] <irc> <Trane1000> Error: 500 Internal Server Error
[09:10:47] <irc> <Trane1000> Sorry, the requested URL '' caused an error:
[09:10:47] <irc> <Trane1000> Internal Server Error
[09:12:06] <irc> <Trane1000> OH, and important detail. I have (OF course) no full backup of my data, so if I could not do a full wipe and reinstall, i'll be glad
[09:13:45] <irc> <dreamer> have you tried to update from commandline?
[09:14:05] <irc> <dreamer> 'yunohost tools update' should do it
[09:15:18] <irc> <Trane1000> nope, didn't.
[09:15:19] <irc> <Trane1000> I'll try this, and come back to you
[09:16:22] <irc> <Trane1000> (well I got to find how to ssh connect to my distant server form my smartphone, this might take a bit ^^)
[09:22:29] <irc> <nicofrand> there also is a diagnostic tool
[09:22:37] <irc> <nicofrand> maybe that could help
[09:22:47] <irc> <nicofrand> maybe you could also restart the yunohost-api service
[09:54:47] <irc> <Trane1000> hi, sorry, the irc client is on my yunohost, and it crashed a bit
[09:54:59] <irc> <Trane1000> tried the update from yunohost tools update.
[09:55:06] <irc> <Trane1000> It seemed a bit fast
[09:55:56] <irc> <Trane1000> but seemed to work (it just said that some index where not found)
[09:56:50] <irc> <Trane1000> but etherpads still doesn't work
[09:57:39] <irc> <Trane1000> it is written as if it was installed, but on https:// <= nothing more
[09:57:45] <irc> <Trane1000> so unaccessible
[10:03:39] <irc> <Trane1000> is there a way to install it from ssh ?
[10:06:20] <irc> <dreamer> yes
[10:07:02] <irc> <dreamer> see 'yunohost app --help'
[10:08:14] <irc> <Trane1000> ok thx
[11:29:37] <irc> <taziden> yo
[11:29:55] <irc> <taziden> where are stored mail aliases ?
[11:32:00] <irc> <taziden> ha, ldap
[11:32:02] <irc> <taziden> I'm fucked
[11:33:05] <irc> <taziden> I don't have any backup of mysql …
[11:34:57] <irc> <taziden> hmm, i don't have any dumps but i have the files
[11:42:49] <irc> <taziden> ouf, it's not in mysql
[11:42:49] <irc> <Bram> taziden: have you tried https://github.com/labriqueinternet/auto-fix-mysql?
[11:42:53] <irc> <Bram> and yes, it's in ldap
[11:43:12] <irc> <Bram> bad ldap dev oriented documentaiton in cas of it can helps you https://moulinette.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ldap.html
[11:44:04] <irc> <taziden> thx
[11:44:20] <irc> <taziden> my SD is dead, I want to retrieve some info from my backups
[11:44:23] <irc> <taziden> like the aliases
[11:47:12] <irc> <taziden> YEAH, aliases are back
[11:47:21] <irc> <taziden> I copied the data.mdb from my backup
[11:48:15] <irc> <taziden> awesome
[11:54:38] <irc> <Trane1> Hey again
[11:55:36] <irc> <Trane1> I tried to install etherpad from ssh. But i got a unexpected error
[11:55:52] <irc> <Trane1> Traceback (most recent call last):
[11:55:55] <irc> <Trane1> File "/usr/lib/moulinette/yunohost/app.py", line 482, in app_install
[11:55:56] <irc> <Trane1> if hook_exec(app_tmp_folder + '/scripts/install', args_dict) == 0:
[11:55:57] <irc> <Trane1> File "/usr/lib/moulinette/yunohost/hook.py", line 281, in hook_exec
[11:55:57] <irc> <Trane1> ask_string += ' (default: {:s})'.format(arg['default'])
[11:55:58] <irc> <Trane1> ValueError: Unknown format code 's' for object of type 'bool'
[11:55:59] <irc> <Trane1> Does that ring a bell?
[12:23:40] <irc> <Alaiks> uuuh
[12:23:49] <irc> <Alaiks> which version of yunohost are you running Trane1 ?
[12:25:19] <irc> <Trane1> No idea
[12:25:34] <irc> <Alaiks> what does "yunohost --version" says ?
[12:25:43] <irc> <Trane1> ^^
[12:26:08] <irc> <Trane1> 2.2.1 admin
[12:26:15] <irc> <Alaiks> ogod :|
[12:26:20] <irc> <Trane1> Moulinette 2.2.3
[12:26:32] <irc> <Trane1> Haha. I guessed the update didn't work
[12:26:47] <irc> <Alaiks> that version is like 2.5 years old
[12:27:07] <irc> <Trane1> Yeap i guess that is the problem
[12:27:07] <irc> <Alaiks> or even 3.5 years old maybe
[12:27:12] <irc> <Trane1> But i cannot manage to update
[12:27:26] <irc> <Alaiks> well what does it do when you try...
[12:27:29] <irc> <Trane1> From the web admin it crash (error500)
[12:27:45] <irc> <Trane1> From ssh it sais ok but seem to do nothing
[12:28:18] <irc> <Alaiks> what exactly does "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade" says ?
[12:28:59] <irc> <Trane1> Didn't try this. I tried yunohost tools update
[12:29:07] <irc> <Trane1> I can try yours
[12:30:08] <irc> <Trane1> It does more ^^
[12:30:12] <irc> <Trane1> It's running
[12:30:55] <irc> <Trane1> root@ns3281055:~# apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade Réception de : 1 http://debian.mirrors.ovh.net jessie-updates InRelease [145 kB]
[12:30:55] <irc> <Trane1> Atteint http://security.debian.org jessie/updates InRelease
[12:30:56] <irc> <Trane1> Réception de : 2 http://debian.mirrors.ovh.net jessie-backports InRelease [166 kB]
[12:30:56] <irc> <Trane1> Ign http://debian.mirrors.ovh.net jessie InRelease
[12:30:56] <irc> <Trane1> Ign http://repo.yunohost.org megusta InRelease
[12:31:14] <irc> <Alaiks> é_è
[12:31:25] <irc> <Trane1> Got kicked
[12:31:37] <irc> <Trane1> Did you receive the log?
[12:31:40] <irc> <Alaiks> you might want to paste this on something like http://paste.yunohost.org/
[12:32:34] <irc> <Trane1> https://paste.yunohost.org/raw/lukedanumi
[12:32:38] <irc> <Trane1> Thanks
[12:32:56] <irc> <Trane1> It's in french obviously.
[12:34:02] <irc> <Trane1> But as i understand a lot of package/index did not update because the url 404'd
[12:35:52] <irc> <Alaiks> imho you should edit /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunohost.list (or similar file) and replace "megusta" with "stable"
[12:35:57] <irc> <ljf1> Trane1: to upgrade yunohost, you need to do: yunohost tools update; yunohost tools upgrade
[12:36:24] <irc> <Alaiks> but at this point you should really consider reinstalling
[12:36:30] <irc> <ljf1> And in your case, is suggest you do firstly "yunohost tools update; yunohost tools upgrade --ignore-apps "
[12:36:57] <irc> <Trane1> In two separate lines @ljf1 ?
[12:37:26] <irc> <ljf1> as you want, you can do:
[12:37:27] <irc> <ljf1> yunohost tools update
[12:37:32] <irc> <Alaiks> Trane1: upgrade won't work anyway, "megusta" doesnt exist anymore, you need to edit the sources.list first
[12:37:34] <irc> <ljf1> yunohost tools upgrade --ignore-apps
[12:37:37] <irc> <ljf1> OR
[12:37:42] <irc> <ljf1> yunohost tools update; yunohost tools upgrade --ignore-apps
[12:37:47] <irc> <Trane1> @alaiks i might reinstall from scratch but i lost my password to the admin of my server (distant)
[12:37:52] <irc> <Trane1> Ok i'll try
[12:38:08] <irc> <Alaiks> if you lost your password then how did you connect through ssh ? o.O
[12:38:51] <irc> <Trane1> It's my password to my provider's admin page
[12:38:59] <irc> <Trane1> Not my servers password
[12:39:27] <irc> <Alaiks> hmokay o.O
[12:39:39] <irc> <Trane1> ^^
[12:39:54] <irc> <Trane1> As you said. It's a 2,5 years old work
[12:40:21] <irc> <ljf1> Trane1: you should consider to call your provider, some of them ask for paper to reset a password like that
[12:40:58] <irc> <Trane1> @ljf1 did not work. About the same messages as for the apt-get
[12:41:08] <irc> <Trane1> 404 everywhere
[12:41:35] <irc> <Trane1> Yes i tried asking for a new pass but their email does not seem to reach me
[12:45:13] <irc> <ljf1> You ahave a lot of applications on your server ?
[12:45:26] <irc> <Trane1> One full owncloud
[12:45:31] <irc> <Trane1> Tha ti use daily
[12:46:11] <irc> <Trane1> That i
[12:46:19] <irc> <Alaiks> "owncloud" :P
[12:46:27] <irc> <Trane1> And the rest is no problem. An rss reader avec a irc client
[12:46:28] <irc> <Trane1> No big deal
[12:46:32] <irc> <Trane1> Problem with owncloud?
[12:46:38] <irc> <Alaiks> it's kinda unsupported now, everybody switched to nextcloud since ~1.5years+
[12:47:17] <irc> <Trane1> Haha. Not like i didn't update since 2 years
[12:47:25] <irc> <Alaiks> (computers are hell of a drug, gotta update every 2 years at least otherwise you end up in IT prehistory ;|)
[12:47:46] <irc> <ljf1> You use share link, agenda, calendar in owncloud ? Or just a basic file synchronization ?
[12:47:53] <irc> <Trane1> Haha. I got a bit lazy as it worked as i needed it
[12:48:00] <irc> <Trane1> File and docs
[12:48:12] <irc> <Trane1> No calendar
[12:50:11] <irc> <dreamer> php--
[12:55:28] <irc> <isAAAc> updating computer is the better way to not be powned, event it already works fine
[12:55:38] <irc> <isAAAc> even*
[12:56:20] <irc> <isAAAc> althrough the rollback is relatively working fine now on ynh
[12:56:30] <irc> <isAAAc> and backup too
[12:56:50] <irc> <isAAAc> linux is made to be regulary updated
[12:57:17] <irc> <ljf1> Trane1: the easiest is to reinstall on a new version.
[12:57:59] <irc> <ljf1> If you want to try to upgrade
[12:57:59] <irc> <Trane1> Yes. I try that
[12:58:22] <irc> <ljf1> there will be a lot of steps to succeed
[12:58:25] <irc> <isAAAc> yep, backup your datas on an other dev, and reinstall , and so you reimport your datas
[12:59:01] <irc> <ljf1> Could i have the complete messgae return by "yunohost --version"
[12:59:59] <irc> <Trane1> @isaaac how do i backup my data? It's written not implemented on my yunh
[13:00:15] <irc> <isAAAc> what apps do you have ?
[13:00:28] <irc> <Trane1> Mainly owncloud
[13:00:29] <irc> <isAAAc> wich one do you need to backup datas ?
[13:00:31] <irc> <Trane1> I manually backup
[13:00:43] <irc> <Trane1> But not sure that i have everything
[13:01:16] <irc> <ljf1> Trane1: yunohost backup --help
[13:01:23] <irc> <isAAAc> humm did you already had a look on the younohost forum if someone already try it ?
[13:01:40] <irc> <ljf1> The command is not implemented OR the backup is not implemented for your owncloud instance ?
[13:01:42] <irc> <isAAAc> yunohost *
[13:02:34] <irc> <isAAAc> or you rsync the folder where the ownclooud is with the datas
[13:02:43] <irc> <isAAAc> with good options
[13:04:49] <irc> <Trane1> Well i guess i must update to next cloud whatever
[13:05:05] <irc> <Trane1> So i'll make a backup manually and wipe my server
[13:05:14] <irc> <ljf1> Trane1: may be but if you are in 2.2 you should go in 2.4 before
[13:05:21] <irc> <Trane1> Then reinstall from scratch and use nextcloud
[13:05:48] <irc> <Trane1> I finally had my password.
[13:05:55] <irc> <Trane1> So backup and then reset
[13:05:59] <irc> <Trane1> Tonight
[13:06:01] <irc> <Trane1> ^^
[13:06:08] <irc> <ljf1> yes backup mannually, reinstall, install nextcloud and reimport data is the easiest way in your situation
[13:06:09] <irc> <Trane1> Thanks for the help
[13:06:17] <irc> <Trane1> Yep guess sp
[13:06:18] <irc> <Trane1> So
[13:08:44] <irc> <Trane1> Or i'll do it from my phone ^^
[13:10:13] <irc> <isAAAc> hates phone tools to sysadmin
[13:12:35] <irc> <Trane1> Yeap and i forgot that my backup is about 100go
[13:12:39] <irc> <Trane1> So nope
[13:16:07] <irc> <Trane1> Well thanks for the help. I'll leave now. Maybe see you when i'll have trouble installing
[13:16:11] <irc> <Trane1> Seeya
[13:38:02] <irc> <isAAAc> :/
[13:38:25] <irc> <isAAAc> 100g, bah oui , d'où l'intéret d'etre updated
[15:33:19] <irc> <Alaiks> nicofrand: ping
[15:33:37] <irc> <Alaiks> tu saurais decrire ce que resoud ta PR https://github.com/YunoHost/SSOwat/pull/107 ?
[15:36:00] <irc> <nicofrand> Alaiks salut
[15:36:22] <irc> <nicofrand> Alaiks depuis peu de versions les navigateurs ont modifié le comportement des touch events
[15:36:27] <irc> <nicofrand> ils les ont rendu passifs
[15:36:49] <irc> <nicofrand> c'est à dire que tu ne peux pas impacter, par défaut, le fonctionnement et par exemple empêcher un scroll etc
[15:36:56] <irc> <nicofrand> en termes de réactivité c'est cool
[15:37:49] <irc> <nicofrand> mais dans le cas spécifique de l'icône/overlay, si lorsque tu bouges le truc sur mobile, tu ne dis pas au navigateur "ne fais pas le truc par défaut", bin ça va recharger la page lorsque tu scrolles du haut (tout en haut) vers le bas
[15:38:12] <irc> <nicofrand> donc si l'overlay est en haut et que tu veux le mettre en bas, bin ça rafraîchit la page
[15:38:25] <irc> <nicofrand> cette MR empêche ça
[15:40:00] <irc> <nicofrand> Alaiks est-ce que je suis clair ?
[15:41:22] <irc> <Alaiks> hmmmmm okay :D
[15:41:45] <irc> <Alaiks> on va dire "Fix issue with behavior of the overlay on recent browsers" ? :D
[15:42:22] <irc> <nicofrand> "Prevent mobile browsers to refresh the page when moving the overlay" :p ?
[15:43:40] <irc> <Alaiks> alrighty !
[15:55:29] <amuza> Hi there
[15:56:04] <irc> <Alaiks> hellow
[15:56:16] <amuza> Hey Alaiks!
[15:56:23] <irc> <Alaiks> o/
[15:56:25] <irc> <Alaiks> 'sup
[15:57:10] <amuza> I wanted to ask about this: https://forum.yunohost.org/t/verifying-certificates/5562
[15:57:23] <amuza> Hope not to be too boring
[15:57:48] <amuza> The thing is that I physically have here a yunohost server and a laptop as aclient
[15:58:08] <amuza> In the server I did a subdomain as the main domain
[15:58:24] <amuza> And I have not installed Let'sEncrypt
[15:59:22] <amuza> According to your suggestion, if I want to get rid of certiificate warnings in the client, I should copy the ca cert from yunohost into the client
[16:00:00] <amuza> But I do not know how to do it
[16:00:30] <irc> <Alaiks> basically you need to locate the CA cert in yunohost, it should probably be in "/etc/yunohost/cers/the.domain.tld/"
[16:00:34] <irc> <Alaiks> there might be a ca.pem
[16:00:41] <irc> <Alaiks> which might be a symlink to another file
[16:00:48] <irc> <Alaiks> possibly /etc/ssl/certs/ca-yunohost_crt.pem
[16:00:57] <amuza> Good, I'm going to have a look!
[16:01:01] <irc> <Alaiks> but
[16:01:06] <irc> <Alaiks> if you want this to make any sense
[16:01:17] <irc> <Alaiks> you should carefully check your ssh fingerprint
[16:01:27] <irc> <Alaiks> which requires physical access to the machine
[16:02:03] <amuza> Yeap, thanks, I understood that part.
[16:02:10] <amuza> It makes sense
[16:02:19] <amuza> That's not a problem right now.
[16:02:40] <irc> <Alaiks> either you are full tin foil hat, either you hat is just cheese with hole :P
[16:12:10] <amuza> Cannot find /etc/ssl/certs/ca-yunohost_crt.pem !!
[16:12:47] <amuza> Your were right, symlinks finally took me to /etc/ssl/certs/ca-yunohost_crt.pem
[16:12:55] <amuza> But I cannot find that file!
[16:14:12] <irc> <Alaiks> amuza : so "ls /etc/ssl/certs/ca-yunohost_crt.pem" complains ?
[16:15:49] <amuza> Oh!
[16:15:54] <amuza> That takes me to /etc/yunohost/certs/yunohost.org/ca.pem !!
[16:15:59] <amuza> I guess that's good
[16:16:33] <amuza> Is that ca.pem file what I have to copy into clients
[16:16:34] <amuza> ?
[16:16:45] <amuza> So that clients do not complain
[16:19:27] <amuza> ls -hal /etc/ssl/certs/ca-yunohost_crt.pem
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 39 Aug 27 21:55 /etc/ssl/certs/ca-yunohost_crt.pem -> /etc/yunohost/certs/yunohost.org/ca.pem
[16:19:31] <irc> <Alaiks> I guess, yep
[16:19:41] <amuza> Gooooood!
[16:20:36] <irc> <Alaiks> in firefox, I guess you should go in something like "Preferences > Security > Certificates > ... > Import certificate (or CA certificate)"
[16:20:42] <irc> <Alaiks> something like this, not sure about the menus exactly
[16:21:00] <amuza> Yeap, thank you very much, that part will be easier to solve it
[16:26:30] <amuza> I will play with it, if I solve my problem I will say so in the forum.
[17:18:03] <irc> <_neb_rssbot_=40erwan=3abousse.fr:matrix.org> Announcements - YunoHost Forum posted a new article: YunoHost 3.2 release / Sortie de YunoHost 3.2 ( https://forum.yunohost.org/t/yunohost-3-2-release-sortie-de-yunohost-3-2/5710 )
[17:41:47] <irc> <nicofrand> Congratulations and thank you for the 3.2 !
[17:42:01] <irc> <Alaiks> thx u \o/
[17:48:21] <irc> <M4kn30x[m]1> I just saw that! Thank you for the update!
[17:48:21] <irc> <M4kn30x[m]1> Btw I know yunohost since a bit less than a month and I just love it, do you guys only have liberapay? I was unable to donate
[17:48:34] <irc> <Alaiks> aha yes that's the issue :P
[17:49:02] <irc> <Alaiks> we do have a liberapay but because liberapay recently had issues with their payments processing company thing, it's not working right now
[17:49:15] <irc> <Alaiks> we are creating an association to make it easier to receive donations among other things
[17:49:29] <irc> <Alaiks> we'll spread the word once we have something back on again
[17:59:17] <irc> <M4kn30x[m]1> Oh I'm not in a rush! ^^ that just sucks for you... Well I'll stick around ;)
[19:20:43] <anmol> Hi
[19:20:56] <anmol> i want to secure a file in the app. I did chown root $final_path/file.conf
[19:21:07] <anmol> but still I can access the file
[19:21:16] <anmol> what should I do to secure it?
[19:22:54] <anmol> ????
[19:44:48] <irc> <RobH81> Bonsoir
[20:04:41] <irc> <nicofrand> @anmol what's its chmod ?
[20:08:59] <irc> <RobH81> nicofrand chmod in a linux command to hande file autorisation
[20:09:31] <irc> <nicofrand> Uh yeah ?
[20:09:56] <irc> <nicofrand> I was answering to Anmol :p
[20:10:46] <irc> <nicofrand> He chown-ed a file to root and is wondering why he still can access it (as non-root I guess)
[20:39:39] <irc> <Trane1> hi everyone
[20:40:03] <irc> <Trane1> don't know if you remember, but I had trouble updating my server
[20:40:10] <irc> <Trane1> so I wiped all out,
[20:40:16] <irc> <Trane1> but the post install is failing
[20:40:35] <irc> <Trane1> I cannot underdstand why
[20:40:47] <irc> <Trane1> it sais
[20:40:47] <irc> <Trane1> The operation 'Postinstall your YunoHost server' has failed ! To get help, please share the full log of this operation using the command 'yunohost log display 20180911-203703-tools_postinstall-marc.jumelle.nohost.me --share'
[20:40:50] <irc> <Trane1> says
[20:41:11] <irc> <Trane1> and then : Incorrect password
[20:41:20] <irc> <Trane1> but I don't understand
[20:41:37] <irc> <Trane1> how my password could be wrong as I just set it up
[20:44:26] <irc> <Trane1> I don't have any other info, or i don't know how to get it
[20:45:29] <irc> <Trane1> the cmd 'yunohost log display 20180911-203703-tools_postinstall-marc.jumelle.nohost.me' doesn't show anything
[21:14:38] <irc> <Alek_s> Trane1: can you try running
[21:14:47] <irc> <Alek_s> curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alexAubin/yunoScripts/master/resetPostinstall.sh | bash
[21:14:54] <irc> <Alek_s> then re-run again the postinstall ?
[21:15:28] <irc> <Trane1> ok i'll try. I reinstalled all from scratch, I try then
[21:17:08] <irc> <Trane1> first problem while doing install is
[21:17:09] <irc> <Trane1> [FAIL] Bind9 is installed and might conflict with dnsmasq. Uninstall it first, or if you know what you are doing, run this script with -f.
[21:17:20] <irc> <Trane1> first time i just ran it with -f
[21:17:32] <irc> <Alek_s> :/ ...
[21:17:51] <irc> <Alek_s> "if you know what you are doing"
[21:18:03] <irc> <Trane1> héhé
[21:18:05] <irc> <Alek_s> otherwise you should uninstall bind9
[21:18:10] <irc> <Trane1> not really a good listener
[21:18:16] <irc> <Trane1> ok
[21:18:20] <irc> <Alek_s> with something such as "apt-get remove bind9"
[21:18:20] <irc> <Trane1> this time
[21:18:34] <irc> <Trane1> apt-get purge seemed to work better
[21:19:08] <irc> <Trane1> remove did it fine
[21:19:24] <irc> <Trane1> running install
[21:20:50] <irc> <Trane1> │ Please enter the domain name to use in rewritten addresses of forwarded │ │ mail. The SPF policy for that domain should allow this mail server to │ │ send mail. │ │ │ │ Without a configured local domain name, postsrsd will not start. │ │
[21:21:01] <irc> <Trane1> I have no idea what to put here
[21:21:16] <irc> <Trane1> should I leave the placeholder ?
[21:21:20] <irc> <Alek_s> when do you see that exactly é_è
[21:21:28] <irc> <Trane1> during the install
[21:21:38] <irc> <Alek_s> do you have more logs before this happen ?
[21:22:07] <irc> <Trane1> configuring postsrd
[21:22:09] <irc> <Trane1> [INFO] Running upgrade_system [INFO] Running install_script_dependencies [INFO] Running create_custom_config [INFO] Running confirm_installation [INFO] Running fix_locales [INFO] Running setup_package_source [INFO] Running apt_update [INFO] Running register_debconf [INFO] Running workaround_avahi_installation [INFO] Workaround for avahi : creating avahi user with uid 914 [INFO] Running install_yunohost_packages
[21:22:17] <irc> <Trane1> this is just before the prompt
[21:22:25] <irc> <Alek_s> meh
[21:23:00] <irc> <Trane1> that's all I've got
[21:23:18] <irc> <Alek_s> can you put "nothing" ?
[21:23:45] <irc> <Trane1> the placeholder is │ ip-5-39-94.eu
[21:24:04] <irc> <Trane1> I did change this last time, and it didn't work
[21:24:13] <irc> <Trane1> maybe i should leave this alone
[21:24:15] <irc> <Trane1> ^^
[21:24:43] <irc> <Trane1> hey tu parles francais ?
[21:25:03] <irc> <Alek_s> yup
[21:25:45] <irc> <Trane1> ok dac. cool. pour le Postsrsd, tu sais ce que c'est ou tu tente des trucs ?
[21:25:46] <irc> <Trane1> sinon je laisse comme ca pour test
[21:26:06] <irc> <Trane1> parce que le nothing je vois pas ce que ca va aider, sauf si c'est ca qui faut mettre
[21:27:46] <irc> <Alek_s> laisse la valeur par défaut ouaip
[21:28:04] <irc> <Trane1> ok je test
[21:28:16] <irc> <Trane1> mais je me rapellais pas de cette étpae (pi c'est dit nul part
[21:28:18] <irc> <Trane1> )
[21:28:41] <irc> <Alek_s> c'est un peu nouveau, on viens de release la 3.2 y'a quelques heures
[21:28:52] <irc> <Trane1> ah ok, dac
[21:29:21] <irc> <Trane1> tiens je me suis bien marré j'ai vu que votre derniere rencontre c'était a triel sur seine.
[21:29:39] <irc> <Trane1> ca fait loin pour toi, mais je viens du coin, alors c'est fun
[21:29:58] <irc> <Alek_s> aha :D
[21:30:33] <irc> <Trane1> tu fait parti de la team de devs ?
[21:31:01] <irc> <Alek_s> yup
[21:31:09] <irc> <Trane1> et bah merc ialors ^^
[21:31:11] <irc> <Trane1> merci
[21:35:34] <irc> <Alek_s> jpense qu'il faut qu'on adapte le script d'install pour qu'il reponde a la question
[21:36:42] <irc> <Trane1> qu'il réponde tout seul ?
[21:36:47] <irc> <Alek_s> oui
[21:36:49] <irc> <Trane1> en effet, ou la rendre plus claire
[21:37:06] <irc> <Alek_s> a la place de poser la question, tu peux le configurer pour donner directement la reponse (si tu sais quelle est censée etre la réponse ;))
[21:38:25] <irc> <Trane1> yep, bah en effet ca poserai moins d'interrogations
[21:38:35] <irc> <Trane1> je tente la post install
[21:39:12] <irc> <Trane1> je sais pas combien de temps c'est sensé prendre
[21:41:16] <irc> <Alek_s> ca depends du matos
[21:41:25] <irc> <Trane1> ya ùpyen de voir ce qu'il fait ?
[21:41:29] <irc> <Alek_s> sur un machine raisonnablement rapide, une poignée de minute
[21:41:29] <irc> <Trane1> je suis sur la version web
[21:41:37] <irc> <Alek_s> hmmm c'est censé te l'afficher...
[21:41:46] <irc> <Alek_s> mais on a des soucis avec l'affichage des messages dans l'admin
[21:41:47] <irc> <Trane1> ca met juste un pacman
[21:42:12] <irc> <Trane1> j'ai pas de messages comme avant (gente installation yunohost puis error
[21:42:17] <irc> <Trane1> la ca tourne juste
[21:42:22] <irc> <Trane1> je sais pas si il fait des trucs
[21:43:30] <irc> <Alek_s> yep :/ ...
[21:43:41] <irc> <Alek_s> c'est un bug plus ou moins connu
[21:43:46] <irc> <Trane1> lol ok
[21:43:52] <irc> <Trane1> bah on verra dans 5 min
[21:43:58] <irc> <Trane1> la ca fait 4 min que ca tourne
[21:44:15] <irc> <Trane1> c pas une bete de course le server alors bon
[21:46:47] <irc> <Trane1> et en ssh je pourrais voir si il bosse?
[21:47:05] <irc> <Trane1> parce que la charge CPU est a 0% alors je me demande si ca serai pas planté
[21:47:35] <irc> <Alek_s> fais un "ps -ef --forest | grep yunohost -C4"
[21:48:11] <irc> <Trane1> yunohost est sensé apparaitre?
[21:48:32] <irc> <Trane1> root 1974 1 0 21:13 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/sshd -D root 2613 1974 0 21:16 ? 00:00:00 \_ sshd: root@pts/0 root 2619 2613 0 21:16 pts/0 00:00:00 | \_ -bash root 32491 2619 0 21:47 pts/0 00:00:00 | \_ ps -ef --forest root 32492 2619 0 21:47 pts/0 00:00:00 | \_ grep yunohost -C4 root 32489 1974 1 21:47 ? 00:00:00 \_ sshd: [accepted] sshd 32490 32
[21:48:50] <irc> <Trane1> un peu illisible
[21:49:20] <irc> <Alek_s> hmmm on dirait qu'il a fini
[21:49:28] <irc> <Alek_s> si tu fais "yunohost --help", il t'affiches bien l'aide ?
[21:49:52] <irc> <Trane1> Erreur : YunoHost n'est pas ou pas correctement installé. Veuillez exécuter « yunohost tools postinstall »
[21:49:53] <irc> <Trane1> nope
[21:50:03] <irc> <Alek_s> bon ben refait un "yunohost tools postinstall" :s
[21:50:03] <irc> <Trane1> et ca mouline tjrs sur la page web
[21:50:06] <irc> <Trane1> lol
[21:50:08] <irc> <Trane1> ok
[21:51:00] <irc> <Trane1> tjrs pareil
[21:51:00] <irc> <Trane1> Info: The operation 'Postinstall your YunoHost server' has failed ! To get help, please share the full log of this operation using the command 'yunohost log display 20180911-215047-tools_postinstall-marc.jumelle.nohost.me --share' Erreur : Mot de passe incorrect
[21:51:14] <irc> <Trane1> je comprends pas pk il me parle de mdp incorrect
[21:51:29] <irc> <Alek_s> ça n'a pas de rapport avec ton mot de passe à toi
[21:51:39] <irc> <Alek_s> fais un : curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alexAubin/yunoScripts/master/resetPostinstall.sh | bash
[21:52:21] <irc> <Trane1> en cours
[21:52:41] <irc> <Trane1> je relance un postinstall ?
[21:53:04] <irc> <Alek_s> yep
[21:53:08] <irc> <Trane1> ok
[21:54:09] <irc> <Trane1> ca démarre !
[21:54:35] <irc> <Trane1> planté -_-
[21:54:39] <irc> <Trane1> Info: The operation 'Postinstall your YunoHost server' has failed ! To get help, please share the full log of this operation using the command 'yunohost log display 20180911-215355-tools_postinstall-marc.jumelle.nohost.me --share' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/yunohost", line 213, in <module> timeout=opts.timeout, File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/moulinette/__init__.py", line 136, in cli moulinet
[21:55:11] <irc> <Trane1> ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '9\n9\n'
[21:55:41] <irc> <Alek_s> damned -.-
[21:55:44] <irc> <Alek_s> t'es sur un OVH non ?
[21:55:47] <irc> <Trane1> oui
[21:56:12] <irc> <Trane1> c'est incompatible maintenant ?
[21:56:25] <irc> <Alek_s> atta
[21:56:40] <irc> <Trane1> ok
[21:56:52] <irc> <Alek_s> c'est un truc qu'il faudrait qu'on corrige de notre côté (meme si dans l'histoire c'est OVH qui est relou)
[21:56:54] <irc> <Alek_s> mais en attendant :
[21:57:12] <irc> <Alek_s> ouvre le fichier "/etc/os-release" (par exemple avec 'nano /etc/os-release')
[21:57:24] <irc> <Alek_s> puis commente la ligne du bas qui doit etre VERSION_ID=9
[21:57:28] <irc> <Alek_s> qui est genre en double
[21:57:35] <irc> <Alek_s> pour commenter tu rajouter un "#" au debut de la ligne
[21:57:45] <irc> <Trane1> ok
[21:57:50] <irc> <Alek_s> et pour enregister : Ctrl+X puis 'Y' et entrée
[21:57:56] <irc> <Alek_s> (ou entrée puis 'Y', sais plus)
[21:58:21] <irc> <Alek_s> par contre, pour ton nom de domaine, si tu met "toto.titi.nohost.me", ca marchera pas bien
[21:58:28] <irc> <Alek_s> tu peux prendre tototiti mais pas toto.titi ...
[21:58:34] <irc> <Trane1> a merde
[21:58:44] <irc> <Trane1> parce que mon nom de domaine j'arrive pas a le récupérer
[21:58:52] <irc> <Trane1> j'avais marcjumelle
[21:58:58] <irc> <Alek_s> je peux le supprimer de l'infra
[21:59:06] <irc> <Trane1> a si tu peut c'est top
[21:59:13] <irc> <Trane1> marcjumelle.nohost.me
[21:59:49] <irc> <Trane1> je relance un postinstall ?
[22:00:02] <irc> <Alek_s> refait un :
[22:00:08] <irc> <Alek_s> refais un : curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alexAubin/yunoScripts/master/resetPostinstall.sh | bash
[22:00:28] <irc> <Trane1> ok
[22:00:36] <irc> <Trane1> après chaque foirage je fait ca?
[22:00:53] <irc> <Alek_s> yep
[22:01:03] <irc> <Trane1> c bon pour le nm de domaine ?
[22:01:04] <irc> <Alek_s> (pareil, un truc potentiel à ameliorer :/)
[22:01:06] <irc> <Alek_s> atta
[22:01:10] <irc> <Trane1> o k
[22:01:12] <irc> <Trane1> ok
[22:01:45] <irc> <Alek_s> voila
[22:01:54] <irc> <Trane1> au top merci
[22:01:56] <irc> <Trane1> je relance
[22:03:06] <irc> <Trane1> meme erreur -_-
[22:03:36] <irc> <Trane1> ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '9\n9\n'
[22:04:28] <irc> <Alek_s> hm, sinon reouvre le fichier et supprime carrément la ligne
[22:04:36] <irc> <Trane1> je test
[22:05:12] <irc> <Trane1> après je devrais déco.
[22:05:17] <irc> <Trane1> merci pour ton aide en tout cas
[22:05:29] <irc> <Trane1> il faut que tu relibere le nom de domaine ?
[22:05:35] <irc> <Alek_s> j'ai au moins 4 tickets de bug à ouvrir avec tout ça :P
[22:05:38] <irc> <Alek_s> nope je pense pas
[22:05:42] <irc> <Alek_s> ah si
[22:05:43] <irc> <Trane1> mdr
[22:05:47] <irc> <Trane1> ah ok
[22:05:48] <irc> <Alek_s> ben c'est fait du coup :P
[22:05:53] <irc> <Trane1> ok top
[22:05:57] <irc> <Trane1> j'ai viré la ligne
[22:06:04] <irc> <Trane1> et relancé de reset postinstall
[22:06:08] <irc> <Trane1> je lance la postinstall
[22:06:17] <irc> <Trane1> IF fail => dodo
[22:06:37] <irc> <Alek_s> :s
[22:06:59] <irc> <Trane1> if succes =>dodo.content
[22:07:13] <irc> <Trane1> Erreur : Vous avez déjà souscris à un domaine DynDNS
[22:07:23] <irc> <Trane1> t sur que le nom de domaine est libéré?
[22:07:27] <irc> <Alek_s> uipe
[22:07:36] <irc> <Alek_s> au pire ca fait pas foirer la postinstall
[22:07:52] <irc> <Trane1> si
[22:07:53] <irc> <Trane1> ko
[22:08:03] <irc> <Trane1> The operation 'Add 'marcjumelle.nohost.me' domain into system configuration' has failed ! To get help, please share the full log of this operation using the command 'yunohost log display 20180911-220649-domain_add-marcjumelle.nohost.me --share' Info: The operation 'Postinstall your YunoHost server' has failed ! To get help, please share the full log of this operation using the command 'yunohost log display 20180911-220638-tools_post
[22:08:19] <irc> <Alek_s> zblerg
[22:09:29] <irc> <Trane1> allé
[22:09:32] <irc> <Trane1> un petit dernier
[22:09:41] <irc> <Trane1> c good de ton coté?
[22:09:48] <irc> <Trane1> c libre ?
[22:12:07] <irc> <Alek_s> le domaine n'est pas pris, mais a mon avis il faudrait comprendre ce qu'il se passe avant de retenter
[22:12:49] <irc> <Alek_s> si tu fais un "cat /var/log/yunohost/categories/operation/20180911-220649-domain_add-marcjumelle.nohost.me", ça raconte quoi ?
[22:13:00] <irc> <Alek_s> hm merde, y'a un .log a la fin
[22:13:44] <irc> <Trane1> rien du tout
[22:13:52] <irc> <Trane1> sry je te laisse pour ce soir.
[22:13:58] <irc> <Trane1> merci pour le coup de main
[22:13:58] <irc> <Alek_s> oké :/
[22:14:02] <irc> <Trane1> je retenterais demain
[22:14:09] <irc> <Alek_s> vais créer ces tickets
[22:14:13] <irc> <Trane1> lol
[22:14:15] <irc> <Trane1> bon courage
[22:14:19] <irc> <Alek_s> jpense y'en a au moins 5 :P
[22:14:23] <irc> <Alek_s> bonne nuit /o/
[22:14:26] <irc> <Trane1> merci
[22:14:30] <irc> <Trane1> bonne journée